Robbins Road gas station robbed in Grand Haven Township

(UPDATED: Monday 10:30 p.m.) Thieves escaped with an unknown amount of cash after robbing a gas station early Saturday morning at the corner of Robbins Road and 172nd Avenue.
Becky Vargo
Aug 30, 2014


Police responded to the Express Lane Gas Station and Convenience Store, 17200 Robbins Road, at about 2:55 a.m.

Employees said a black man with an unknown woman entered the store, pulled out a handgun and ordered the female clerk to to open the cash register.

The man ushered the clerk to a back room and tied her to a chair using duct tape, said Sgt. Matt Wildfong of the Ottawa County Sheriff's Department. The woman stayed in the store area and emptied the cash register.

The suspects fled with an unknown amount of money.

A K-9 unit was used to track the suspects, but lost their scent after a short distance.

Anyone with information on the incident is asked to call Silent Observer at 1-877-88-SILENT, or the Ottawa County Sheriff's Department.



What is this malarkey!?!? A black man committed an armed robbery!! I thought diversity was supposed to be good for Grand Haven!!. What in the heck is going on here!!


The color of the Thief is only important in a description put out to catch him. I ask, why was this Girl working the night shift, not protected by a wire cage? Was she covered by a camera? Was there a button to push to call Police? This could have ended up with this Girl getting killed.


Interesting: (1) Put people who are contributing to society in a cage to protect them from the animals that truly should be caged; (2) A wire cage is protection from a bullet.


Our Police force and every other department within responding distance was much too preoccupied.

The methods of policing require 30 police cars between Washington and us31 to ensure the most revenue is generated for the court system.

Real criminals and felonious armed robbery take a back seat to the low hanging fruit.
These tax collectors want to make every GH citizen a criminal to increase the $$$ in the coffers.

The real criminals walk freely through our neighborhoods as the police arrest your children for minor infractions to garuntee they have a fresh source of income for generations to come.

Protect the public!
Not Prey On Them

The Citizenry Will Take Back The Night!!!

No criminal in Uniform , or not
Will be safe when we take back our own responsibilities to protect our neighborhoods.


Sounds like the Mask man, the real question should be, why those who protest do not stand up for there values, or views. What would have happened to this country, if our Founding Father's would have all worn face masks. Or if President Washington would have worn a face mask during the war for our freedom, would we have been taken seriously.
I totally understand why some people do not use there own name, or wear face masks today, because at this time in life, this is not a safe society, so does this not in it self, cry for a strong police force? What would our community, and our cities be like, if there was no enforcement, no laws...sounds a little like maybe the Middle East? Just food for thought.


I do not advocate violence.

Imagine the look on these criminals faces if this young woman had prepared herself to defend her own safety. A small concealed carry weapon is a personal decision and last resort.

I would want my daughter to have the option of defending her own life.
Instead a young west Michigan woman was led alone into a back room with an armed criminal to be
duct taped.

This community is lucky she was not sexually assaulted by this monster.

If your plan is to the call police to protect you.
You will be waiting in that back room as the tape is applied, just hoping that man has a conscience......

Prepare To Defend Ourselves
We Are Not The Sheep!!

Michael Johnson

Hmmm...wonder what the statistical comparison would reveal for robberies committed during night-shifts at convenience stores staffing a single employee versus two or more...?


Wonder if they took any food items,slim jims etc?

deuce liti

Yeah I hear they are devoting an entire episode of Forensic Files to figure out just that oh Interestedreader.

Meanwhile, this is very sad because the third shift gals are always so pleasant despite the late hours.


Time will tell but were going to see more of this type of crime. The Acronym ALICE. Asset Limited Income Constrained & Employed. Grand Haven's largest manufacturer insists on paying cheap, using and abusing temp services. They now have three agencies in their plants. Like a ring in a pool when dropping a bowling ball in it. This company has burned almost through every Grand Haven person - so draw a circular wave from the Airport industrial park out 23 miles all the way to Muskegon Heights. Thats who comes down to work - Muskegon Heights and comes the crime. ALICE. Blame ALICE. Minimum wage if adjusted from 1972 would be $22.50 an hour now in 2014. Hi ALICE - how ya doin?


Why don't we have free ATM's then everyone could help themselves to any monies they want.


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