Desks fill GHHS hallway in alleged senior prank

Desks from five classrooms clogged one of the main hallways when staff arrived at Grand Haven High School Monday morning, supposedly part of a senior prank, said Principal Tracy Wilson.
Becky Vargo
Jun 3, 2013


“There was a couple classrooms where desks were emptied,” she said. “They were taken into the hallway and zip-tied them together in the main area between pods one and two, probably mainly with the idea of congesting the hallway.”

Wilson said they also found yarn strung around the rotunda and the words “seniors” and “2013” written on the windows.

“There was no damage per se,” she said. “There was just a lot of work. We’re just extremely disappointed.”

Staff and students worked together to clear the area.

The incident is under investigation by school's liason officer, Deputy Derek Gerencer of Ottawa County Sheriff's Department.

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I really don't understand the flippant attitude that people have about senior pranks such as this. You have a group of students who have graduated, breaking into a building, breaking into classrooms within that building, and creating a mess. Most of these students are 18, and are now adults.

So, if I decided to break into a place of business and re-arrange everything inside, making a mess for the shopkeeper to clean up in the morning, that would be ok? Are you saying I shouldn't be charged with a crime? That's exactly what these kids did. No, there was no permanent damage. And no, I'm not as upset as some people seem to be. However, I think that the "ah, it's kids pulling a prank" attitude is a big problem. They're adults who are expected to know better, and we need to start treating them as such at some point.

There are so many other ways that the seniors could "leave an impression" for underclassmen that would be fun and spirited, without breaking laws.


It's a prank, so it wouldn't be any fun if no feathers were ruffled. No permanent damage, a little clean up time, big whoop. Harmless fun. Good senior prank 2013. It is concerning you can get in the building though, someone with more deviant and destructive ideas could do real damage, and so this much ado about nothing has shown them this possibility.


Guess what-senior pranks are not new. They are a tradition, they have been going on for years and there have been much worse than a few desks zip-tied together. "Prosecution" is certainly not needed. The seniors were given no warning of the punishment that would occur if they continued the tradition that other students have for YEARS. Tracy Wilson and other staff members can take a deep breath about the little prank, straighten out there whitey-tighties and move on to better things like our school system's huge financial issues.


Oh please are you kidding me, I’m a student at the school and when I got there, there were kids volunteering to help clean up while most of it was already done. I understand Wilsons frustration with it being close to exams but she is normally a pretty understanding and laid back principal, which is why I like her! By the time the 5 minute bell rang, it was cleared. My class was talking about the exam but we hadn’t even started reviewing for it, my learning time wasn’t affected in the slightest bit. And they’re seniors for heaven’s sake, it’s their senior prank, they could have done a lot more damage easily if they wanted to. Can’t you just relax and take a joke? I personally didn’t see the condoms but I have friends who did and bog whoop, we’ve all seen them before. And yeah technically it could be breaking and entering but come on, a teacher probably gave them a key in the spirit of fun, at least that one knew it was just a harmless prank if it was a teacher who did it. Loosen up people, it was one morning, one prank and it was cleaned up before school started. What was your senior prank? Seriously. I’m sure it was better than zip tied desks, balloons and condoms.


Can anyone explain why this student's analysis of the situation is more reasoned, rational, and adult than the vast majority of the comments by so-called adults?

TT - you done yourself proud! Start working on your own senior prank now. In prehistoric times, some of us borrowed a dump truck with a lift gate from a landscaping company we worked for,transported a huge boulder to the front of the school, spray painted our class year on it, and added a nice landscape feature to the front of the school. P.O.'d the powers that be, but the boulder and plantings remained for many years and enhanced the aesthetics of the school. Probably we were breaking and entering. Good Luck.


Wow, another unbelievable overreaction on the part of a school administration. Senior pranks are a tradition. Plus, as senior pranks go this one certainly seems quite minor. The only part that Actually sounds funny is the part with the skeleton, If that's even accurate (appears unsubstantiated at this point?). Kudos to the seniors, But let's hope next year seniors come up with something a little more creative and fun. Juniors, start planning it now! (Boy, I would sure hate to see the absurd over-reaction we would see today over the pranks my senior class pulled back in the 80s! Much more elaborate than this minor stuff.)

As for our one particularly overly-vehement poster, until we hear verification of these other unreported elements I think all we can do is assume we have a forum troll.


Oh karingh, you ARE part of the problem at school and it would be best if you just quit and moved away. And lakeshoremom, if you are so frustrated, tell you husband to spend a little more time at home tending to your issues. And all of you other negative ninnies who think something went wrong here should get a clue; or have your memories eroded to the point of no return?



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