3 killed in shooting at counseling center

Three people are dead in an apparent double murder and suicide in Grand Rapids on Monday.
Dec 17, 2012


The shooting happened after a late-morning counseling session between a man and a woman at the Arbor Circle counseling center on Ball Street.

"After the session, they went into their vehicle," Grand Rapids Police Chief Kevin Belk said. "There was a shot heard. When investigators got there, we found two females deceased, (ages) 21 and 31, and a 27-year old male with a self-inflicted gun wound."

Police believe the man killed the two women before shooting himself. He was taken to a hospital, but died a short time later.

Belk said the man and one of the women had a child together. As of Monday night, police were unsure of the motive.

The staff and clients inside the facility were told to stay inside until the investigation was complete.

Arbor Circle CEO Jack Greenfield said the scene was difficult to understand.

"It's a very tragic situation that creates trauma within people's lives as they think about most recent difficulties in Connecticut," he said. "People are on edge anyway."



This has nothing to do with Connecticut.... It is a sad situation that I am very suprised that does not happen more in this area between two people that have children together and are no longer together. If there is alot of fighting between them over time or money it only makes things worse. I have seen this first hand I am happy I did nothing stupid like this guy...

It is tragic but still has NOTHING to do with Connecticut


Another example of helpless victims. Their lives were snuffed out because another medicated(most likely) lunatic had superior advantage over them. If one or both of these women would have had a concealed weapon one or both would be alive today to tell their story as to how a firearm saved their lives. So what did calling the police do for these women....nothing. It's not the police that failed, its a society that makes it too difficult to protect yourself from violent crime. An armed citizenry is a safe citizerny.


Give it a rest you lunatic! I'm not against guns, but I sure as h*** don't want people like you walking around with one on their hip all the time, looking for boogymen around every corner. Not everyone wants to live their life at the level of paranoia that you seem to enjoy. I'd sure love to be there the first time you try to pull a gun on someone who's had the element of surprise and already has theirs's pointed at you...let me know how that works out for you cowboy, ok?, or I guess I can just read about you in the obituarary column.


While an armed citizenry may sometimes be a safe citizenry, this is a campus facility. There are adults and children in and out of many buildings on this campus all during the day and evening. If there had been more guns the likelihood of more carnage would have been present. This is a traumatic day and not the time to be discussing your gun support. Give it a rest till they bury these folks.




@Lessthanarmed, Your minimization of my post is exactly how individuals behave when they have nothing intelligent to offer a discussion. For you to deprecate my comments by reducing them to a proverbial boogymen with a paranoia twist, when two women have been brutally murder in the article your posting, adds incredible irony to your lunatic accusation. Anyone wanting the right to defend themselves with a concealled firearm is far from the definition of a cowboy, as you childishly say. Someday, if you ever do witness what I would do if someone made the mistake of putting a gun in my face without firing it, would be undoubtedly the result of me trying to save your immature helpless ass from a situation the you refused to plan for, while mocking others that have...better log off now LTA, because I don't want you to miss your bus.


Ugh. I thought about responding to your latest gibberish filled rant, but quite frankly, I just don't have the energy to "discuss" the topic at this point. Trying to have a discussion with someone who plays on one string ad nauseam makes me feel like Sisyphus. There's simply no point to continuing on and as my dad used to say..."Don't argue with idiots, They'll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience".
I have no idea who you're planning on saving with your shooting piece if not those "immature helpless asses" who "refuse to plan", but nevertheless good luck in the future with your study of the physics of Action / Reaction. I'd suggest putting together a Will if you haven't already and if nothing else, remember to duck!


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