Desks fill GHHS hallway in alleged senior prank

Desks from five classrooms clogged one of the main hallways when staff arrived at Grand Haven High School Monday morning, supposedly part of a senior prank, said Principal Tracy Wilson.
Becky Vargo
Jun 3, 2013


“There was a couple classrooms where desks were emptied,” she said. “They were taken into the hallway and zip-tied them together in the main area between pods one and two, probably mainly with the idea of congesting the hallway.”

Wilson said they also found yarn strung around the rotunda and the words “seniors” and “2013” written on the windows.

“There was no damage per se,” she said. “There was just a lot of work. We’re just extremely disappointed.”

Staff and students worked together to clear the area.

The incident is under investigation by school's liason officer, Deputy Derek Gerencer of Ottawa County Sheriff's Department.

Read more of this story in Tuesday's print or electronic edition of the Grand Haven Tribune.



Just a correction- even with a stolen key it is still breaking and entering. Even if they found an unlocked door in the middle of the night. That said, there is obviously no criminal intent here. Mom needs to get over it, I'm sure your kid has seen a condom before. No damage - harmless prank


THANK YOU! Key or no key, given to a student by a staff member or not, does not give them the right to enter a school building on a weekend and trash it


Good grief. I am glad in the midst of the the GHAPS budget crunch and academic problems in the school administrators are so interested in police involvement. Maybe we need to focus more on learning and less on law enforcement of senior pranks.


um..this prank disrupted those trying to get ready for exams freshman shouldnt be forced to help clean up something seniors did (taking away from instructional time).


Really? They wait until the last day to get ready for exams? Learning should be a continual process not cramming and preparing on the last day. That type of "instruction" does not represent assessment that reflect learning but the ability to take a test . . . not the same thing.

Oh well ... I guess it is possible we do not know the whole story and maybe this is worse than the Tribune reported . . . any pictures or details?

Karingh kids are A and B students...but study guides were handed out today and exam material was covered....duh!! my child studies all year...finals can change a B- to an A...exams start Wed...get a AND staff were WARNED against taking should have been there, as I WAS!


Why were pictures not allowed? What was the big secret?

Study guides? Arggg ... hate teaching to the test and giving the answers via study guides. It is no wonder there is so much grade inflation. Study guides should not be necessary if people know the material.


you OBVIOUSLY dont have graduate in this wonderful country you must follow the graduation GUIDELINES.......laid out by the government....cause only CERTAIN things are tested the "guides" direct YOU remember something, a date or person from Sept, 2012?


I do have kids (graduates and future graduates) . . . we do not need people to be handed study guides to learn. Learning is a life long process. Evaluation of learning should not be memory and regurgitation from study guide facts, it should an accumulation of life-long knowledge and problem solving.

I really am sorry that you and your children had a bad day today. Sorry if I have made it worse. I hope they catch these scoundrels and throw the book at them so you can move on in peace.


Lady, you need to relax. Really.


you obviously dont have kids in High School you?


What academic problems?


Goodness sakes, my daughter is in the HS and she said that all they did today was the desks and there were balloons in the rotundra. The condoms was over a week ago and no one knows who did it. It could have been anyone, in any grade. The kids don't care if it takes up their "Study time" they all think its funny and it gets them thinking about what they are going to do when they are seniors. (Source: 10th grade female student at GHHS)


you must be so proud...and if your female student achieves a scholarship, and does something like this and is caught....guess what? scholarship GONE! MY BAD for caring about the kids that are working their butts off for good grades for a BETTER FUTURE...and NO, honey....condoms were TODAY! I WAS THERE!


I am very proud of my daughter, she works her butt off, she gets all A's, and she will get scholarships!!!! I really hope she hasn't had you for a teacher because you don't know when to have a little fun and blow off some steam when things get heated. Happy to hear that you were THERE to be a witness to all of this, you should have been the one that write the article for the Tribune. Relax a little and let the kids have some harmless, non-destructive fun. You seem to be making it a way BIGGER deal than it really is.


These people act like they've never heard of a senior prank, it's nothing new. Zip tying chairs literally caused no damage what so ever, unlike a few years ago when there was a pool that leaked through the second for causing water damage. No one got prosecuted then, but they are now? Senior pranks are tradition, just because the police are involved doesn't mean it won't happen again next year.Personally, I think this whole situation will make the kids want to rebel more next
year. So boohoo, just let the kids have their fun.


No one never did a prank on their HS senior year? come on people. No one was harmed or damaged. More than likely, they purchased said zip ties out of their own pocket and were smart enough to plan a prank like this without getting busted. Be proud of your 2013 graduates instead of referring to them as "criminals" for breaking and entering. Also, who says when the school is closed or when it's open? do they have hours on the front door stating when one shall enter and when one shall leave? NOPE. A school is a place for learning, even if its the seniors "teaching" the underclassmen of how to pull off a simple prank and make them strive to pull off a better and funnier one when it's their time. Bravo graduates, Bravo!


wkp, obvious product of our public school educational system.


Prank - noun, a mischievous act. The kids put a goat in the classroom as a prank. ( Actual sentence used as an example in my dictionary! )


Great Job Seniors! Senior pranks are more an inconvenience (as intended) and I'm not concerned that the "support staff" person had to help clean it up. Quit trying to turn all of our kids into criminals these days. Where is the real harm here? Break out the swatchka and start the nazi parade! Get a grip people or perhaps a hobby or something to do so you don't need to find joy in making young people look like Incorrigible misfits.

The next thing you'll want to do is make it a felony to TP someone's yard.


Maybe not misfits, but criminals for sure. Not trying to turn "all" of our kids into criminals, a couple morons did that for themselves. You know, the one percenters and the 99 percent none criminals.


talk about morons...there are more in this forum than you can count. Karin would have them lose their scholarships for a 'prank'. There's the big one. Dancing's last name is screwed up, should be 'conservative', as their views are so narrow and not liberal at all. Get over it people, it was a PRANK, and harmless (unless you had to pick up condoms with your bare hands, were they used????) and your precious chilluns will probably get C's and D's because of theis 'disruption'. Get a freakin' life people. This was funny as heck and it is just getting funnier with the idiotic comments. Yes, I am a parent of grads from GH, I am a grandparent of students in middle school and grade school, and proud of it. My kids turned out intelligent and motivated, as most students who graduate from here. Hoping your kids look beyond your ignorance and become better adjusted than yourselves in their adult life, but unfortunately the apple doesn't fall far from the tree...


Karingh, you are very poorly representing yourself and (support) staff at GHHS with your raging comments and bickering with other commenters; one comment would have sufficed! In identifying yourself as a staff member you should be more careful of what you say and how you say it. If I were GHHS administration I would be sure to have a conversation with you about how important it is now days (and always) that school staff represent themselves positively to the community!

When I graduated from GHHS my senior class "broke in" to the school, placed a rowboat in the main hallway and filled it with cement! There was a flag flying from it that read, "S.S. Grimes". I don't recall that one ever making the Tribune!


We need a Resolution Agreement and monitoring by the Department of Justice to ensure the moving of desks never happens again in GHPS. As an aside, hopefully there was some good that came out of this and all those New York Whitefish were donated to Sandra Fluck. . . .


I'm just amazed the community has such an interest in a story like this. Anybody concern about what's really affecting your lives like the political clowns in DC?


Are you ever interested in anything non-political?

Seriously what have you been able to change in the political world?


My vote cancelled your vote for a start!


For governor you are probably did.

I'll take your pointless reply as talking about politics has changed nothing


It's funny to me the amount of parents that use kids are kids let them have fun and do stupi things.

But if their kid gets a bad grade they will go to the principle and complain about how it's not fair.

So excuse them when they do something stupid, complain and cover it up when they prove they are stupid.

Too many helicopter parents. Never want to have them live up to their responsibilities.


I believe it is obvious to most, but Karingh is not an employee of GHHS. Much like I am not a Green Alpaca. The ability to leave comments on these stories is a nice way to voice an OPINION, but it is no place to look for accurate information. Nor is it a free pass for defamation. I enjoy the tribune when they covers local stories. But to me, this does not feel like a story at all. It feels like the "tabloidian entertainment" I'd read at the Meijer check out lane.

Go Bucs!



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