Missing girl returned home

A 17-year-old Grand Haven girl has returned home after missing since late last week.
Krystle Wagner
Jul 15, 2014


Director Jeff Hawke, of the Grand Haven Department of Public Safety, released a statement that officers located Abbie Miller late last night at the home of a friend or an acquaintance off Mercury Drive.

“Abbie was returned to the home of her father,” the statement said.

Chris Hoisington, Miller’s father, reached out on Facebook regarding his daughter’s return.

“Thank you all and Abbie has come home,” Hoisington wrote.

Miller was last seen wearing a plaid bikini top and shorts as she rode her light blue bike on Friday afternoon in downtown Grand Haven. Family and friends asked for the community’s help in locating Miller when she didn't return home.

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I would like to see charges filed against the "friends" that covered and lied to police about were she was. And for that matter against her. 100 hours of community service and some family counseling seems needed. Or the next time she runs away it will be for good and will end up working the streets.


BuckShotOO, your outpouring of compassion and your understanding of adolescent psychology are awe-inspiring. Really.
I am so relieved that she returned safely. I lay in angst last night thinking that whether Abbie had been abducted or had run away, her parents were surely as sick with fear as I would've been if my own 17 year-old daughter had been missing. Either way, I think most parents took some time to reflect on how much they loved and valued their kids.


Who is Amber? You mean Abbie. My compassion was full yesterday sharing this story with hundreds across the state before she became the new Jessica. To find out people covered for her and she didnt want to go home. My understanding of "adolescent psychology" is far beyond what your little mind could comprehend. That if you don't see a child running away and refusing to go home not a scream for help you are an idiot.

These kids need to learn there are consequences for actions even if it is as juvenile as running away. How many people last night lay in angst on what happened when all it would have taken was one person telling the truth.


You're right. Abbie. I fixed it. Thank you.


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Agreed in respect to accountability, responsibility and consequences.


Like you know anything about any of those traits. You're being judgemental about something I bet you know nothing about. Quit being so negative.


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Your comment displays your ignorance. I know this family, and you are WAY off base. It's best to only comment on things that you have knowledge of, instead of tongue-lashing and throwing out negative, hurtful assumptions that will cause this family more pain than what they've already dealt with this week. You lack compassion and have a judgmental spirit that reeks with pride. So sad. "He who is without sin may cast the first stone." -John 8:7. It's time for you to drop the stone you carry in your judgmental hand. You obviously have your own issues to deal with...just like all the rest of us.


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal attacks.


You went beyond expressing concern...you made very hurtful accusations against this family. Ignorance.


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