Underage party busted

Doug and Heather Der Vartanian were happy to go on vacation, knowing that they had someone to take care of their pets and watch their home while they were away.
Becky Vargo
Feb 7, 2013


They were distraught to find out the person taking care of their home hosted a party there while they were still on vacation.

Neighbors called police at about 10:37 p.m. Monday when they thought someone was breaking into the home in the 300 block of River Street. What police found was a party with about 30 people, said Spring Lake/Ferrysburg Police Chief Roger DeYoung.

“Of course, they all run when the police come,” said DeYoung, indicating there could have been more.

A 17-year-old Spring Lake teen was arrested that night for hosting a minor in possession of alcohol party, DeYoung said.

“He was supposed to be watching a house while the people were out of town,” DeYoung said.

In all, officers wrote four or five tickets for minors in possession of alcohol. There could be more to come, DeYoung said, as the incident is still under investigation.

The Ottawa County Prosecutor’s Office is also reviewing possible other drug or alcohol charges, DeYoung said.

The homeowner said the house was trashed.

“You can imagine the amount of damage 35 teenagers can do with drugs and alcohol involved, Doug DerVartanian said. “We have dozens of pairs of shoes and coats at home left behind when people ran."

One parent stopped by to retrieve his child’s belongings, but the items were not being released yet, Der Vartanian said.

“We’re terribly disappointed in everybody who was involved,” he said.



Putting a 17 year old in charge is "Risky Business"; if you don't believe me, ask Tom Hanks.


You could also ask Tom Cruise if you wanted; Hanks turned down the title role, his agent said it was too Risky.


We used to do this all the time when I was that age. The only mistake here was busting the party. Had they not done that, the homeowners would have come home to a cleaner house than they left with!


What a joke that a teen house party has made the papers...let me guess the party police took all the booze back to the station.


it is very sad that there is nothing 4 these kids to do but be bad in the tri cities area


Psmith, I don't think they were being bad, they were being kids. There are lots of things for teens to do, they chose to have a party; with an unfortunate ending. Creedance, you are absolutely correct, they most assuredly would have cleaned the place to a G.I. shine; been there done that. MMJ, also on point that this is not news worthy; thank goodness they didn't mention the names of these "normal" kids. Lastly, Doug and Heather should have realized the possible options they were making available to the teens and certainly should refrain from blame. The only restitution should be if there was any physical damage to the home; if it was just a mess because of the interrupted party then have the gang show up and clean it; when finished have a pizza party with soda. Law enforcement, call it a day and let the parents deal with this as they see fit. There is a time to be involved and time to just insure everybody's safety and stay out of it.


Way to many parents allow their underage kids drink at home. Go figure.


Ignorance must be bliss based on these comments. "Let the parents deal with it..."??? Apparently the parents didn't deal with teaching respect for other people's property or thinking about the far reaching consequences of their ridiculously poor choices. "Kids will be kids" is an unacceptable excuse.


another story that's posted in the news that should be a private matter, like the one with the school bus driver, should be in the court section


Slow news day.


Hmmm, this is so common! Generation after generation. News worthy, No! Who didn't go to parties as teens? And in grand haven, who did not house crash? Lame!


Let's see blame the homeowners, "Why they would have had a clean House", blame the police who took the booze, they were just being kids. Why is it that there are just a few of us who blame the individual. We have moved as a society from indviduals taking responsibility for their own actions! The polls show it hese in these 11+ comments. We are going to ontinue having shootings, robberies, deadbeat parents, deadbeat kids, becuase society will KEEP making excuses for them. Doug and Heather tried to place a trust in a teenager in Spring lake, give him/her honest responsibilities, and they chose to abuse that trust. Sorry being 16-18 years old and being called a "just being kid mistake" is making an excuse. The "Just being kids" excuse has led to bullying, which have led to suicides in our very district, drunk driving accidents leaving a loss of life, vanalism in our communities...etc. But its ok, we keep making excuses for them. A few rotton apples ruin it for the members of our teenage culture who are pillars of our society, and there are many in West Michigan! Unfortunately, most of these "just being kids", will never grow into the shoes of their peers. Why should they, we have been doing it for generations and making excuses. Grow up!


Isnt a major draw of the area the lack of news worthy stories that happen here?

If you get upset that stories like these are in the news move to larger area. Then you'll get stories of robberies, murders etc....you won't have to worry about getting upset on non newsworthy stories.
Tribune has to have something to post, if this is the most interesting thing that happened in the last couple a days it become news worthy.


The person was a teenager that had been trusted for more then 3 years in caring for their home while they were on vacation and a babysitter for their children. Parents of teenager was close by. THIS WAS A 3 day party.
Drugs were found in a young childs room plus gallons of alcohol and other garbage. MY children and I were raised to respect other people's property and better behavior was expected from us.


People need to realize that stories like this aren't news worthy. Just goes to show that unfortunately the tribune has nothing better to report on


What IS newsworthy of this story didn't even make the news. The teenager that hosted the party was bailed out by the rest of them that same night.


This isn't newsworthy. Shouldn't have made it in the news. The kid that hosted this party should've been smarter and hosted at his own house. Like a decent or honorable person. You know, supply drugs and alcohol to minors in the saftey of his own house. Not trashed the house of a couple of people and kids that made the wrong mistake in picking someone like this.
I wonder how the homeowners kids feel about having their rooms used, pets messed with? They probably aren't as cool as many of the posters here that blame the homeowners. I bet they worried about their rooms upon hearing of this, wondered who was messing with their pets. Very uncool.
I got an idea.
Homeowners shouldn't have trusted the kid from this town, judging by the comments. Looks like there are a lot of kids in this town that have little to no idea what decent and honorable behavior is. Probably why he was able to get so many to the party. Lowest common denominators usually have lots of friends.
Hey, WHERE ARE THESE FRIENDS? Did they come forward to take some of the blame too? Take a little heat with their buddy that supplied them with booze and drugs? I bet the police station was just full of kids trying to explain to the police what a good friend this kid was, and how there is nothing to do in town except trash a house, drink and do drugs, whatever....Lets see how many of his friends did that. Better yet post in your full name here if you feel that strongly.
If I lived in your town, I wouldn't leave my home at all. The poor kids have nothing to do in your town except take advantage of a homeowner trying to take their kids on vacation (and maybe raise them properly) and drink and do drugs in their house. Poor kids. Maybe someone needs to give them something to do.
Hey, maybe all the kids that were at the party can go over to the this house, and help out? You know, clean up the mess they made. That is something to do in Spring Lake...Write a grant and maybe do some projects on the owners behalf. That would be something! Just don't offer to watch the house while they are gone, because these people probably won't feel like going on vacations, or raising kids in a town where writers like you excuse garbage like that.
RU Kidding? What a name! I got an idea, why don't you post a time when you'll be out of town, leave some keys under the mat, and let the kids of Spring Lake Party at YOUR HOUSE?


Leave my children alone.


Leave my children alone.


Wow. Thats deep.
IamGod, it's time to get back on the meds.
Or learn to punish your errant children.


Be calm my son, who are you to judge? Humans are all sinners.


...no disrespect. Thought I was God once, but I had a thoughtful parent knock some sense into me. 43 years and never been jailed!


You are the greatest human being ever to walk the face of the Earth. Thank you for being amazing! What would Spring Lake do without you? True American Hero


These young ones are growing up in a new generation. Let the kids be kids... after all it is I who rules the universe... not you.


I am calm. If you were God you'd know that.
You aren't God.
Just some punter cherrypicking quotes from a book they think is relevant to the situation.


Psh. YOLO.


IamGod. Be cool and post your address. Party at your place this weekend.Put up or shut up. Heard your house has many rooms. Want to see for myself.


Party at my place this weekend. Errybody is invited.


God doesn't err. Address?


Its going to be out of this world ;)



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