Desks fill GHHS hallway in alleged senior prank

Desks from five classrooms clogged one of the main hallways when staff arrived at Grand Haven High School Monday morning, supposedly part of a senior prank, said Principal Tracy Wilson.
Becky Vargo
Jun 3, 2013


“There was a couple classrooms where desks were emptied,” she said. “They were taken into the hallway and zip-tied them together in the main area between pods one and two, probably mainly with the idea of congesting the hallway.”

Wilson said they also found yarn strung around the rotunda and the words “seniors” and “2013” written on the windows.

“There was no damage per se,” she said. “There was just a lot of work. We’re just extremely disappointed.”

Staff and students worked together to clear the area.

The incident is under investigation by school's liason officer, Deputy Derek Gerencer of Ottawa County Sheriff's Department.

Read more of this story in Tuesday's print or electronic edition of the Grand Haven Tribune.



So the pricipal turned this over to the sherrif? Seriously? I think they have better things to do than to investigate a harmless prank.


Really???? Where did the fun go? When I graduated we put a car on top of the cafeteria (granted that was 10 x 2 + ? years ago) and it was in CA. When did being a kid or teenage loose its opportunity to be fun? Why does everything in this county have to be turned over to the OCS or GHPD/SLPD? There was no damage and I am sure the juniors had fun cleaning it up with a good laugh...Or that is the way it should be.


Yeah, president Tracy Wilson should turn it over to the FBI, maybe it had something to do with racism! Shows the mentality of the school administrators... The people who did this are criminals! (NOT) lol, good one kids!


surprised she didn't and yes good one kids


They should get in trouble for doing such a lazy prank. Seriously did they come up with this 20 seconds before doing it?

Kids these days don't put any effort into things like they use too. At least it will be an easy prank for the juniors to top.


I agree! We went out and stole "borrowed" a ton of realtor signs and put them in the football field. Can't they just be happy that the kids pulled a "simple" prank? Nothing was damaged, it wasn't even "messy." Good grief
To the realtors: Please accept my late (30+ years) apology for borrowing your signs :)


30+ year should cover you!


Wilson needs to focus on more important things going on than seniors celebrating the fact they are done with school. Maybe if she had a sense of fun she'd be a better principal.


“There was just a lot of work. We’re just extremely disappointed.”
How much work 10 minutes or wait 20 minutes? I'm sure the students are just exhausted over all this work, good thing summer break is around the corner. Tracy ever think parents & students are extremely disappointed in their principal? Pretty petty stuff to be calling the police into investigate. Their time should be spent a little more wiser, don't ya think??


It would be funnier if the Juniors did this prank to frame the outgoing seniors.




Maybe they like being in the paper and want more 15 minutes of fame, give me a break, the seniors did not hurt or damage anything let them be kids for one last time, and yes i agree the police have much better things to do...


there was alot more than this article daughter goes there. open condoms in all the bathrooms and drinking fountains, more a couple desks...almost all the desk out in the rotundra zipped tied together, they hung a skeleton from a noose (that didnt make the paper and was the 1st thing to come down)underclassmen were forced to clean it up with teachers and it took alot more than 10 minutes, window paint all over the school a master key was taken to gain access, the seniors that did it wore ski masks....more than a last minute prank


correction...desks in the pods, not the rotundra...balloons in the rotundra. Underclassmen and teachers are preparing for finals...not cool to those still in school is my point!


Actually Karingh there were NO condoms in the bathrooms or drinking fountains, and the prank was cleaned up before classes started. I know this because my child also goes to the HS and was dropped off at 6:55 to study for exams and everything was just about cleaned up. To say that it interfered with classes is incorrect.


really?? I was actually there...and YES, there were condoms all over, and NO, things werent cleaned up when classes started they were still moving desks and cutting them free at 830am...I would know, I HELPED!


Um, actually I'm a student and I got to school when the 5 minute bell rang, and only heard about it from friends, there was nothing in the hallway interrupting classes once they started.


Pray tell, what exactly is a rotundra?


Please site your source, as if there were actual crimes committed, as you say there were, there should be an actual police report for the incident. I agree that a senior prank is fun, as long as it does not hurt anyone. But anything involving a noose and a skeleton is a bit much. I hope the seniors got a good laugh at making the Tribune, as I know that they have worked hard over the last few years to accomplish one of their first HUGE hurdles. Way to go GHHS class of 2013!!!


what? a noose? ...thats racist!!!


my source? I work there...I have kids who go there. Yea, a good laugh...nice, 2 weeks ago when they were taking exams no one disrupted their instructional time. I have always taught my make the mess, you clean it up. My kids had to help cut the desks free, and THANK GOD refused to clean up the condoms everywhere. As far a hurdles....duh, we all went to HS, and college, doesnt give them the right to go into a school (or anywhere) and essentially vandalize it, requiring OTHERS to spend time cleaning it up.


GASP! Condoms! The horror... they've probaby never even heard of those... THANK GOD they didn't have to touch them!




no..the teachers and staff had to touch them...we spend our days guiding and instructing these very sorry if I find that disrespectful! so next time it happens and you nor your kids did it, will YOU come in and clean it up????????????


WA WA no harm was done Your kids could of refused to clean up since it was not at your house, your rules


AND THEY DID REFUSE AND WERE TOLD BY TEACHERS THERE WOULD BE DETENTION!!! HELLO....shut up if you werent there...I am support staff, I saw everything!


Wait ... are you telling us that if students refused to clean up condoms there were threats of detention. That does not sounds right or reasonable.


Sounds like you are just trying to stir up hate toward teachers saying there was a threat of detention. Where it the proof? The Tribune did not report any of this.


Amazing how quick everyone bashes the administration at GHHS. It is frustrating to read how everyone calls this "prank" petty....but everyone (except Karingh) fails to mention that these now former students were trespassing and breaking and entering on school property. If I'm not mistaken both are crimes.


Actually, it is not breaking and entering if they had a key to the building. Is it possible that they were let in my a staff member? Maybe one that understands that this little prank is not the end of the world as we know it?



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