Man shoots finger off while hunting

Authorities said a West Michigan man accidentally shot off his index finger while hunting.
AP Wire
Dec 27, 2012


The Oceana County Sheriff's Department said the man was unloading his .50-caliber muzzle loader while hunting on private property in Oceana County's Ferry Township about 10 a.m. Saturday when he unintentionally discharged the weapon. Authorities said the man's left hand was near the muzzle.

Lt. Craig Mast said the man's left index finger was shot off the hand. He was treated at a local hospital.

Mast said the unidentified man was cited for not having a valid hunting license.



Oh sure, write the guy a citation; lets start finger pointing at a guy who can't point back. I'm sure the "I hate guns" people will be showing up soon to weigh in.


Where do you get a license to hunt fingers; I'd like to get one as I have seen several people sticking theirs in the air. I don't think this man should have been cited either, that's like pointing fingers at a person who can't point back; judge, jury, and all that.


Really? You think it's not a problem to be out hunting without having a valid hunting license? Well aren't you just the classic sportsman hunter!

Walking Alive

now that's funny right there. lol. Too bad you can never make a joke on here without some sourpuss coming on and railing you for a joke (see below). Grow a funny bone after all. See the guys name, its a JOKE! hahahaha


Sorry, I guess stoner humor just aint my bag. I've got nothing against a joke or wisea** crack, but this is a local discussion forum not The Comedy Store. If the humor adds to the discussion, great. If it derails the conversation, not so much.

Maybe you guys can put that raw talent to work and sign up for this......

Walking Alive

Yes, your user name explains everything. Nevermind, you have a narrow view of life, we all see. Don't let your hate eat you up inside. Obvioius;y you need a job, go ahead and apply at the Trib, would love to see your ral name in print.


Awww relax, you're just upset because I made fun of your movie review :)

As far as the handle goes I wouldn't read too much into it, I've got a dozen or more of them I use on various forums and Email lists. There's no hidden meaning to it.

As for seeing my "ral name in print"...I'm not sure why you'd need to know that unless you intend to cause me harm, so I'd go easy on the thinly veiled threats if I were you. I'm pretty sure you wouldn't know who I was even if you did know my real name. I'm nobody special, just another middle-class tax paying citizen of Grand Haven. I am sure though that you have no idea what my world view is, or what I've seen or done in my life, so try and temper your self-righteous indignation a bit...maybe go out for a walk in the pretty snow, you'll feel more alive. Enjoy your weekend.

Walking Alive

Sorry for the misspells, no edit once you hit enter on here now. No thinly veiled threats here, no threats at all, unless you consider little old me a threat. teehee But I'm sure I do know your name now, and you are right, you are nobody special, I don't know your views (don't care really, but you have a tendency to attack others for their 'stoner humor' comments, can you say Assume?). And your precious middle class has been wiped out by the GOP, but I am glad you pay your taxes (??) because I guess no one else does (more stoner humor)? Please don't worry yourself about how I feel, although I appreciate the good thoughts. Happy New Year, hope it is all you want/deserve.


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