Bozik faces trial on local sex charges

A 6-year-old girl too terrified to testify against her accused molester earlier this year was able to get herself together enough to confront the man during a preliminary examination Friday in Ottawa County District Court.
Becky Vargo
Aug 12, 2014


George Louis Bozik, 31, 15940 144th Ave., Spring Lake, was bound over to Circuit Court after the hearing on charges of first degree criminal sexual conduct and child sexually abusive material.
He is lodged on a $75,000 bond on each charge, but is not able to get out of jail because he has already been sentenced to prison on a similar charge out of Muskegon County, according to Detective Sara Fillman of the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Department.
He was given a 15-to-30-year sentence on a second-degree criminal sexual conduct conviction July 18, following a trial in Muskegon County. He faces up to life in prison if convicted of first degree criminal sexual conduct.
The Spring Lake Township girl was able to testify at that trial on Michigan Rule of Evidence 404b, “which allows other victims to come in and say the offender did the same thing to me,” Fillman said.
That rule is also known as the character evidence rule.
Bozik is being held at the Ottawa County Jail until the local case concludes, she said.
If he is convicted of the charges in this case, his prison sentence will be extended.
“This additional charge will extend his sentence and prevent somebody we believe is a serial predator from coming out into society for a long time,” Fillman said.
Bozik’s criminal background in Ottawa County includes traffic and drug charges.
Fillman said police believe there are victims in other states, as well.
Hearing dates in Ottawa County Circuit Court had not been set on Monday.
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The reality is he will be out of prison and back among us all within 8 years at most.


8 years at most? How is that possible if he was already sentenced to 15-30 out of Muskegon County? Fifteen years as a minimum is already a long time but I doubt he will be eligible for parole before then even with any so called "good time" given his lengthy past criminal history which likely was considered in such a sentence already.


It all boils down to bed space 55,000 in the MDOC along with the severity of crimes committed. Prosecutors are inundated and flooded with multiple sex offense complaints from police and citizens. Its so bad that they have to triage and prioritize cases. If he is good in prison along with his pre-sentance investigation report and his level of violence or simply stated in layman's terms blood, guts and gore. If he is not a cannibalistic murderous predator he will be let go for the many that are getting convicted for this junk. The prison system is so full and filling up so fast with the most violent, sneaky, cunning, murderous inmates. 75 to 80 inmates per week from 83 counties. 5 to 8 every single week are freshly convicted teachers, administrators, pastors, coaches, camp counselors are arriving at Egler Reception Center in Jackson, MI. He will most likely be out in 5 years or less because they need his bed for someone else who is much more exceedingly vile than he his. We have huge problem in society - not enough beds for sociopathic vile sodomite cannibalistic narcissistic pants around their ankles gansta new convicts. We need to change our Michigan Constitution to allow for the death penalty and execute all the vermin and work on the ones that can be rehabilitated. Or pay more taxes - build more prisons, or shut down the porn industry. Whats it goin to be?


Considering that only 36 people per year (on average) have been executed in the US since the Death Penalty has been given federal authority, I don't know that you can make an argument that the death penalty will alleviate overcrowding in Michigan prisons.


I am curious about prevention programs. Seems as if we could prevent as much of these behaviors as possible we could spare many people from being hurt and growing into offenders by learned behaviors. The cycle needs to be broken.


I certain must agree with you that prevention programs are a logical suggestion instead of creating a blood thirsty society. It seems that many in prisons have been victims themselves at some point and likely no place to turn for help. It doesn't excuse the behavior but the goal should be prevention counseling rather than locking everyone up, although appropriate for some.

It is doubtful that everyone who has committed such an offense should be incarcerated for decades. This person in the story may be an exception by the sounds of it but we can't logically keep filling up prisons with those who can otherwise be rehabilitated in a reasonable alternative way.




Are you speaking from personal experience here, or is this just more asinine speculation?




What exactly does that mean coming from someone who doesn't even know the difference between a comma and a apostrophe?


Can,t we come to a agreement?

OUTSOURCING! Send these most serious pedophiles to outsourced prisons anywhere in the world, lowest bidder, and then you will see deterrence.


What we need is hard time.


I agree.. and in these cases, there needs to be truth in sentencing.


Too bad they cant just ship his useless being to anartica


Once the other prisoners find out why he's in there, they'll take care of him. Hopefully sooner than later.


How about one of the columbia prisons?


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