Deputy spots truck in field, makes marijuana bust

Police said a sheriff's deputy who spotted a pickup truck driving around a corn field in the middle of the night ended up finding a marijuana growing operation.
AP Wire
Jun 25, 2013


The Van Buren County Sheriff's Department said the truck was spotted in Bangor Township about 12:50 a.m. Monday.

As the deputy waited for the truck to leave the field, the department said the truck got stuck and the driver fled on foot through the field.

Authorities said the truck was stolen earlier from Van Buren County's Hartford Township, and the suspect is a 42-year-old Bangor Township man.

The department said officers seized about 80 marijuana plants.



Oh BIG DEAL. Catch some real crooks for a change. Marijuana doesn't ruin lives. Marijuana laws do. It's time for Michigan to step up to the plate and legalize marijuana once and for all just like Colorado and Washington State did. Than the police can focus on the real criminals out there for a change. Over 75 years of prohibition against an herb has become totally ridiculous. Alcohol should of stayed in prohibition. It's ruined more lives and traffic fatalities associated with alcohol are overwhelming. Alcohol promotes violence too. Ask any Police officer every time they have to answer a domestic violence call and 9 out of 10 times alcohol is the instigator. 5 guys got out and get drunk and all they want to do is fight. The same 5 guys go out and get stoned and they want to form a band. Make any sense yet? And the revenue the state stands to gain by legalizing it that in the first 5 years we could pay off some huge deficits and balance our budget.


Nope, wasn't mine. Too far away, and I would never steal a truck (or anything). But you sure nailed it with the rest of your comment.

Is that 'Deputy' in the picture smoking reefer while showing us the plants?


AtomicRooster - "5 guys got out and get drunk and all they want to do is fight. The same 5 guys go out and get stoned and they want to form a band." Funny!...and so true.

bigdeal - Clearly your faculties are intact to spot Waldo in the photo.


Not sure how I know this but that can't be the "Waldo" of which you speak; too much ash but a funny catch.

Most faculties in the area are diminishing, much to the dismay of the majority who think it is a big deal. This too could be eliminated by the aforementioned tax bonanza.

I knew five guys that formed a band, of brothers you might say, they called themselves "the jarheads", they couldn't play worth a damn but they sure could fight. They were arrested but at the time of the trial the case was dismissed, seams the evidence had just gone up in smoke; local authorities having a party I guess.

I also knew/know several people who on occasion tend to throw back a few, never been a fight in sight and more fun than watching extremely large people running the 110 meter hurdles.

We all, or most of us like to have a drink or six (not driving) or commune with the great Mr. Pepper's Christian name, lets try to move away from the hi-fi'ing of any particular group if we can.


Did you know the first Where's Waldo book was banned?


Now that's funny....perhaps Waldo books were influential in deciding the majority opinion on same sex marriage. Slippery slope and all.


Getting back to the OG story, some news on the Medical Marijuana front- get ready for an influx of $2 bills I guess...


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