Underage party busted

Doug and Heather Der Vartanian were happy to go on vacation, knowing that they had someone to take care of their pets and watch their home while they were away.
Becky Vargo
Feb 7, 2013


They were distraught to find out the person taking care of their home hosted a party there while they were still on vacation.

Neighbors called police at about 10:37 p.m. Monday when they thought someone was breaking into the home in the 300 block of River Street. What police found was a party with about 30 people, said Spring Lake/Ferrysburg Police Chief Roger DeYoung.

“Of course, they all run when the police come,” said DeYoung, indicating there could have been more.

A 17-year-old Spring Lake teen was arrested that night for hosting a minor in possession of alcohol party, DeYoung said.

“He was supposed to be watching a house while the people were out of town,” DeYoung said.

In all, officers wrote four or five tickets for minors in possession of alcohol. There could be more to come, DeYoung said, as the incident is still under investigation.

The Ottawa County Prosecutor’s Office is also reviewing possible other drug or alcohol charges, DeYoung said.

The homeowner said the house was trashed.

“You can imagine the amount of damage 35 teenagers can do with drugs and alcohol involved, Doug DerVartanian said. “We have dozens of pairs of shoes and coats at home left behind when people ran."

One parent stopped by to retrieve his child’s belongings, but the items were not being released yet, Der Vartanian said.

“We’re terribly disappointed in everybody who was involved,” he said.



Everyone is in agreement the kids messed up. I don't see anyone blaming anyone else. I see people joking around and making sarcastic remarks but that would require a sense of humor to get those comments, which you obviously don't have.

Are you so butt hurt about this situation because you weren't invited to the party? Is that the real issue here?


110 comments and counting Pretty good frot something that is not news worthy. Next highest story has 16. Perhaps this is why Tribune post stuff like this..gets people talking and staying on their page.


Fix this news worthy "problem" yourself Markus, and tell us all how it goes man.


Nah. Ill the cops.


Nah. Ill the cops.


I heard that the Tribune actually threw this party to drum some interest in the paper. Conspiracy.


Am I the only one on here who made an account just to comment on this article?


I am out of here. I hope those of you that were there make up for it, or are punished adequately and learn someday, or always have someone there to bail you out.


Realized that your comments are moronic?

Love that you won't reveal yourself. Chicken****


read all of the comments,then maybe you would agree this should have been keep private, glad i moved out of spring lake years ago


Really police got called because some one thought the house was getting broken into...30+ kids there and some retarted neighbor thought the house was getting robbed....lol haha right...The village of spring lake wanna be police officers probally were on there way to sit on 31 to to radar and seen all the cars at a house and assumed it was a party and figured go check it out since they have nothing to do in SL.....think about it a robbery?? right!!!! of course they pulled out there tazors with all them violent big scary high school kids....These officers think there all big and mighty when they pull us over or go to a house party....Go work in detroit or down town GR....officers maybe your big heads will shrink.....FTP

deuce liti

To all of you who are saying kids will be kids, live a little, we did it when we were kids I say:

Oh how short-sighted and deeply naïve you all are.
1) Just because you did it doesn't mean it's right.
2) You take no account for how quickly things can go bad: rape, alcohol poisoning, drug overdose, fighting, pregnancy, etc.
3) Alcoholism (which is NOT a disease) is born from these parties as they become a solution for "boredom" as one of you troglodytes put it.
4) Sorry your typical lack of parenting and pursuit of selfish interests have cost you yet another ding in our already disgusting society.
5) Drug experimentation and smoking can be tried here. Would you be ok that your child cured boredom with meth, heroine, pot, coke and/or LSD? What if they develope an addiction?

How dare anyone say underage drinking and partying is no big deal as an excuse for poor parenting. How about you show real interest in your children and do something with them.

For those of you that are crying about this not being newsworthy: it is. These are our children and these stories are reminders of the failure of parents and society. The Tribune is doing their job. Don't like it? Try CNN.com. Sheesh!

Finally, stop fighting with each other like a bunch of teenagers and start discussing the real issues.


I like all the dialogue....one way to shorten the generation gap is to talk about it! I would just like, young and old, to learn how to spell and write a complete sentence these days! Being anonymous is so fun...we can slam each other so passive aggressively.


deuce Alcoholism (which is NOT a disease} Alcoholism is a chronic and often progressive disease that includes problems controlling your drinking


My mother-in-law tells a story of when she and my father-in-law were going out of town for the weekend and leaving their oldest teen home to watch the house. They forgot an item right after they left and returned home to get it. Something in her gut told her to look int he washing machine...and she did...to find it stocked full of beer on ice! :) Kids will be kids and many (not all) will get into mischief if you give them the opportunity.

media guy

To everybody who feels this story should not be covered in the paper, here's a hint. DON'T COMMENT. The job of The Tribune, or any media outlet for that matter, is to make money. The types of stories that draw the most traffic are the type that are likely to be repeated. If you want more news and less gossip or whatever you choose to call this story, try commenting on tax, budget and other public policy stories. If stories like this continue to get the most comments/traffic, the Tribune would be either dumb or crazy to not publish more of them.


I personally want to say thank you to Markus for standing up for what is right, regardless of the semi-literate complaining of numerous teenagers in our area who found what he had to say personally troubling. Great comments, Deuce Liti, you gave some good advice to the adults commenting without common sense. Bottom line is...what the kids in this situation did was wrong and they deserve to be held accountable for it. And adults who think that is wrong have a screw loose.


Responsibility is a two way street. The owners should have thought twice about having a 17 year old watch their house - regardless of his maturity level. And the young man housesitting was clearly wrong and should have thought twice about the temptation of having a party.


I can't fault the teenagers comments on here, that is the kind of reasoning we all had at that age. The parents on the other hand should have grown up by now and see the logic in trying to prevent our kids from making the same mistakes we did. You're not supposed to be cool or their best friend, you're supposed to lay out the rules and enforce consequences when they are broken. If you are not capable of that job then don't complain when the police have to do it for you. Period.


I'm shocked, shocked at underage drinking in a party town. This has been going on for the past 100 years or so and enough is enough.

gh momma

These kids sound as rude and entitled as the GHHS Sophmore students who were busted for breaking into and trashing a new construction home a couple months back. Of course, GHHS parents and admin kept that one out of the 'news'.... they wouldn't want to have to enforce their Athletic Code of Conduct!


Guarantee this is the topic for an upcoming "Our Views." Just keep recycling the same story hoping to stir up controversy.



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