Police say drunk driver caused fatal crash

Police said a 30-year-old Holland-area man was drunk when he crashed the SUV he was driving into a motorcycle Sunday night, killing the motorcyclist.
Tribune Staff
Aug 7, 2014


Eulises Mora-Hernandez was arraigned Wednesday in 58th District Court and charged with drunken driving causing death. He is lodged in the Ottawa County Jail on a $250,000 bond.

Killed in the crash was David Achterhof, 57, also of Holland.

Police said Achterhof was driving his motorcycle west on 32nd Street near Apple Avenue in Holland when the eastbound GMC Suburban driven by Mora-Hernandez crossed the centerline and collided head-on with the motorcycle. After the 9:05 p.m. crash, Achterhof was taken to Holland Hospital, where he died as a result of his injuries.

Mora-Hernandez was also charged with driving with a suspended license causing death and failing to stop at a fatal accident.

Police said the two passengers in the Suburban fled after the crash, but were later apprehended by police a quarter-mile from the scene. Police said all three occupants of the SUV are being held for the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement as a result of their immigration status.




So... Is the drunk, driving a Texas Caddy, a Citizen of the United States? If not, what is their status?


Obamigrants . . .


At one time (in another city) the statistics were if you were all stopped at a light 2 of the 16 drivers would be an illegal immigrant with no license or insurance, if you were in an accident with those seeking work and a better life they simply flee leaving the car which is likely registered (along with 1000 other cars) to the same address and person who does not exist. My parents were Tee boned by one such individual just seeking a better life and living the American dream without paying the cost of the American dream…my parents ended up paying more for their insurance so that others who are here only to better their lives can live carefree of the responsibilities of being an American.


It would be interesting to be fly on the wall at the MI secretary of state when an illegal immigrant goes up to the counter to do tags, transfer title and get a drivers license. Maybe the Tribune can do a candid camera investigation of the Sec of State Grand Haven office? One thing for sure when I go to the Grand Haven Office - those ladies will bite your head off! Then they bite off the head of the next person. so my question is - is it consistent with illegals? Do they get their head bit off also? Id just love to be a fly on the wall.


Yes but in their language, it's the law. "Mucho shtupio jesse"


"Police said all three occupants of the SUV are being held for the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement as a result of their immigration status."

Is this the Tribune's Staff idea of a joke? Under Obama's illegal immigrant invasion the likelihood is that they will be released after having signed up for Obamacare, Welfare, and Food Stamps after first having registered as Democrats, providing a great example of the workings of the Motor Voter Act.

I expect the Lakeshore Diversity Alliance is looking for housing for these Dreamers in Grand Haven as we speak, in the interest of their worshipped Diversity, of course.


Vladtheimp,,, Do you have any other outlet for your anger and frustrations? Your continues babble is getting old and tired... Get a hobby where you can build something using a hammer and let it go ....let it go ... let it go...


Oh my, gentle person, you have called me out. How illiberal of me to be angry and frustrated at a President who refuses to enforce our borders, who refuses to enforce our immigration laws duly enacted by bi-partisan Congresses, who encourages foreigners to break our laws and provides them with benefits to which only citizens are entitled,at the expense of American taxpayers.

Tell that to the untold thousands of Americans who have been robbed, mugged, burglarized, and raped and the families of those killed by these foreign law breakers; tell that to the untold thousands of Americans who have been displaced by them in the workplace.

I guess your message is that we should all just accept this situation - lie back and enjoy it if you will. Sorry, if I annoy you so much it's probably not good for your equilibrium and health to read my comments. Skip over them, gentle person, let it go... let it go... let it go.

deuce liti

Hey if you mention politics like I mention the bible, does that mean you are pushing your politics like you say I'm pushing my religion?

Just curious.


Did I ever question your religious beliefs or your right to "push" such beliefs?

Please, quote the Bible freely, as many times as you please in support of whatever position you are taking - that is your right as an American citizen - that is your First Amendment Right.

We have no quarrel in this respect - it's not me, it's not conservatives who are attempting to limit Freedom of Speech or Freedom of Religion.


Examine the gentlemen for gang affiliations. Yes? Off to the new alien/felon holding facility in China. Here you will be given a chance to work and receive the education you deserve.
Next customer?
My family, my neighborhood, my community first. To hell with political correctness.


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Remarks that discriminate based on age, race, religion, disability, etc..


Have you been to the bars downtown I'm sure not every one leaves sober. you also might want to go to Wal-Mart and watch some of the upstanding citizens sometime.

Barry Soetoro

Hahaha. I haven't seen that one before.



retired DOC

If the driver is an illegal, where did the suspended license come from?


Sirhansalot: Although I understand where you're coming from, let's not stifle Vlad. I appreciate his comments, as they represent the radical extreme mindset of current conservative republicans who pretend they are saving the world from the bad guys, but are actually destroying our functional government. It's important we understand just how much damage they are doing.

For example, as for the multiple "discrepancies" in Vlad's comment, here are the facts: There have been a greater number of criminal illegals deported under Obama than any other president.

Additionally, there is greater border security and much border patrol under Obama than any other president. The completion of the border fencing is now complete as mandated by previous legislation.

Sadly, five years of bipartisan work to craft immigration reform was thrown down the porcelain throne by - who else? Republican conservatives, when they split for their 5 week vacay during a child refugee crisis, crying and whining that Obama needs to do something.

Meanwhile, they are talking about impeaching Obama for being president and keeping the country from turtling (sailing term, not urban dictionary, but then again....), because they are fearful of actually governing.

And then they turn the Constitutional declaration of Freedom from Religion into Freedom of Religion. Hey - since some religious folks are sure that somehow government is controlling their freedom to practice their religion, maybe it's time we cut to the chase and eliminate their freedom to not pay taxes.

And oh yeah, Vlad - you still have not commented on the link I posted a few days ago which was a letter to Obama that was written and signed by 100 of the top US legal expert that provided the rationale on Obama's executive action on DACA that it is well within the law.


If protecting our borders and enforcing bipartisan Congressional legislative statutes covering Immigration and Naturalization constitutes "radical extreme mindset of current conservative republicans" I gladly confess guilt.

You may be able to spin the B.S. about Obama's deportation numbers to your fellow travelers on the far left, notwithstanding the crisis at the border, the testimony and studies of the Border Patrol, and the fact that Obama has fudged the numbers regarding how illegals are counted, never mind that he has granted amnesty to millions, but you can't sell that off the back of a cart in real America.

Regarding freedom of religion, I guess you missed this:

Government's assault on religious liberty has hit a new low as the IRS settles with atheists who sued the government over an alleged policy of not enforcing restrictions on churches' political activities.

A lawsuit filed by the Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) asserted that the Internal Revenue Service ignored complaints about churches' violating their tax-exempt status by routinely promoting candidates from the pulpit.

The lawsuit has now been dismissed without prejudice by a U.S. District Court in response to a joint request by the FFRF and IRS. The joint motion stated that the FFRF was "satisfied that the IRS does not have a policy at this time of non-enforcement specific to churches or religious groups." Let's make a bet on whether the IRS spies on the inner city churches that preach Liberation Theology a la Reverend Wright.

Define "top U.S. legal expert" (sic) - the list wasn't worth commenting on - finding 100 leftist law professors and lecturers willing to sign a spurious position paper is as difficult as finding 100 leftist law professors to sign a position paper that conclusively determines that abortion isn't killing an unborn human - color me surprised :o


Just a minor point...How is it atheists are so afraid of the words from people who beleive in something according to them does not exist? If there is no God then there can be no church only a cheritable club therefore allowed to say antyhing they please and still remain a non profit under the laws of free speech.


The letter - I'd love an objective review, if feasible for you.


Deportation of Criminal Immigrants:

"Right-wing media are trumpeting a report from Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions claiming that the Obama administration has failed on border enforcement because nearly all of the immigrants the federal government deported last year were criminals, while undocumented immigrants without criminal convictions did not face high rates of removal. Indeed, according to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, 98 percent of immigrants removed in fiscal year 2013 were classified as "convicted criminals, recent border crossers, illegal re-entrants or those previously removed," which is "in line with [the] agency's enforcement priorities." http://mediamatters.org/blog/201...

Church Violation of Tax-exempt Status:

I vaguely recall reading about this case, but it makes no never mind to me. Of course, churches violate their tax-exempt status by routinely promoting candidates from the pulpit all the time. This has been documented plenty, including personal experience. There are many areas of the country where churches have become very politicized and act as political conduits. Think Christian Dominionists.


VLADTHEIMP for President!


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