2 crashes in Spring Lake

(UPDATE: Wednesday 9:30 a.m.) At least two people were injured in two separate crashes in Spring Lake this afternoon.
Tribune Staff
May 7, 2013


A car and motorcycle collided at Savidge and Park streets at about 4:15 p.m.

Shortly after that, a police car headed to the first crash collided with a car farther east on Savidge Street.

Traffic was backed up in both directions on Savidge and Exchange streets after the crashes.

The motorcyclist, 24-year-old Nick Kolosa of Grand Rapids, had spent the day at the Grand Haven beach and was headed home, according to his friends. Kolosa was driving east on Savidge when a car turned left off Park Street onto Savidge and hit the motorcycle.

He was taken by ambulance to North Ottawa Community Hospital where he was treated and released, a hospital official said.

The driver of the car was not injured.

Sgt. Curt Theune of the Spring Lake/Ferrysburg Police Department was driving to the scene of the first crash when his patrol car crashed with a white Dodge Grand Caravan at the intersection of Savidge and Lake streets. Theune was taken to North Ottawa Community Hospital by ambulance with minor injuries, Village Manager Chris Burns said. He was treated and released, a hospital official said Wednesday morning.

The four occupants of the van refused treatment at the scene.

John Hazlett of Spring Lake said his daughter, Kara Hamm, was driving the van.

"We live in Strawberry Point," he said. "She was coming over to visit after she picked up the kids."

Hazlett said two of his grandchildren had slight scratches.

Hamm said she was going to take them to the hospital to be checked.

A witness said the police car was westbound on Savidge with siren and overhead lights on, and all but one car had pulled over on both sides of Savidge. The van was heading north on Lake with a green light and apparently did not see the police car approaching the intersection.

Michelle Allard said she was at a nearby ice cream store when she saw the police car approaching from the east.

"He was going pretty fast. That caught my attention," she said. "He slowed down to go around a car. As he was doing that, the van came through and hit the police car."

Hazlett said his daughter didn't hear the siren. She proceeded with the green light and struck the police car.

The Ottawa County Sheriff's Department is investigating the crash involving the Spring Lake/Ferrysburg police car.



How about just giving an accident notification/portential traffic issue? Your speculation of the second accident, "a police car likely headed to the first crash," has no merit other than to cause speculation. Please report the facts. Speculation doesn't belong in this type of reporting. Less tabloid-style journalism might actually increase subscriptions. This sure isn't the same local newspaper that many of us grew up with.


It will be interesting to know if the officer slowed down to verify that the intersection was clear before proceeding through. Even with lights and sirens they need to slow down and verify it is clear or they are considered at fault. It will be interesting to see how the village handles it. That being said, that is a blind intersection northbound; not only does the building there block the line of sight, but it also blocks all the sounds from the east.


I should add that I am glad that both the officer and people in the van are okay. I have talked with the officer involved before and he seems like quite the nice guy.


Like SignalMaintainer, I too am glad that no one seems to be seriously injured. However, critically injured and on life-support is decent
journalism in Grand Haven. Am I alone in reading the GHT for news but
coming away with belly laughs? To wit, the article informs us that the
errant car turned in front of the motorcycle. The readers can reference
the associated photo documenting the damage caused by this encounter. Yet we are humorously releived: "The driver of the car, a woman, was not injured."

Say No To Tourist's

I think that cruisers toast now....lol!


As a cycle rider I can appreciate Sgt. Theune's sense of urgency to get on scene to the crash. I hope he recovers quickly. The article doesn't say how Mr. Kolosa is doing, or did I miss it? Hopefully he's OK. My buddy hit a car almost exactly like that hit and took the handle bars off with his legs. Always makes for a bad day.


This story'e reporting, precision notwithstanding, gets better and better. After reviewing the photos of both accidents, those familiar with Spring Lake will correctly ascertain the police cruiser was traveling westbound, not eastbound on Savage at the time of the collision. How was this seemingly important fact missed by a journalistic professional?


I almost had an identical accident as the one with the police car at the corner of Lake and Savidge a few years ago. If you look in the background of the police car photo there is a tan building that is vacant and used to be a dollar store. If you are going north on Lake this building blocks the view and sound from Savidge on the east. A few years ago I was driving north on Lake, the light turned green, the car across from me did not go. I paused, then started to enter the intersection. When I was in front of the car waiting in the eastbound lane I notice the woman driver had a terrified look on her face. I turned my head right and saw a police car coming through the intersection going west. Thanks to the woman in the eastbound lane I stopped my car and missed being hit. I could not hear him or see him. That building is a problem and should be removed or this will happen again.


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