Car fire extinguished at Grand Isle Marina

Fire destroyed the engine compartment of a car parked near the showroom at Grand Isle Marina.
Becky Vargo
Jul 5, 2014


Smoke filled the sky as Grand Haven Department of Public Safety officers responded to the call shortly after 2:30 p.m. Saturday.

A holiday weekend-sized crowd gathered at the water's edge as the fire was extinguished.

Police said nobody had come forward at the time to claim ownership of the red Pontiac Grand Prix.



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I am glad you both take an occasional dip into the wild side here at the GHTrib Online. I always welcome your (usually) reasonable and perceptive contributions, but especially (always) your drollery. LTA - your words inspired me today, and gave me a bit of a wild hair (even told my buddy, dyankee, to STHU!). I second rukidding's motion, after amending it to include him, as well.

Barry Soetoro

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Right! It's not "Point of Sale"..

Barry Soetoro

My goodness! What could it possibly be? Surely the vigilant and even-handed moderators would remove the comment if it contained/implied profane, obscene, sexual or derogatory language. Right?

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Car catches fire, igniting a debate in the comments-section


Did they need GH TWP fire to respond also


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