Police: Accidental sexting leads to arrest at library

An Allegan County man is behind bars for allegedly trying to contact a 13-year-old girl for sex.
Feb 22, 2013


Detectives with the Southwest Enforcement Team arrested Ricardo Cura, 24, Wednesday afternoon at the South Haven Public Library.

Authorities said they became aware of Cura after he mistakenly contacted a South Haven resident through text messages. After receiving the sexual messages, the resident contacted police.

Detectives maintained contact with Cura through text messaging. Investigators said they clearly and repeatedly told Cura he was in contact with a 13-year-old girl who was living at home with her parents. Despite the age of the decoy, authorities said Cura continued to vigorously pursue the decoy for the stated purpose of having sex.

Officers arrested Cura without incident at the library. Police executed a search warrant at his home in Casco Township and seized additional electronic devices and media.

Investigators said Cura maintained a Facebook page which included numerous electronic relationships with more than a dozen young women of high school age or younger. Cura admitted his intent to have sex with what he believed to be a 13-year-old girl.

Cura was arraigned in a Paw Paw court Thursday afternoon on the felony charge of accosting a child under age 16 for immoral purposes. Bond was set at $100,000.

In addition to his arrest Wednesday, Cura was wanted on a previous warrant for felony fleeing and eluding police out of Bentonville County, Texas, near Corpus Christi.



send this freak away they should castrate him


Easy mistake to make. He probably thought it was his sister


Immigration Status, Please . . . .

Walking Alive

racial profile much?


Sharp growth in illegal immigration and increased enforcement of immigration laws have dramatically altered the ethnic composition of offenders sentenced in federal courts. In 2007, Latinos accounted for 40% of all sentenced federal offenders—more than triple their share (13%) of the total U.S. adult population. The share of all sentenced offenders who were Latino in 2007 was up from 24% in 1991, according to an analysis of data from the United States Sentencing Commission (USSC) by the Pew Hispanic Center, a project of the Pew Research Center.

This heightened focus on immigration enforcement has also changed the citizenship profile of federal offenders. In 2007, Latinos without U.S. citizenship represented 29% of all federal offenders. Among all Latino offenders, some 72% were not U.S. citizens, up from 61% in 1991. By contrast, a much smaller share of white offenders (8%) and black offenders (6%) who were sentenced in federal courts in 2007 were not U.S. citizens. http://www.pewhispanic.org/2009/...


You should be encouraged that according to the Pew Institute, http://www.pewhispanic.org/2012/..., the 5 year downward trend in Latino migration to the US has led to a significant decrease in unauthorized Mexican population - and perhaps a result will be fewer of our young girls will experience sexual harassment.


Oh, I am encouraged, temporarily. Once the Obama/Schumer/Durbin/Menendez (speaking of young girls)/Lindsey Grahmnesty (again, speaking of young girls), Rubio, McCain/ Ganglia of 8 has their way and manages to pass amnesty for illegals, the unauthorized Mexican population will once again surge doing untold damage to our culture, economy, and young girls.


At least you can take comfort in new Texas Senator Ted Cruz, seemingly a comrade. The future surge you speak of will probably not come to pass, once the sequester takes effect and does untold damage to our culture and economy long before the returning immigrant tide washes ashore.

While we're at it, I wonder if the man in this article might also be responsible for the still unresolved case of the Racial Statement on the Wall, and the Stolen Porn Collection?


I do take comfort from Senator Cruz; I understand we are a nation of legal immigrants, and have benefited greatly from their contributions; child molesting felons from Corpus Christie, who are likely not legal, not so much.

Have to disagree regarding the immigrant tide - your president, who came up with the idea of the sequester to get additional debt authority, and threatened to veto any attempt to change the cuts to defense, now lectures us that his sequester will cause the furlough of Border Patrol Agents, thus enabling his new citizens to flood in from Ciudad Juarez and points south. Hola! new gang members, but please stay on the other side of the Big Lake.


It's been a long road to Tipperary since the Eisenhower 1953 Refuge Relief Act (passed despite Democrat opposition). Current Repubs love to reject even their own ideas when Obama proposes them! The Republican race to sequester has already forced the release of immigrant detainees due to looming budget cuts. I wonder where Senator Cruz will get the money to build the border walls and increase Border Patrol Agents, of which he is so fond? Perhaps from the big Texas money that got him elected, although coming from a state that receives some of the most federal aid per tax dollar paid, he just might be able to bluster and barge his way into a zero sum deal.

While you are concerned about the flooding of potential new gang members getting their feet wet on our shores, there's an even bigger smoking gun - the cyber-crimes being committed via our social media - not only the sex texting of the man in this piece, but the NYC police officer (a Caucasian citizen) that fantasized about killing and cannibalizing his wife and women friends on an internet site. Has nothing to do with illegal immigration, however, so doesn't quite have the right-wing cachet.


Let's not avoid the issue of whose idea the sequester was - Obama. Even Art (oops) Jay Carney has admitted it. Let's not forget Obama threatened to veto any legislation that attempted to change the amount or manner of HIS sequester cuts.http://www.redstate.com/alanjoel... (quoting Politico and the Washington Post)

If Cruz could get the money Obama has shoveled to the big banks, he could buy the border! Agree with you, however, on the issue of cyber crimes being a big problem, just not as big a problem as amnesty adding to the economic problems we are facing. Obamacare can't handle our current population - how do you think it will do with 11 million new indigents added to its coverage?


Vlad! You're migrating all over the place. I'm surprised you didn't touch on Michelle's appearance during the Academy Awards.

The sequester is a product of a dysfunctional Congress that has total disdain for the health of the economy and those who depend on government services, that revels in putting ideology, party, and the 1% ahead of the line, leaving the American people to suffer the consequences, all with a 14% approval rating. Obama's mistake is in thinking the GOP gives a toot. Oh well, let's see how it all pans out later in the spring (provided it does indeed go into effect) - sometimes things have a way of coming back to bite ya. I say this as it seems the most flak about the sequester is coming from GOP governors of predominantly red states that are heavily dependent on government money, especially in defense. As we are not prone to avoiding the issues, I look forward to sharing perceptions then.

As for the wheelbarrows of "Obama" big bank money you are referring to, I'm assuming you are referencing TARP - the law that Bush-Cheney signed in October 2008 and which got the money flowing. Actually, Cruz could conceivably get his "brilliant" hands on it after all, as about 97% of the money, under Obama, has been repaid to the Treasury.

As with your fondness for Sarah Palin, I find it puzzling that even with your legal mind, you opt for the liberal usage of the dramatic, emotional word, "amnesty". Especially when the Gang of 8/Obama plan has been shown to not provide amnesty (quoting pretty much everybody here).

It's painful to see another twisting of Obamacare. Of course, you know that illegals are not covered, but they will still be able to receive free (to them) emergency room care. Rather than Obama, I suppose it would be more appropriate to pile on Ronald Reagan for signing the Emergency Medical Treatment & Active Labor Act of 1986, granting indigents/illegals free ER care. You do bring up a good point, tho - which brings to mind, where did you come up with the "11 million new indigents" statistic, when a link I provided above shows almost zero migration from our southern neighbors?

Isn't it great we agree on cyber crimes and the problem of sexting minors?


Ah ha - Lanivan adopts the well known democrat philosophy most recently deployed by the Honorable Corrine Brown (D-FL) http://youtu.be/4UmmbsGp57g


I see - we're falling back on the silly video trick when retreating from a strong rebuttal....oh well, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2....

You know, it's never too late to come over to the winning side.....


Saw Dylan at the Newport Folk Festival, 1963. He liked him some Barry Goldwater and Richard Nixon - Obama not so much. . . .


Of course you did! Daghan - totally miscalculated on this one. I chose this video for several reasons, but a main one was that I figured for someone of your sensibilities, Bob would be very irritating to listen to. Hmmm...Dylan - "Maggies Farm" - it's all coming together now....

But very cool you got to see the iconic of all Newport Festivals. I'm not so sure about the Obama thing - Bob did predict Barack would win in a "landslide".....


WTH happened to our comments? Someone deemed them "inappropriate"? A figment of my imagination? Offended by Dylan?


Deja vue....all over again.....


Let some father of a daughter of at him for a few minutes. I will volunteer. I do like the cretin's neck tattoo, though.


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