Bank robbery suspect shoots himself during traffic stop

A suspect in a Holland-area armed bank robbery shot himself in the head during a traffic stop Thursday.
The Holland Sentinel
Apr 25, 2013


The 20-year-old man was in critical condition in a Grand Rapids hospital as of Thursday afternoon.

The suspect was a passenger in a vehicle stopped in the Leisure Estates Mobile Home Community off Butternut Drive in Holland Township at about 11:30 a.m., said Lt. Mark Bennett of the Ottawa County Sheriff's Department.

Deputies and detectives made what Bennett called a “high-risk stop” of the red four-door sedan with four people inside because they suspected it was linked to the robbery of a nearby bank on Tuesday. Three of the people in the car complied with police instructions, but the fourth person in the back seat pulled a gun and shot himself in the head.

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That fourth person just saved all of us some money. Wanna bet the gun was obtained illegally!


Always with the negative Wingmaster. Did you ever stop to think that he was going to use the bank money to get his life together? Once he was on his feet I'm sure he was going to sell the gun to another well intentioned individual and send the profit back to the bank. All the police did here was take away a young mans dreams by forcing him to shoot himself. Otherwise he may have had to take responsibility for his actions. Jerks!


I hope you intended the sarcastic tone I am reading this in because it's hilarious!




Amen GHJames! I'm sure Ralph Wiltje will agree. What does the rest of the civilized world think about us ugly Americans who cause such chaos by blindly holding criminals accountable while us fat cat middle class types cling to our guns and religion? If only he had $500 more per month in entitlements he never would have went there to begin with. So sad.


Wingmaster you are totally correct when we have people that are that stupid the wants to rob or kill people because they were to lazy to get a real job we dont need them around. When they shoot themselves we saved a lot of money on court cost. GHJames why should he use someone else money to get his life back together there are plenty of place he could of asked for help to earn the money legally. What would have happen if his gun would gone off and killed someone making a withdraw to pay their kids allowance. But because that guy wanted to rob a bank to get his life straighten out he ruined another. We need to make our laws more sever. Just like oversea you get caught stealing the cut your hand off. What happens in America you go to prison get three meals a day free medical cable tv. While people that dont break the law try to find a way to pay their bills and feed their families. So GHjames and Grandhaven john you need to wake up people like you are the reason we have so many crimmials in this country you fell sorry for them and they keep getting off and out of prison to do the same crime over.


You are right fixitman. I stand totally corrected. Please add me to your list of formerly broken things that will now function properly. Thank you, I am forever in your debt.


Should there be a test of some sort to obtain the ability to post comments, anywhere, about anything? Holy sarcasm fixitman, do you not realize a haha funny when you read it? The J's were just having a laugh and you... never mind, you wouldn't understand it if I told you.


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