Man sentenced for landlady's fire death

An Ottawa County judge sentenced a Holland-area man to life in prison without parole for setting his 53-year-old landlady on fire after she complained about his loud music.
AP Wire
May 29, 2013


Davanh Phouangphet, 32, was convicted in Ottawa County Circuit Court earlier this month of first-degree murder. On Tuesday, Judge Jon Hulsing gave him the mandatory sentence.

Before receiving the sentence, Phouangphet told the judge he set the room on fire, but not his landlady. Police said Phouangphet poured an accelerant on Phanh Kim Le and lit it.

Le died in January 2012 from burns she sustained at the house in Holland Township.

Thong Phouangphet said his brother and Le argued, and the landlady told him to move his music elsewhere in the house or be evicted.



They should set his jail cell on fire. We will be paying for this puke for the next 60 yrs.


yeah Master Wing.....there's really no point to continuing to feed people like this.
I've kinda reached the point myself where if you take a life, you lose yours, end of story. Seems fair to me, there's entirely too many people on this planet already and it's not like he's going to contribute anything positive to society from here forward. Karma and Darwin just can't keep up with the influx of sub-humans, idiots and deviants, they need help culling the herd.


LTA, I don't disagree with you in regard to this individual, he deserves whatever he gets; judge/jury and all that. I do take exception that you feel killing someone based on their possible contribution level or offering something positive to society is acceptable. If that were indeed the case, there are millions upon millions of people that wouldn't fit "your ideal" and we couldn't cremate them fast enough to outpace the stench from the decaying corpses; soylent green ring a bell?


I understand what you're saying, but you're reading too much into an off the cuff comment. It simply applies to this particular P.O.S. If we had an edit button in this forum I'd have removed that line as it detracts from the original point I was attempting to make, but once you hit the save button you're S.O.L.
I don't think any fairly intelligent, rational person would suggest removing people from the planet based on their lack of contribution to humanity. If that were the case I might find myself in that group at this point in my life depending on what group or individual was making the decision who stays and who goes.
It would be a fools errand anyhow, look at all the wars and conflicts, natural disasters and diseases over the past 100 years and the millions and millions that have been killed because of them and still the population continues to grow at an alarming rate.


What we need is a system that keeps these warts out of society and contributing to there own up keep. Not sure how we accomplish that but without a means for these turds to produce something they should be flushed!


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