Popped in the noggin

A staff person on a Grand Haven school bus suffered a minor injury Tuesday morning when she was hit by a pop can thrown by a student.
Becky Vargo
Feb 28, 2013


The Ottawa County Sheriff’s Department was called to the scene of the incident, near the intersection of 120th Avenue and Buchanan Street in Robinson Township, at about 8:15 a.m. Grand Haven Area Public Schools Superintendent Keith Konarska said a 13-year-old boy on the bus became angry and threw the can at the staff member.

The staff member sought her own treatment for the injuries she suffered. The Sheriff's Department said the can caused a "minor red mark" on the woman.

Konarska said the bus was delayed for a short time, then continued on its way to school. The student was not disciplined, but the Sheriff's Department said he was turned over to his parents and a report was sent to the prosecutor's office for review.

“We are definitely following up on the incident,” Konarska said.

There were only a handful of students on the small bus, which was on its way to Sheldon Pines School in Holland Township, Konarska said. Sheldon Pines is a program operated by the Ottawa Area Intermediate School District for emotionally impaired youth.

“The student is continuing in the special school program,” Konarska said.

Although such incidents are "highly unusual," the superintendent said it is the normal procedure to have a staff person on the bus to assist the driver with the students.

“When a situation like that occurs on a school bus, and the driver feels they need the support, the police are called,” Konarska said.




great another rotten kid let off with a hand slap

My Two Cents

Wasn't it mentioned that this was a bus full of emotional challanged children? State of mind doesn't seem appropriate for a hand slap punishment. I'm sure more will come of this...


Maybe they should put a yellow ribbon around his neck.


HAHA! laughed out loud at that one!


Creedance, good one!!! Still chuckling over that!




Creedance, just wonderful continuation; you have my admiration. Lets also remember that the bus is already yellow, this says caution all over the place. Ban all "short buses" Oh, and the deadly red mark making soda can. I wonder if the can was red, thus causing the red mark.

On a more serious note; I again don't think the prosecutors office needs to be involved if this is a bus full of emotionally challenged children. These children are already out of the main stream educational system. Psmith, calling a mentally challenged child rotten is inappropriate.


LOL sorry mentally challenged was not realized when i wrote that but then again if they kid needed to be resrained to his seat so he does not injure someone by throwning stuff i think what should be looked at here is if that bus was going down the highway in the snow lets say and that same mentally challanged child throws a pop at the driver and the driver looses control and gets in to an accident and kills someone that same KID should face charges for his actions maybe his parents should have thought him not to throw stuff...

People need to stop making excuses for kids with disablities and work better with them and controlled meds so that they can lead productive lives i have have plenty of run in with mentally challenged kids 9 out of 10 times their parents use them as a crutch and are worse than the kids

in my opinion it was most likely bad parenting involved here not a rotten kid


I agreed with the first statement,not this one. I don't think it was likely bad parenting.


Do you have a special needs child.... Let me guess no. Ok you can shut up now.


I agree.


Hey, can anybody tell me if Oak Trees are dangerous?


yes when you run into them with your car real fast



Psmith, before you start blaming an emotionally challenged child's parents for this behavior, you should ask if your parents are to blame for your poor grammar and spelling. Regardless of how much parenting this kid may have received, he is emotionally challenged, limiting his ability to handle a situation in a more appropriate manner. It is sad that this boy is limited, but how can you point fingers at parents when the situation could have been completely out of their control?


There are certain jobs that carry a danger factor and working in a school bus with emotionally challenged kids is one of them. Our overzealous county prosecutor is probably looking for a way for his department to bring in some more revenue on this one. Heaven help us.


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