Guns stolen from Felix's

Ottawa County deputies are looking for the people who broke into a Robinson Township business and took a collection of guns.
Jan 13, 2013


It happened early Saturday at Felix's Gun Shop, located in the 14000 block of Green Street. Investigators said the suspects took handguns and long guns from the store.

Anyone with information in this case is asked to call Silent Observer at 877-88-SILENT.

On Thursday, someone also stole guns out of two homes in Holland. Police said the break-ins happened in the same neighborhood. One handgun was taken from a home in the 900 block of Columbia Avenue, and three handguns were stolen from a home in the 200 block of East 35th Street.

It's unclear if any of the crimes are related.



If Obama succeeds in making it a criminal offense to have a firearm that is not registered, I can sure envision individuals not reporting a stolen weapon.


Look at this way... This country took on drunk drive seriously in the mid to late 80's and made it a priority. Before that in my HS days things were way different than they are now for my kids of the same age, drinking and driving is tabbu or for the most part drinking in general is less. "Back in the day" we used to have parties in our parents homes, now a days if an underage drinker comes from your house, where they got into the booze while you were out, and something bad goes down you bet the homeowner is in trouble.


Fair enough, but it seems you are equating gun ownership with drinking and driving. There is no constitutional right to drink and drive, much less one that cannot be infringed. There is a constitutional right to keep and bear arms. Drinking and driving has no redeemable social value; owning a firearm for self-defense, whether against a criminal or a tyrannical government, is of the utmost value. Back in the day we didn't have gangbangers and thugs terrorizing communities with impunity, and back in the day we actually meted out punishment to those who broke the law. Gun control laws will not impact the behavior of the criminals and thugs, and will only leave us defenseless.


Obviously the man does not care. He must have some good insurance to let himself time after time continually get robbed.


Shut 'em down!! He obviously can't keep thieves away. Shut that place down already.


we sould shut you down if you a target you will be robbed end of story Felix's just has something these gang bangers want GUNS I thing the blame should be in the boys assigned to Protect and Serve our area where were they when the alarm went off...

Walking Alive

I think you should go back to school and learn proper English Psmith.


I think you should go back to school Walking Alive and learn the Constitution.


Banks get robbed all the time(some twice in the same year)and they have a hell of a lot more security systems in place than Felix yet, it still happens. We don't shut down banks, but yet some here are suggesting to shut down Felix's like a bunch of reactionary dummies. Felix HAS taken precautions and reasonable security measures and he is not to blame. Try getting into Felix's 11:30 at night and see how successful you are. It's nearly laugable to read the ignorant's comments about illustrating gun security at home and attempt to draw comparisions as to what they think Felix is NOT doing. Yet, these are the same fools that leave their violent video games, movies, adult magazines, prescription drugs, and booze out for impressionable young kids or criminals to access. So, maybe we should just over react like most liberals and start shutting down your home if your bottle of Jack Daniels or prescription drugs, stolen from your house, was a contributing factor envolved in a deadly car accident. Would this make any sense??? When was the last time one of Felix's stolen firearms was used in a crime? So, now you're suggesting to shut down a legal and contributing business because of something that may happen, but as of yet, has not?


Bravo, dyankee. Felix is not the culprit here. He is just a local, elderly man who is simply trying to perpetuate a business that has been in his family for 80 plus years. Leave him alone. Somewhere out there are a couple of wannabe thugs, amping out on rap music, who have Felix's guns stuck in their sagging jeans. They alone are the problem here. Hopefully, they are caught or dispatched soon. Cars are stolen all the time, and cars are proven to be far more lethal than guns. As dyankee noted, prescription drugs and booze are available everywhere and consumed liked candy, yet they cause more misery in our society than guns ever will. They're just not as "evil" as those darn guns, nor do they cause conniptions among those who would impose their reactionary will upon a harmless local businessman.


I thought robinsonmom was out to lunch, but this walking alive person is drinking their own bathwater


I thought robinsonmom was out to lunch, but this walking alive person is drinking their own bathwater


Walkin alive you need bitch slap into next week



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