Family searches for missing teen

(Updated 6:15 p.m.) Family and friends are searching for a missing Grand Haven teen. They're pounding the pavement, taping up Missing posters, and hitting social media to ask for help.
Krystle Wagner
Jul 14, 2014


On Monday, pictures of 17-year-old Abbie Miller flooded social media. Miller was last seen wearing a plaid bikini top and shorts as she rode her light blue bike on Friday afternoon in downtown Grand Haven.

Miller is described as 5’3” tall weighing about 135 pounds with brown hair, brown eyes, and a big smile with braces, said Miller’s mother, Andria Woiwode.

Family say it’s unusual and out of character for Miller, and she hasn’t left without leaving a message before.

Miller’s father, Chris Hoisington, filed a police report when Miller failed to return home.

“I haven’t seen her or heard from her,” Hoisington said. “I miss her a lot.”

Based on the police report’s information, Miller is reported as voluntarily missing, said Director Jeff Hawke, of the Grand Haven Department of Public Safety.

“That’s not the girl I know at all,” said Jessica Hoisington, Miller’s aunt.

For more information, read Tuesday’s Grand Haven Tribune. Also, here's a link to the Facebook site devoted to finding Abbie.



Howzabout when there is a local child missing, you don't force us to buy the print edition? Classless.


Agreed. Although I must say (and I dont want to start any controversy) something seems a bit off with this whole thing. I have been following it on GH Informed and the family seems to be dragging their feet from what I have read. I have read that they just filed a police report today when she went missing Friday, and someone in the family posting there also basically said that they were waiting to go to the media unless the police were of no help.

I dont know about others, but if I had a kid missing, I would be going to the police, media, and anywhere else that could help IMMEDIATELY (okay, maybe a day after in case they were staying with friends or something.). Minutes count in cases like this.

I could be wrong on all this, but just going off of what family members were posting there, it seems a bit bizarre.

I sincerely hope she is found safe, and I will definitely keep an eye out, but the way the family got the word out (initially just on facebook) a couple days after she went missing is a bit odd. I would have expected much more urgency.

Maybe the full tribune article answers all the questions, but we will never know since they want you to buy the paper to read it. Something like this should be put front and center on the web page, in its entirety, for free. This is a missing teen we are talking about who could be in danger; not some bs article about politics, or how evil cyclists are.


48 hours man, cool down


I guess you are right. Friday just seems so long ago. BUT... I still stand behind the fact that the full article should be free and at the top of the Tribune page.


Those of us who don't expect a privately owned publishing company to spend money to inform folks who won't pony up the minimal cash to support the newspaper will have the opportunity to read the full article.

Give it to us for free - it's our right!


For any other article, I agree, but when a child goes missing the information should be posted for everyone to see. You never know if there may be a bit of info in the full article that would jog someones memory or give a clue as to what happened. With having to buy a physical newspaper, many people do not see info that could possibly help find and return this girl home safely.

Cheryl Welch

We posted information online (for free) about Abbie as soon as we had it confirmed yesterday and then we followed up with a full story that night once it was written. Further, we posted two separate items on our Facebook page to get the word out. To say we don't care, or we're classless, is truly off base and unfair.


How can you not want to start controversy by saying those comments. They police department won't even list a person missing until 24 hours has passed. If it was so bizarre the family wouldn't have fought so hard to make a missing person instead of a runaway. By the way, I am one of those family members that seem to be dragging their feet.


Don't pay attention. People are going to speculate and come up with theories or find holes anywhere they can... especially in the comment section.

Just know that this is being seen by many, many people. The more people the better.

There are lots of people that are looking and putting a lot any effort that they can.


"The police department won't even list a person missing until 24 hours has passed." This is a terrible misconception. If you have someone missing the police will take a report immediately. People have heard this cliche on TV and believe it is true here. It is not. Never be afraid to call the police for a missing person weather it's one hour or 24 they will take the report and put the info out to other agencies immediately. I hope this misunderstanding didn't keep these worried parents from feeling help from law enforcement was not available to them that first night she was gone. I pray Abbie is found safe and soon.


Posted and Shared !!!!


Thank you for all those who are helping. As for the comment about the dragging there feet I must be one of those. We did file a report after 24 hours. We want Abbie to come home. We miss her and are very worried.


While I do understand the waiting 24 or 48 hours to file a missing persons report, what I don't understand is that if this girl is 17 years old and not within her character that something was done. As an Amber Alert would have gone out immediately. Something does smell fishy here...


The police need to take a missing child serious. They can sit on every corner for speeders......come on.


Agreed. When that Jessica girl went missing the police and media were in a frenzy. This should be no different, especially since this is a minor.


You can say that again.


The police need to take a missing child serious. They can sit on every corner for speeders......come on.






Abbie is home safe! According to her dads fb page :)


Its been reported that the girl is home, can anyone confirm this statement, everyone need,s to know ?


Chris and his wife both posted on Facebook about 5 hours ago Abbie has come home.

Kinda shocked not one of the media stations hasn't posted anything yet? Then again maybe the PD is still interviewing her and hasn't released anything at this point.

Sounds like its true though.

Cheryl Welch

Had to get it confirmed, Riverside... can't go with just what social media says.

Barry Soetoro

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Barry Soetoro

To escape moderation, perhaps I should retire "Barry Soetoro" and change my handle to "El Legendario Hombre de Tres Patas" - as I was once known on Ladies Night around the dance clubs of Southern California back in the day.


There's a thought. Diablo de Tres Patas could work just as well, with the added benefit of shortening it to DTP - Disturbing the Peace (urban dictionary). This might be a good fit for you Barry! You have my full support as you pursue various means of expression and identity.

Barry Soetoro

DTP has a nice ring to it though I fear it wouldn't be long before "DTP" fell in to the category of over moderation.


I think we may be looking at this all wrong. You are essentially providing the staff with job security, and, as such, should be honored and adored in the manner to which you are accustomed. (the girls at the dance club)

I, for one, give you a big hi5 for your efforts in stabilizing the employment of our moderation staff......*clink*. oops - I mean....*slap*.....

Barry Soetoro

Ahhh, that was years ago - long before Barry S. and even Jerry L...but here's hoping Trib pays their moderators the requisite $10+/hr minimum wage they editorialized here a few weeks back! *slap*



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