Cop attacker sentenced

The far-reaching consequences of a local teen’s assault on a Grand Haven police officer were revealed when he was sentenced this week to between 19 months and 15 years in prison.
Becky Vargo
Jan 18, 2013


Alexander Snively assaulted Grand Haven police Officer Joe Schulte with a wine bottle in September 2012.

Schulte suffered serious injuries from the blows. Although he has returned to work on light duty, he is still recuperating from his injuries.

Snively, 18, was given credit for 106 days already served in jail. He was also ordered to pay $266 in fines and costs.

Snively pleaded no contest to a charge of assault with attempt to do great bodily harm less than murder when he was arraigned in Ottawa County Circuit Court on Dec. 3. He also pleaded no contest to a charge of resisting/obstructing/assaulting a police officer resulting in serious impairment.

At the time of the assault, Snively was under the influence of drugs and did not remember what happened, said his attorney, Joe Legatz.

Schulte responded to a noise complaint in the early morning of Sept. 29 at an upstairs apartment in the 700 block of Clinton St. When Schulte entered the apartment, Snively struck him on the head with a wine bottle.

Schulte, who spoke prior to the sentencing, told Ottawa County Circuit Judge Ed Post: “I suffered a fractured skull with a significant concussion in the first moments of the assault. More than three months later, I am still being treated for my injuries.”

Schulte said one of the most difficult aspects of his injuries is the effect they have had on his three young children.

“My oldest son broke down in tears when he saw me on the day of the incident," the officer said. "And, for some time, insisted he was to blame for it, because he had made too much noise while I was sleeping before work that night."

Schulte said what concerns him the most about the incident is that Snively does not remember what happened.

“I think it is very important Mr. Snively understands this incident could have easily have been fatal for either one of us,” Schulte said.

Schulte said he believes Snively would have beaten him to death if he was not physically stopped.

To read more about the struggle between teen and officer - including a potential stabbing and Snively's comments - in today’s print or e-edition of the Grand Haven Tribune.



Between 19 months and 15 years. What kind of sentence is that? Needs to be more like 15 years to life. This person almost killed a police officer. This isn't the first time he has beaten someone. He has been a menace to society for a long time prior to this. He has been given chances to straighten his life out, and chose not to. I sure hope he gets the 15 years at the minimum.


He will be out in 6-8 months..there is no truth in sentencing. They only use high numbers to give us law abiding citizens a false sense of security.


It is a common myth of our day, not surprisingly propagated by atheists, that religious believers are undereducated folk who have abandoned the use of reason in favor of blind faith.


I truly believe that this kid will have learned his lesson. As a society we need to learn that bad actions does not make a bad person. This kid has his whole life ahead of him to turn things around. Why throw him in jail for life? As a mostly Christian society and region in west Michigan we should be the first to learn forgiveness. I don't know this kid. But i truly hope the best for him and hope that he will be given another chance.


I would bet he hasn't learned his lesson. This isn't the first time he has been incarcerated. Now he is playing in the big leagues (adulthood) and needs to be punished as such. He needs to sit for a very long time, and then maybe he will learn something. He is good at playing the game, until......


Wow! He must be a pot-head with that sentence! Rapists and murderers get less time than that on average.

As for CheesePizza, being Christian does not mean you are a good, forgiving person in fact I know of several despicable Christians. Being atheist does not make one a bad person either. All faiths have their good and bad apples so I am not sure why religion was brought into the conversation. I myself am an agnostic atheist and yet I give thousands to local charities each year (some even Christian), I help the elderly and disabled, I abide by the law, and have good morals, heck, I do not even drink or smoke. I also forgive.

I think this punk should definitely get some time, but 15-years is a bit much; like I said, rapists and murderers usually don't even serve that much time.


Oh I understand there are bad Christians, i am an atheist myself and for the most part atheists are usually a bit more educated and forgiving it seems.

I think he should pay his dues for what was done. But 15 years seems like a bit much. Get the kid thinking straight and i am sure he will turn things around.


Where can I find this data backing up the fact that Athiests are more educated than Christians. Please provide a link as I am very interested in this.


It is a common myth,propagated by atheists, that religious believers are undereducated folk who have abandoned the use of reason in favor of blind faith. This simply is not true.


here is one of many..... obviously a simple google search to too hard for you.


I'm very impressed with your on-line research abilities; having said that, you must be aware that the author of the piece in Psychologytoday has a number of insights on the human experience. His scientific and unbiased research has led him, for example, for his professional opinion that Black Women Are Less Attractive. Since you attest to his science and research findings regarding the relative intelligence of atheists and Christians, I'm sure you have no quibble with his other learned expositions:


As a matter of fact I googled quite a bit on this subject and found it interesting that the majority of websites I came across contradicted your theory, which is why I asked you to provide a link. I was curious of what you considered to be acceptable and reliable information. Now I know. :-)


Now you know that I look at educated sites!!! I saw a lot of sites saying opposite but they were christian i knew they would be biased. Thats some good news eh blogger?


I personally know Xander and he truly is a great guy. He tries to be friends with everyone and he always seems interested in what you have to say. When I first heard about this back in September I was shocked, he's usually really understanding but he does have quite the temper, and he certainly knows how to fight. I think since I left for college he strayed off the path and found a group of people he shouldn't have surrounded himself with. I guess it just took something like this to make him realize that.


I know Xander as well, for about 3 years. I agree with you that he's a good guy at heart. I know his mom, too, who has tried just about everything to help him. I've seen the ups and downs and his heartbreaking downward spiral, surrounded by good friends who cared tremendously for him - and still do. I've seen his kind and gentle nature. I've also seen him in the grip of addiction and some seriously unfortunate consequences. Within our small group who have stood by him, he's never caused a problem. I understand fully the seriousness of Xander's crime. And let's hope he will, too. I have to ask, though, why wasn't the prospect of rehab ever offered as part of his punishment? Was a mental health evaluation ever made? I honestly DO NOT believe Xander is a cold blooded hardened criminal. Drugs, alcohol, teenage angst?? Yes. Hardened criminal, NO.


substance and alcohol abuse will mess with anyone,s life, i dont know this gentleman, but little time in the big house might change his mind with some anger management, he will be out less than a year, its all up to him, good luck young man


I think his hair stylist should get life. and a face like wonder he's whack on crack.


Thank you Officer Schulte and all the other Grand Haven Public Safety Officers who deal with people like this every shift!! Hope you have a speedy recovery Joe!!


Xander should be help responsible for his poor choices. However he is 18 years old and wonder how the influence of his parental models may have guided him down this path. He has had to follow his mother around in her broken marriages and lifesyle. I hope both parents can see that they have a chance to influence Xander's siblings. It breaks my heart. Xander show us how this lesson will change your life for the better!


i keep thinking, a police officer was hurt in a scuffle with this young man and believes he would have died if someone have not restrained him, thats fear, but he is all right and did not die, happens all of the time, maybe the police officers knew this young man should have sent more officers to the apartment for backup and could have prevented this situation, if two people where fighting out in a parking lot behind a bar and someone got hurt, it would have been no big deal !!!!!


I love it when someone tries to find a way for the bad deed to somehow become the fault of law enforcement, who in this case only showed up to preserve the peace. Even better when you compare the (potentially deadly) assault of a police officer to a couple of drunks fighting behind a bar. Go have another....


If you read the article in the print version there is more information. This guy basicly blindsided the cop with a bottle and cracked his skull before trying to stab him. On top of that he had taken LSD that night. I think just about everyone is aware of what that particular drug can do to someone.


I just talked to the person who told me the guy was on LSD and it sounds like this was way more involved than a "scuffle" I would't want to have been either ne of them that night.


I agree he has to be held responsible for his actions, BUT his “mother” has kept Xander and his siblings away from their father for years! ( stating he is a bad influence) after being kicked out of his house and thrown on the street by “mother” was Xander’s father able to come back into his life. I by this time Xander had already been in trouble, now a younger sibling is getting in trouble, “mom’s solution………………………kick him out, drop him of the man who you (mother) cut out of his life years ago I hope DAD can get through to the younger son before something bad happens . Maybe the court should look at “mom” and the 3rd child, maybe dad should be back in his life BEFORE he is getting in trouble! Just a thought!


Are you talking about the "father," who and this is public record and an indisputable fact, was found to have twice assaulted court officers, once in Muskegon and once in Grand Haven? Is that the guy you think should be involved in these children's live. The same guy who has had multiple retraining orders against him. Something tells me it was, in fact, his influence that led to this unfortunate situation.


She must be better looking then you hockeymom


She must be better looking then you hockeymom


His mother has done a lot of harm to these three boys. She preaches and works at the Christian book store, marries the Christian school teacher, yet where is evidence of parental role modeling over the last 6 years. So, so sad!


Do you any other axes to grind about mom, nice touch of class you show. How is your life? do you have anything to hide? You sound jealous


First off, what he did was wrong and he will pay his time for it. Second off I have know these kids and the whole family for a long time. I for one don't think we all need to be judging them 1 it is not our place to judge anyone and for 2 you don't know the whole back story of why the mother did what she did so why do you all have to be bashing on her. We all make mistakes and we all need to learn from them. It broke my heart when I read the original story in September. I watched all three of the kids. Sometimes you get with the wrong crowd. What he needs is prayers and help for his substance abuse he doesn't need people bashing him. I am sure a lot of you are adults and parents on here and tell your kids not to be bullies but from what I read you are being bullies to him. Please think about what you post you can really hurt some one who is reading this especially if the family reads these comments.
Have a great day and please think before you post!



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