GH team ripped off in locker room

Headphones, iPhones and cash belonging to members of the Grand Haven High School boys varsity basketball team were reported stolen from another school's locker room.
Becky Vargo
Mar 12, 2013


The thefts happened Friday night while the Bucs were warming up for a district playoff game against Muskegon High School at Mona Shores High School, 1121 Seminole Road in Norton Shores.

Someone entered the locker room located off the gym during the warm-up period, said Lt. Jon Gale of the Norton Shores Police Department. He said the locker room was locked during the game and the team was provided a key.

“There was a period of time the locker room was not locked during the warm-up time,” he said.

Gale said he was not aware of any thefts reported by the Muskegon team. He also did not know if the Muskegon team had locked the doors to its locker room.

Gale said detectives are planning to meet with school officials to review surveillance video tapes from the area.

“The whole school has video surveillance,” he said.

The detective said there have been occasional reports of items being taken out of the Mona Shores locker room, but he was not aware of it happening during basketball games.

Anyone with information on the incident is asked to call Norton Shores police at 231-733-2691.

The incident is still under investigation.




WHY werent these kids given LOCKED lockers????? considering WHO they were playing????? JUST SICK and SAD! I feel for these boys!


"Gale said he was not aware of any thefts reported by the Muskegon team"...hhhmmmmmmm...imagine that!

Creed Bratton

SHOCKER KARINGH- What if the Muskegon team actually locked up their locker room? Instead of insinuating that they (Muskegon) were the cause of the thefts. Just another ignorant person representing the city of Grand Haven.


PLEASE!!!!! I JUST moved back to the area from living in Lansing (city limits) for 15 years...saw first hand what poverty and single families do to kids and the lengths they will go to to aquire what they want. Ignorant does NOT describe me...stating a fact. Do you have kids in GHHS? I do, track, the kids are NOT allowed to use the lockers in the locker rooms because the kids that have gym use them, therefore, the kids HAVE to leave the backpacks, ect, on the FLOOR of the locker room during their daily practice...its not a "locked" issue, its a theft of a visiting team...end of story! and Im sure our team also wasnt granted lockers to lock there belongings up, as Im sure at any HS these days, the lockers are reserved for kids who have gym class....and in GHHS there are 12 different classes of gym you can take!


Sounds more like an inside job to me. Someone who knew where the stuff was and when it would be accessible. Maybe had a 'bag' of their own to just walk right out with everyone else so the cameras are moot. Just sayin'. Not everyone in GH is well to do nor of outstanding character either. I would think EVERYONE in the building at the time is a suspect.
And speaking of poverty, have you looked past your own community and the record numbers seeking help here?


and once again...assuming you know me or my situation. I am VERY aware of the poverty here. I am a single mother of 2, working 2 jobs, no child support...I think I understand poverty...and I live near the library....not the nicest part of town. I simply stated a fact....No one other than GH was ripped off...and the locker room should have been LOCKED the whole time...NOT left unlocked during warm up...GEEZ!


Taking this a little personal are we?
I stated facts. The thief could well have been a GH team manager or fan who had access during warm up. Agreed the room should have been locked.
btw, You brought up 'poverty'(in other places).
And don't worry, you are right behind the cop shop and have all the AA members protecting you down there.


Kids will be Kids...if they didn't want to be stolen from they shouldn't of left their stuff unlocked.
Learned this by reading the comments on any story where GH or SL kids did something wrong.


Lock it or loose it. Believe it or not people from Grand Haven Steal too. Man if it were only true if you could look at a person's skin color and know that they were bad or good. Things would be alot easier wouldnt they. I feel bad that these young men had things stolen, but hopefully they will learn from this and be more careful. In the future lock it up or keep it with you. Even a lock doesnt stop a seasoned theif, but it will keep most of those with sticky fingers from stealing your stuff.


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