Cop attacker sentenced

The far-reaching consequences of a local teen’s assault on a Grand Haven police officer were revealed when he was sentenced this week to between 19 months and 15 years in prison.
Becky Vargo
Jan 18, 2013


Alexander Snively assaulted Grand Haven police Officer Joe Schulte with a wine bottle in September 2012.

Schulte suffered serious injuries from the blows. Although he has returned to work on light duty, he is still recuperating from his injuries.

Snively, 18, was given credit for 106 days already served in jail. He was also ordered to pay $266 in fines and costs.

Snively pleaded no contest to a charge of assault with attempt to do great bodily harm less than murder when he was arraigned in Ottawa County Circuit Court on Dec. 3. He also pleaded no contest to a charge of resisting/obstructing/assaulting a police officer resulting in serious impairment.

At the time of the assault, Snively was under the influence of drugs and did not remember what happened, said his attorney, Joe Legatz.

Schulte responded to a noise complaint in the early morning of Sept. 29 at an upstairs apartment in the 700 block of Clinton St. When Schulte entered the apartment, Snively struck him on the head with a wine bottle.

Schulte, who spoke prior to the sentencing, told Ottawa County Circuit Judge Ed Post: “I suffered a fractured skull with a significant concussion in the first moments of the assault. More than three months later, I am still being treated for my injuries.”

Schulte said one of the most difficult aspects of his injuries is the effect they have had on his three young children.

“My oldest son broke down in tears when he saw me on the day of the incident," the officer said. "And, for some time, insisted he was to blame for it, because he had made too much noise while I was sleeping before work that night."

Schulte said what concerns him the most about the incident is that Snively does not remember what happened.

“I think it is very important Mr. Snively understands this incident could have easily have been fatal for either one of us,” Schulte said.

Schulte said he believes Snively would have beaten him to death if he was not physically stopped.

To read more about the struggle between teen and officer - including a potential stabbing and Snively's comments - in today’s print or e-edition of the Grand Haven Tribune.



Amen, Heidi. Thank goodness for logical thinking people. I couldn't have said it better. I for one was devastated to hear about that horrific night. I pray for the officer and hope all the best for him and his family. He did not deserve this. What I do have a problem with is the outrage and misleading information that the public has on Xander. As always, in the public eye...if you don't look like a movie star, you're a thug. It's called arrogance. Where I work, you would be amazed on what a lot of these kids are doing these days. And if you want to turn a blind eye and live in denial that your kid is perfect, it's your choice. And trust me, it is not always the kid being brought up in the ghetto, most of these young adults making bad choices come from a good home environment with good, caring parents. Naive parents..but good parents. Please don't pass judgement,we have ALL made bad choices in our lifetime but thankfully never got caught. Not that this excuses Xander's actions that horrible night but as a community...we need compassion for all sides.


To Officer Schulte, THANK YOU, for putting your life on the line to protect all of the citizens and visitors to the City of Grand Haven. It's men and women like you who are willing to put yourselves in Harm's Way to protect the rest of us that I am most grateful for, you deserve every nickel, dime and dollar you earn and all of the recognition we can give you.

Someday your son will understand, but until then there are some Great Child Psycologists in Grand Haven, be not afraid to avail your son of these services.

I hope that someday I'll see you in a coffe shop, I would be honored to buy you a cup of coffe and shake you hand.

Thank You Again and the men and women of the Grand Haven Police force for what you all do. As a Viet Nam combat veteran, I know what it means to do what you do.

Thank You and God-Speed to a healthy recovery.


I am so ashamed of myself for not showing more respect towards Officer Schulte. I would also like to thank him and all our other wonderful men and women who put themselves in Harm's Way each and every day. God Bless you all and thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are all Hero's.
Best Wishes to a speedy recovery, Officer Schulte


Thanks Heidi for standing up to the haters who are ignorant and reckless with their comments!!!!!


Your very welcome!


too! @ Heidi 1016, I am NOT bashing this young man, my heart goes aches for him in where his young life is at. I also know as a parent you do your best to teach your children right from wrong and hope when the time comes they make the correct choices. This “mother” who took the boys away and fought to keep them away after dad was back on the right track doesn’t seem to have done a great job raising them. AGAIN, I know you do your best raising a child and hope they make the right choices but when they don’t you DON’T just kick them to the streets! ! You get them help, now another son is in trouble and “mom’s “ solution…………….. drop him off to his estranged dad. (at the age the boys are the 6 plus years of NO contact seem this man would be a stranger to the boy) I do have to say glad this time it wasn’t just to the street. I am also hopping “mom” takes a LONG look at what is going on and maybe have the 3rd son and dad build a relationship BEFORE things go south for him. If my words are hurtful to “mom” well TOO BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wouldn't say I am a hater but I do have a problem with parents giving up on their childern! Actions have consequences, time she learns this too!


Especially when the dear, sweet appearing mother puts herself before her children! Time for her to take off her stellatos and put on her sneakers and be a mom! I am sorry but I question her authenticity...?


I would like you to know honestly she did the best she could for him. But he went down the wrong path there wasn't a thing she could do. She honestly tried everything possible but when he turned 18 he was gone and there wasnt any stopping him from living the way he wanted to. She did and is doing every she possibly can for all of her sons. His father is the better one to blame he was there let him have what ever he wanted let him do anything he wanted. Didnt warn the cops about Xander already freaking out he just let them in. But I honestly want you to know the mother never gave up on xander she did everything she could for him.


You have no real knowledge if what the story is there between the mom and dad so stop spreading lies. Your comments are unfounded and reckless and anyone with half a brain could see right through your venomous tirades. Get a life.


How do you know so much and what gives you the right to judge this woman. Be careful what you say it might come back to haunt you


Hockeymom and lakeview.....get your facts before you publicly sling mud. I am sure there is plenty of dirt hiding in your home too.


They both sound crazy and clearly are. No one should pay anymore attention to their stupid baseless rants.


19 months to 15 years? What kind of sentance is this? And $266.00 in fines and costs for assaulting a police officer under the influence of drugs and alcohol????? Horse crap! 2-5 years minimum, better yet 5-10 years.

Hope you feelin' better Officer Schulte!

Xander's Mom

Hello, I am Alexander "Xander" Snively's mom, Kelly Koning. I am openly sharing my name because I carry no shame for myself or for my son. He fell on his knees and chose to allow this incarceration to make him a changed young man. I want you to know that I understand your angry comments and without the benefit of truth or background make perfect sense. However, it is not usually wise or beneficial to judge what you have no way of knowing to be fact or truth. The bigger picture in this is the too easy breakup of families and innocent children who are left to cope with and respond to the falling shrapnel of pain and loss through divorce. The too easy availability through texting, Facebook and Twitter to arrange drug pickups and dropoffs provide an easy way of escape for both pain and pleasure. As a small community and society, perhaps we should seek to be a part of the healing solution. My heart goes out to Officer Shultte and his family. If only he had been warned by the father who knew the police were coming and did nothing to protect him or my son...perhaps things could have turned out very differently. But that, I realize, may be my own judgment and is wrong. I make no excuses for my son's choice to take drugs and neither does he. I only know that God is the Righteous Judge of my son's actions and heart and knows the "why". Xander has asked for and received forgiveness from his Creator and is hoping one day to also receive that same mercy from Officer Shultte and his family and anyone else he may have hurt or offended. If he could take back that day and many others, he would. But life doesn't work that way. Who among us does not carry regret for something we should or shouldn't have done? We are human. Let he or she who is without sin feel free to cast the first stone.


Wasn't it divorceS? I am not being mean spirited, but there is always 2 sides to every story. I feel compassion for all parties involved, the police officer, Zander, his family.... I agree with you one divorce is tough, but 2 in his teenage years is very painful!


You show no compassion just mean spirted comments


I will not sit here reading all of your crude, disrespectful comments about someone you DO NOT know. You have no right to post nasty things, like you've done.
It disgusts me how awful your comments are, not only about Xander, but to his MOTHER. You do not know her story, you do not know what she has done for these three boys and you sure as hell do not know the facts of her marriage. I am so angry that you can sit here and type such things about a person you don not know. You only know what you see in the news. I have been through this whole process with him. I saw him become and addict, I saw what the world was doing to him and I did everything in my power to help him, but you can only help a person who wants to be helped. Xander is someone who would NEVER, never hurt a soul in his RIGHT mindset. He has the warmest, most genuine heart. That is twice the heart than any of you will every have in your whole life. You do not know everything, and don't pretend like you know him. YOU DON"T.
Xander of course became a drug addict a year ago, I watched him spiral down, but this is not going to break him, he is keeping his head held high because he knows he has people like ME, and his MOTHER who know the REAL him.
I know Xander, because he is my best friend, and I WAS there. I was there before he took LSD and I was there seconds before the cops showed up. Yes, I blame myself for not warning the officer or being there when he popped those pills in his mouth but his own father did nothing to protect his son. I walked into that house and found him smoking in the kitchen standing there watching ME, try to stop Xander from doing what he was doing. I was there trying to protect him but his own father, did NOTHING. And here you are only worried about bashing his mother. The one who put clothing on his back and a place to live for 18 years. You have some god damn nerve you know that? I cannot believe what this world has come to. And all this "Be above bullying" nonsence is just crap! GROWN UP! How old could you possibly be. You are a low life, and bashing like you are makes you feel like you own the world and are the best. Well newsflash, YOU AREN"T! So do me a favor to him and his family. Back off, would you?

My heart goes out to everyone, you must feel SO fantastic about all the nasty shit you post. One day it WILL bite you in the ass, and I sure as hell hope it does.


Thankful that Xander has such a good friend. Someone who will stand up for him, and stand by him. Keep supporting him. He needs you and always will. Sometimes it takes hitting Rock bottom, before you look up- I think that is what happened in Xander's situation. He will survive this and come out a better man.


Honestly - the negative comments others have made about Mr. Snively, his mother.....and.....his father (by you) have no place here. As far as I'm concerned......anyone tied to this has a slanted view one way or another. I'm sure there is much blame to go around for the conditions they've lived in. The fact is, and we all need to remember this....the fact is that Mr. Snively is responsible for himself for what he has done. He took the LSD. He took the bottle. He took the swing. There are countless examples of people who have grown up in horrible conditions.....but use that thrive. Don't make excuses. I hope your friend gets his life straight - but the fact is - he is responsible for the horrific hole he has dug himself.


Good people make very bad choices at times. What Xander did was wrong. He not only hurt the police officer that night, but he broke his mother's heart. He broke the hearts of his friends and family. He is paying the price for what he did. He made the choice to do the drugs, not his friends, not his mother, not his father, but him. Now he has to serve out his punishment and live with what he did for the rest of his life. I know he will turn his life around, and a valuable lesson has already been learned. please don't place the blame on others. My heart goes out to all of you. The one's who are on Xander's side, and the one's who aren't. It's so sad how society can take such a tradjec incident and make it even worse.

Say No To Tourist's

Oh boo hoo Whitman, if you were half the friend you say you are you would have calmed the situation down to the point where the police may not have been called. Consider this, your so called best friend is lucky that Officer Joe Schulte is a level headed public safety officer. Had it been someone else they may have pulled the trigger on him.....ever think of that outcome?


Well isn't this one big happy family. I would be curious to read the comments about the five 17 year old girls headed to Lansing to watch the ghaps girls basketball game this past spring. Wonder how many people in our quaint little town stood by them after speeding/reckless driving consuming alcohol, risking many lives on the road that *foggy* day before they crashed and sent 3 to the hospital in critical condition and 1 in a coma for over a month? (thankfully they all survived) And the driver gets a year probation???? Disturbing how the community rallied around them and forgave them. Oh wait!!! and to top it off---"They became celebrities!!" What a shame.


I apologize for my misleading comment. Most of these comments (which I respect) are against Xander, which in "no way" do I dispute the fact that he should pay the required consequences for his actions. I am just terribly disappointed and outraged that these young ladies risked MANY lives that day but received no punishment. Zip!! Zero!! Nothing!! Except for probation. Where's the justice?


Doesn't sound fair to me!!!


Are you on LSD? In one example - it was an exceptionally foolish and completely avoidable accident. On the other hand - it was an LSD and alcohol induced beating. Uh......I see a difference. You don't?


Uh...Brilliant question. (Not really but I'll make you feel superior) I don't believe so. Officer Schulte is a TRAINED and ARMED professional. We are not. Xander was NOT risking anybody else's life and was in the safety of his OWN PRIVATE HOME----- NOT speeding, reckless driving and talking to mom on his cell phone with 4 other friends in the car.(law allows ONE FRIEND when you JUST get your license) You think that's acceptable?? God help us all !!!


Also, What a pathetic way to start out your comment. Show some consideration.


Where in the world did you get the idea that I thought it was acceptable? I never said one was acceptable and the other wasn't.....I said that they were two different things. The truth is that the law allows you to have more than one person in the car if the event is school sanctioned. The state semi-finals is a school sanctioned event. So, the fact that they were all in the car isn't illegal. It's stupid, but not illegal. Perhaps you ought to think and read what others are saying before you go off and turn irrational.


Do you have anything else to do? Wow!! I just got my comment on here and BANG!! Here you are!! Nothing will get through to you so I'm not going to waste my time. Your way or no way!! You just don't get it !!


Doesn't sound fair to me!!!



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