Minor injuries in van versus skateboard crash

A 23-year-old Grand Haven man escaped with minor injuries after being hit by a minivan just before noon Tuesday at the intersection of Washington Avenue and Fifth Street.
Becky Vargo
Jul 16, 2013


The man had a scraped knee and bruises. He was looked over by paramedics, and then walked away from the scene to seek his own treatment.

Police said the skateboarder was heading west on Washington and traveled into the path of the southbound minivan.

The driver of the minivan had the right-of-way with a green light, police said.



Surprise, surprise. If the City didn't allow skateboards on the streets, a collision may not have occurred. I'm glad the skateboarder is OK.


oh, so smoking in bars should be taken away.... wait they did that...with an attitude like this it wouldn't surprise me if they took drinking out of bars.
Think before you speak, for that soon may be taken away!




Actually, skateboarding in the street is prohibited under State Law and local ordinance in the City of Grand Haven. See below.

Traffic Code For Cities Townships and Villages:

R 28.1204 Rule 204. Use of coasters, roller skates, and similar devices restricted; violation as civil infraction.
(1) A person who is riding in, or by means of, any coasters, toy vehicle, or similar device shall not go on any roadway, except while crossing a street on a crosswalk. When crossing a street on a crosswalk, the person shall be granted all of the rights, and shall be subject to all of the duties, applicable to pedestrians.
(2) A person who is on a skateboard or roller skates, including in-line skates, shall be considered a pedestrian and is subject to all of the rights and duties of a pedestrian, except as provided in subrule (3) of this rule.
(3) The traffic engineer may designate those roadways and areas where the use of skateboards, roller skates, or in-line skates are prohibited and shall designate these areas through the posting of appropriate signs.


257.655 Pedestrians on highways; violation as civil infraction.
Sec. 655.

(1) Where sidewalks are provided, a pedestrian shall not walk upon the main traveled portion of the highway. Where sidewalks are not provided, pedestrians shall, when practicable, walk on the left side of the highway facing traffic which passes nearest.

257.20 “Highway or street” defined.
Sec. 20.

“Highway or street” means the entire width between the boundary lines of every way publicly maintained when any part thereof is open to the use of the public for purposes of vehicular travel.


Skateboarding is okay but they go down the hill and then up the hill and then down the hill and up the hill, over and over. LOL. The sound of their wheels and comments get so annoying. At 23 you would hope he would have something else to do. I'm glad he's okay too.

Ottawa Observer

The article didn't say if a citation was issued to the skateboarder. A vehicle/mechanical conveyance that can not be fully controlled by its operator has no business being operated on public roadways or walkways. Skateboards have no reliable steering mechanism and no brakes. When the boarder needs to stop quickly, he usually steps off the board and allows the uncontrolled "missle" to continue on. I was recently struck by a skateboard after such an incident. I never had strong feeling either way about boarding, but now that I've experienced firsthand the problems these things can cause to their operators as well as the unsuspecting public who happen to be in their way, I wonder why the GH Police are so lenient about allowing these things to be operated on the streets and sidewalks.


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