Larger Michigan cities see homicides rise

Several of Michigan's largest cities eclipsed the previous year's homicide totals in 2012.
AP Wire
Jan 1, 2013


Murders in Detroit, Saginaw and Grand Rapids are up over 2011. The 66 homicides reported through Monday morning in Flint are tied with that city's 2011 tally.

Grand Rapids reached its 18th homicide Saturday night. The number is preliminary.

There were 17 murders in Grand Rapids in 2011, compared to nine each in 2009 and 2010. The city recorded 23 murders in 2006.

Saginaw surpassed the 12 homicides in 2011 by July 2012. Through Dec. 22, there were 30 murders in the city.

Detroit recorded 344 homicides in 2011. Police reported 375 as of Dec. 16, 2012.


retired DOC

Not everyone dies from being shot. A real number of just how bad things are might be the number of shootings.


This is what entitlements do to a society. Keep handing out bridge cards like prescription meds. and this is what is coming for this country. The rot begins in the urban areas and will spread like a cancer. Keep pushing the Democrat's agenda you haven't seen nothing yet.

Walking Alive

Yep, grab your gun & barricade yourself in buddy. "Entitlements Kill", so let's get rid of helping people out because YOU haven't created any jobs out there. I am sure that is what killed all these people, no wait, it was your precious GUNS!


There is just mass frustration growing. Just coping with living in what criminals call a "sucky society" Everything is just frustrating, steals your money and is just plain stupid. It starts at the Secretary of State - ever notice how the price of tags lately? Car insurances? Property Taxes? Medical co-pays or exclusions, temp services, administrator pay/exec pay going up 500 to 5000%. A property tax bill for $2500!! That is stupid! People just get into despair and go crazy - then they laugh at the judges/juries and get 3 hots and a cot/medical care at the big house.


Who said anything about grabbing guns & barricading yourself in Mr. Walking Blind? Entitlements do values, work ethic, morals, and contributions to society, etc... Crime rates, including murder increase in an entitlement society. When you enable people they become complacent and lazy. Why work at McDonalds or cut grass when you can make $15 bucks an hour on welfare? I do create jobs in my business. The problem is, when a govt. taxes it's citizens & companies to death we can't create the jobs because it is not affordable. This is what Democrats WANT!! They want society voting themselves a raise by electing Democrats and higher crime rates create the opportunity for them to blame everthing else, like the need for gun control, instead of their policies. Pretty slick actually until the country collapses under its own weight whereby, putting everyone, including you in danger from total anarchy. In 1913 this country contributed 2.50% total GDP to it is approaching 25%. I think we've helped enough career dead-beats ruin this country through entitlements. Its time to start helping the middle class and wealthy (ie) job creators in improving the ability to make this econmic engine roar once again. A strong economy benefits EVERYONE, inlcuding the manipulators we all saw at the mall entrance this holiday season with their little card board sign fleecing us for a buck. Where are they now? They only need help during Christmas or is this when they know the guilt trip on the rest of us is at it's peak?

Walking Alive

you ass-ume too much 'sir'.
There may come a time in someone's life where they could use some help. You would love to deny this, but it is true. I agree some misuse the system, but you lump everyone together as bad people who need help. I feel sorry for you and people like you who think someone could ever live off your $8/hr jobs. That won't pay for crap, not even the gas to get to work and home. Time for your Tea party sweetheart ♥.


How do you know I'm a "Sir?" The irony of your ass-umption. Well, atleast we agree that some...I would say most, misuse the system. This is the crowd that I'm talking about. You are displaying the exact mind-set I despise when you whine about an $8 an hour job. Your response to this job offer is screw that....I'm gonna' stick to my bridge cards, free medical, and SSI while, the rest of us take the $8 an hour job and then, look for another! Its called hard work Walking Alive....pride, determination, paying your dues. You and too many others sit on your ass, waiting for your "ship to come in" while the rest of us "swim out to it." Do you see the difference?

Walking Alive

Sorry sir, just got home from a 10 hour shift working at the Nursing Home (where I WORK, eatme), and after stopping by and feeding & taking care of my parents, and then getting the my kids settled down I hopefully will get some well needed sleep. What was that you were saying about YOUR Bridge Card, Honey? Get off YOUR ass and really do something instead of being a homemaker. Apply to the Tribune, you like it here so much. Maybe they will pay you $8/hr you are looking for sweetheart.


Its interesting how you talk to individuals when you think they're female. (ie) eatme, honey, and sweatheart, etc.... I need not say more. I encourage you to look up the word esotaric and get back to me. Wouldn't you just drop a load, if you soon discover that I'm the one that owns the nursing home that you work? Some good advice to you....excpect the unexpected.


The word is spelled ESOTERIC you dipstick! LOL!

And I don't know about Walking alive, but I find it frightening to think about the possibility that someone with your mental and social issues, as evidenced in this forum time and time again, could be the owner of a nursing home. Another reason to live hard and die young!


Unfortunately as dyankee sees it, we live in an organized society, we are not all homesteading out in some wilderness. So, as part of that society there will be some less fortunate, that our supposed "Christian" society, tells us we should help.
All those "entitlements" help those less fortunate ones survive. And yes, there will be abuses. But, there are also abuses by those that dyankee seems to worship and include "itself" as a part of. That is really one of the reasons we find ourselves in such an economic pickle barrel. It is not because of President Obama or those that are on entitilements. Its because of the theives that pursued the almighty dollar at the detriment of everyone else. Now thanks to several unfunded wars, the bailouts for financial institutions, and those using the methods of financial speculation to acheive wealth instead of actually producing something of value are the ones that have ruined this countries economy.
Not a few that may be gaming the "entitlement" system.
Its the ethics of some of the wealthy and our worship of those people that drives the frustration and futility that causes the desperate acts that translates into the violence we see reported in articles like this one.
All dyankee wants is someone to blame instead of seeking an equitable solution.


Well put, couldn't agree more.


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