Car crash with street sweeper sends two to hospital

Ottawa County Sheriff’s deputies say distracted driving led to a car crashing into a county street sweeper and sending two people to the hospital.
Jun 28, 2014


The crash happened Friday afternoon on 120th Avenue, near Lincoln Street in Robinson Township.

Deputies said a 20-year-old woman driving a white Kia took off her seat belt to grab a water bottle that had fallen onto the floor. That's when her car veered and crashed into an Ottawa County Road Commission street sweeper driven by a 60-year-old man.

Both drivers were conscious as they were taken to a nearby hospital with injuries. Their names and conditions were not immediately known.

Police temporarily closed a portion of 120th Avenue for investigation and cleanup.



Distracted drivers... The water bottle can wait until you come to a stop...


This report was posted at 8:48 a.m. today. Where are the comments ripping the distracted driver a new one, piling on with glee to the misery, expense, and waste on yet another unfortunate and avoidable accident, placing blame with vigor and relief that they didn't caught this time?

Barry Soetoro

I can't speak for the rest of the gang but I'm waiting for the driver to post here saying it wasn't her fault, she's a good person and there was a bee's nest in her shorts, etc. etc...

I always feel bad when I disappoint you Lani.


Perhaps I am lashing out at the fact that my grandfather wrote a song about when I was 5 and got ants in my pants, which was the #1 song request for years to come by my family, much to my humiliation.

You don't disappoint, Barry, as delight!

Barry Soetoro

So relieved! Thanks for that! Now I can refocus my effort back on trying to find some Wrestling Coach Pants.


I just took a giant leap for mankind and ordered these so you would have in your possession by 4th of July. You can thank me later on some other social media venue.

Barry Soetoro

Those, my friend, are frigging awesome!

Disclosure: My first full day back in town since last Monday and I wasted a beautiful summer day online deciding whether or not to purchase an extra pair of those beauties with the lightning bolt down the side of the leg.


I knew you'd like them! Aren't they great? The only thing better would be a matching doo-rag. Besides wrestling, they'll be really cool running attire, and of course, so comfy for those long cross-country flights (if you can get passed the TSA).


You have to admit there is some irony that a driver distracted herself by removing her seat belt resulting in her injuries. Candidate for MENSA or Darwin Award?


I am not so presumptuous as to address the mental capacity of the driver, but the irony was not lost on me. But it brings to mind my screaming in fear young child who accidentally opened the door to the car when attempting to open the window. I admit I didn't have presence of mind to slow down, find the first available chance to pull over, and calmly reach over and close the door. I allowed myself to be totally distracted, reacted immediately, and reached over and grabbed the door handle to close.


Unless your child resembled a water bottle, your reactions were sensible and appropriate.

Your reward -


"Like"! I enjoy reading the comments - young love! Did I ever tell you a friend cut me 4 CD's of Doo-Wop? #1 - 1948-1955, The Birth of Doo-Wop; #2 - 1955-1957, The Rock 'n Roll Explosion; #3 - 1957-1959, Doo-Wops Golden Age; #4 - 1959-1987, The Doo-Wop Revival. 101 track total. A great, great gift idea.....


On a beautiful Saturday summer day in the Tri-Cities, noted from these postings of 11am to 3pm, the social media group are instead on their computers. Except for Mr Brasseur, the postings are the usual not applicable Comments between themselves (which are more appropriate for Facebook, Twitter etc).

Barry Soetoro

Thanks for the weather report. It was foggy and rainy this morning in San Leandro (CA). It's mostly cloudy here in Rosemont, IL right now. You can get internet service on phones and airplanes now! Amazing stuff!


Thank you for your appropriate social media reply, Barry! Once again, you rallied and observed the "Social Media Rules of Order" gallantly and graciously. It's beautiful here in GH - just like this morning between 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Hopefully you won't get distracted by a water bottle (or kayaking hussies) on your drive back home.

And the accident report! Let's not stray too far from the accident report!

Barry Soetoro

Thank for noting the smoothness of the new Barry S. The old, snarky, cheap shot Barry would have commented on the irony of posting an off-topic comment about off-topic comments all at time when the sun was still shining and the weather outdoors was allegedly beautiful. With your guidance, I've come a long way in nine short months. What is this facebook and twitter they speak of?


Right. I was all fired-up to post one of my snarky, cheap shots along those same lines, when I read your comment - it hit me like a dram of smooth Stagg, and I opted for a slightly less snarky, cheap shot. What really seemed unfair is somehow jlebrasseur got exempted from the criticism. Maybe it's his name, which, as a Francophile, I think is freakin' awesome.

Facebook is a place where you can post embarrassing pictures of your friends and family in unattractive poses and thousands of people can like or add humiliating comments. You should try it sometime!


You can even get internet and text in your car. anyone check the perps cell records? should be mandatory. Along with financial retribution if guilty.


this is what happens when people who don't belong driving in the country are aren't watching where their going

Tri-cities realist

Should they be driving in the city instead of the country?

Should they be watching their groin instead of going?


A street sweeper is such a rare sighting, to take one down with a Kia, well, that's just incredible. They actually are so rare I thought they were on the endangered list. The reason the operator is in his 60's, assuming a he here, is that this was probably the age of the sweeper itself and younger person(s) wouldn't have the operating skills for such a rare and complex machine.


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