Parents detain sex offender at GR-area park

A registered sex offender is in jail, charged with accosting three boys at a park.
Jul 2, 2013


Police arrested Chad Servis, 42, on Friday. He was formally charged Monday morning with two counts of accosting children for immoral purposes.

Police said Servis approached the boys as they were playing basketball at Ideal Park in Wyoming. He asked them to go with him to a different part of the park. The boys refused and told their parents.

When officers arrived at the park, Servis was being detained by family members.



lol, lucky he was in one piece.


The parents should have taken him to a different part of the park to...ah detain him!


Say near the waters edge? Only takes a couple inches of water... or so I hear! :)


This is really funny until it's YOUR CHILD that gets raped by Chad or the others who all got let out when the Dept Of Corr was cut in half to save money.


This guy is a serial child molester and should be given a sentence that keeps this wart permanently put away.

In January 2000, Servis pleaded guilty in Grand Haven District Court to accosting a child for immoral purposes. He was sentenced to 20 days in jail.

In May 2003, he pleaded guilty to committing/procuring gross indecency between males and being a sexually delinquent person. Those charges were related to a 2001 incident involving teenagers. He was sentenced to spend one day to life in prison.

On that same day, he pleaded guilty in a 2002 incident to third degree criminal sexual conduct with a person age 13 to 15. He was sentenced to 50 months to 15 years in prison.

Servis was incarcerated from May 27, 2003 to Sept. 24, 2011.

8 years in prison didn't correct a thing. Either remove this sub human from the gene pool or life in prison. Think you know what option I would choose.


If we lock this guy up it will end up costing us over $1,000,000 to maintain him until he dies. (this does not include medical as he starts to age)

I think he's shown there is no rehabilitation, which means he can no longer be a valuable member of society... But hey, what do I know.


how much do you think it would cost to cut off his.........?


I think he should be allowed a little R&R, I feel sorry for the guy and would like to take him away from you mean people; maybe on a hunting trip.


I'll gladly pay what it cost to keep one kids life from being screwed up by these non human.....


I understand Wing and that is acceptable to me too, I would still rather taking him hunting.


Someone should have done that with him before he got his head screwed on backwards...pun intended!


Never one to spoil a great thread of righteousness, I would like to point out that, if you happen to practice the Christian faith, this man was once born as a child of God and we must attempt to forgive him. He certainly needs to be punished, but your good-humored funnies about perhaps an "accidental" demise might be miscontrued (by God). If you start passing judgement on this guy, just wait til you get to the years of covered-up sexual abuse of children by hundreds of priests.


See my post above before YOU pass judgement upon me!


Oh, and Lani, I like and respect you, at least what I know about you, an open minded person can learn much about posters. However, if you are in the corner of this miss wired individual in anyway then it will negatively affect or relationship. There are two undeniable laws for any "man"; you don't EVER hurt a woman or a child and you NEVER allow others to do it either.


The Bible also teaches that people who commit sexual sins should be excommunicated or cast out or of a community, "have nothing to do with them" I believe is the translation I know. To me that means banish him to an island of his own kind or put him in jail. Forgiveness = yes, being stupid and allowing them to repeat their poisonous sin = no.


Nice way to segue from forgiveness for one predator to a passive-aggressive attack on "hundreds of priests."


It wasn't meant to be a passive-aggressive attack, but merely an outright statement. The fact of the matter is that the comments here expressed a desire to take revenge on Chad Servis for his abominable crimes, but once you go down that road, it would lead you to a desire for revenge and retribution on all sexual predators, many of whom happen to be priests.

Chad may be a very sick individual who deserves to be locked up for life, but so do many others who have done similar crimes under even more dastardly circumstances. I'm not picking priests out of the crowd, but facts are facts.


I will agree with the fact that he was born, it pretty much stops there for me with child abusers. I know an awful, awful lot about people like this, my wife is a product of a child molesting step-father, and the havoc wreaked by these people is unimaginable. The decades of therapy, with only partial success, and the life long trauma ... you have to live through this to get it. This is like losing a child; you can't imagine it until it happens to you.

Lani my dear Lani, if you think I was kidding, or attempting to be funny, then you are mistaken. I would gladly, and for no charge, take this guy into the woods and then exit the woods alone. And, the God that I have a personal relationship with would give me a high five. Have your read about the terrible people in the scriptures and the justified killing in the name of Christ? I really don't want to get into a religious battle today, I just demand that we stop child molesters from ever hurting another child once they are identified; I really don't care how that is accomplished.


You and your family have my heartfelt sympathy. Revelations of child molestation by a stepfather within my extended family a long time ago have been a terrible burden for all of us, especially the victim, with whom I am very close. So I think I do understand your anguish, feeling it deeply myself.

I do not presume to be qualified to get into a lofty religious debate, but the fact remains that Christ does direct us to forgive, love, and not judge, as difficult or even impossible a task that is in many cases. As a mother, I can't imagine forgiving a child molester, and I, too, struggle with my faith's challenge to forgive. Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord.


Thanks for your sympathy, and you mine. The issue for me here is that often, as it is in this case, the molester is allowed to do this over and over again. I am ashamed of a system that would allow innocent children to be subjected to a KNOWN molester. If the system is so broken as to allow more lives to be ruined then what are you recommending?


In the case of Chad Servis, the system has indeed failed society. Eight years in prison served with his record is an abomination. It would be interesting to know the justification for his release. We probably both understand that pedophilia can not be cured, that statistically the predators were probably molestation victims themselves, and that diagnostically, they are often terribly mentally ill. The hell that is his mind will torment Chad the rest of his life. My only consolation is that at least he was convicted of his crimes - too many victims and their families endure a lifetime of suffering while the molesters go about their merry ways. In my case, the person who molested my loved one blew his brains out one Christmas Eve.

I can not recommend much other than the usual platitudes - that we all have the potential to do evil, that forgiveness is necessary for real healing, that these predators are not worth the tax dollars it takes to incarcerate them, that society, with the sexualization of children, the glorification of violence, and the erosion of power and control and the hopeless desperation that results, is the root problem. I understand these are small consolations, and only partially explain humanity's potential to do great evil to itself.

I would also like to say that I feel badly my original comment was upsetting. I find your comments to be perceptive and often times humorous, and respect you even more for the understanding and compassion you revealed in your comments today. I hope you accept my apologies.


No doubt your apologize is real Lan, but your gut reaction to come out and somehow give this worm cover is apalling!

The more scorn this evil is shown the more likely he will take care of his own demise, further condemning him to hell where he belongs.

Its sad to hear you too have had experience with this on a family level.

Can we at least stand shoulder to shoulders and outright condemn this behavior and push for stronger punishment (all options) without parole for the obviously unreachable human trash that walk among us?


Really find your silence regarding the question I posed to you disappointing. Your normal vigorous debate of the issues, falls silent on the most appaling crime short of murder I can think of!

These perverted, twisted minds do not belong in society. Showing them any kind of compassion only plays into their sick minds reality of taking advantage of weaker individuals. Being compassionate here only makes you feel good and possibly exposes more innocent young lives to a lifetime of hell dealing with this torture.

Maybe more of these warts would see through severe punishment of others like them, that they need to change the evil thoughts in their minds or risk their personal freedom or life!

Hell hath no fury like what I would bring to an individual who would bring this to the life of someone I love, and care for.


Sorry Wing. I felt I said all I had to say, but maybe I was not clear. Please re-read my comments - I agree with you on so many points. Sexual abuse of anyone, especially children, is a terrible thing - one of the worst. My experience with my loved one, as well as training I've had, has taught me that in terms of the victim, healing will never take place until some level of understanding and forgiveness is reached. Until then, hate and fear will dominate and affect nearly every aspect of your life. It will win.

For me, the knowledge of years of sexual abuse by a stepfather in my extended family will always be a source of pain. For years, it was a source of hate- rage even, until I learned from my loved one, who, after years of therapy, taught me that her pain subsided a bit when she was able to understand his deep mental decay, the terrible pathologies of those in the household who knew but didn't/couldn't protect her, and find a place of forgiveness. But make no mistake, the crime is so severe, it is something that lives with you for a lifetime.

As far as Chad Servis goes, his incarceration should never have been cut short. He is a serial child molester who will never be rehabilitated, and does indeed need to be locked up for life.


Your a good, decent person. Have a good day Lan.


i have a solution for people the commit crimes like this, (decarceration) they will never do it again !!!!


I would also like to add, this idiot probably did not have a strong role model man in his life like we see so many times with these deviants. Taking him hunting before he got F'd up might have given him a positive activity to sit and figure out his life.

I can be very compassionate to others, but can be brutally non compassionate for idiots like this that want to steal away a child's innocents.

Until he is judged later, I will not show any compassion to human debris!


Wing, regardless of all else, we share many common philosophies; good on ya mate. Above all, real men protect women and children.


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