2 arrested in car thefts, including handgun

Two Grand Haven-area men were arrested Thursday evening in connection to a string of thefts from vehicles parked outside homes in the Forest Park subdivision of Grand Haven Township.
Mark Brooky
May 10, 2013


After a month-long investigation, police executed a search warrant of a home in the 12000 block of 168th Avenue in the township on Thursday night and recovered a Glock handgun and other items believed stolen from the vehicles on Forest Park Drive in mid-April. A 21-year-old man was arrested and charged with concealing stolen property, and police believe he attempted to alter the Glock's serial number.

"The sheriff's investigators are putting together the cases we believe are involved with this particular suspect and his accomplices," said Lt. Mark Bennett of the Ottawa County Sheriff's Department. "The exact number of cases are unknown at this time."

Also Thursday evening, police took a 23-year-old man into custody and charged him with receiving and concealing a stolen firearm, and altering the gun's identification. Bennett said the older man is believed to have been involved in the mid-April thefts from vehicles.

The identities of the two men arrested were not immediately released.

Police believe there are more suspects in the case, and ask that anyone with information to call Silent Observer at 877-88SILENT or leave a tip online at mosotips.com.




Wow! This is really a huge, front page news story! A big picture of a Glock handgun and a story built all around it being big news? If anywhere it belongs as a small paragraph in the Police Blotter. The only reason I can think of this "Gun Sensationalizing" is because of the national issue of proposed gun legislation that is also blown out of proportion going on in the Media. Why aren't all the other individual items in the theft that were recovered listed with pictures of them with the story? I think you get my point.


"MR. WILLIAMS"...I do not understand how you think this doesn't belong on the front page. Homes were vandalized, people's belongings were stolen, and while I was not a victim, I'm pretty sure that those who were felt very violated. This is not anti-gun reporting...guns were stolen by thugs who could very potentially get them into the hands of even more dangerous people. This is news, and even though I am frequently disappointed with the caliber of reporting at the Tribune, this did indeed belong on the front page.


Correct Mr. Williams. There are four references to the gun in this "detailed" reporting on the crime and not one mention about the other items stolen as you so correctly pointed out. Sensationalize guns is the agenda in media today end of story.

Note how the crimminal is eliminating the serial number immediately. So much for gun registration!! Is this handgun incapable of committing a crime now? It was registered!

Keep pushing the agenda Trib, we'll keep pointing out the flaws in this whole national discussion. I dare the Trib to print a run of positve issues relating to guns like for example "the Armed Citizen" in the NRA magazines.


Wingmaster, Thank You for bringing to light the reality and truth about guns. I have another resource website where people can read about real stories about "Citizen's" who legally own guns saving not only their life but the lives of others in incident's where many times the attackers have guns or other life threatening weapons. This website is called, "Guns Save Lives" at: http://gunssavelives.net/

This is a collection of stories from all different News Organizations that happen daily across the United States and most of these incidents are not reported on by National Media News. So, if people are really concerned about hearing the Whole Truth I suggest they make daily visits to the Guns Save Lives website and read and hear about regular folks acting responsibly to save lives.

Guns Save Lives: http://gunssavelives.net/


Great link, Thank you.


theres so many unemployed or under-employed people while prices of things keep going up. Better lock up your stuff if you don't want it stolen cause this is the way its gonna be for now on.


Just dial 911 and the police will get there AFTER the crimminals leave.

*Note to crimminals, I dial don't dial 911 first!!


Boycotter since I moved here 2 years ago from Muskegon it strikes me funny how residents live in denial here and think that this kind of thing could never happen in their squeaky clean community. It's like this, criminals will strike anywhere they please. Do you think just because this is Grand Haven criminals will just bypass this town? People here need to GET REAL. They need to live in the area I lived in before I moved here so they will wake up and step outside of the box once in while to see how the other half lives. This isn't Kansas anymore Toto.


Notice how the article states the identity of the 2 men arrested was not immediately released. Couldn't be that wonderful Cultural Diversity that everyone seems to think we lack here could be surfacing now, could it? If it had been 2 Caucasian men arrested you would of known about it immediately. But you have to handle this with kid gloves because of serious repercussions that could erupt.


Aint worried here, security cameras and motion sensors will get em first, that don't work me and my AR or my 105 lab will......


Great now I prolly got the left wingers upset with that AR comment, my Kimber will do just fine......lol!


wonder if they had big brother do a background check before stealing the gun?!


Anybody have their names yet??


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