Juveniles ID'd in Norton Shores crime spree

A group of Muskegon Heights juveniles have been identified as the suspects for a recent crime spree in Norton Shores.
Tribune Staff
Jul 23, 2013


Norton Shores Police Chief Dan Shaw said the crimes include attempted armed robbery, felonious assault, a motor vehicle theft, malicious destruction of property, and several burglaries and larcenies.

The names of the suspects, ages 12-15, are being withheld because of their ages, Shaw said.

"Not all of the suspects were involved in every crime," Shaw noted. "However, the group as a whole is believed to be responsible for numerous crimes occurring in the area of Seaway Drive and Seminole Road."

The crime spree included an attempted armed robbery of two off-duty employees of Verdoni's Restaurant, 211 Seminole Road, on Nov. 18, 2012; burglarizing boats last month in the 3000 block of Mona Kai; the theft of more than $2,000 in cash during the break-in of the Coffee House, 255 Seminole Road, on June 16; vandalizing Verdoni's and stealing a van on June 16; breaking into J.D. Byrider, 3692 Airline Road, and vandalizing and stealing on July 8; and stealing a cellphone from a vehicle at Babbitt’s Sports Center, 3712 Airline Road, also on July 8.

Shaw said charges have been filed with the Muskegon County Prosecutor’s Office, but  detectives are still investigating the involvement of this group in several other reported crimes in the area. Anyone with information is asked to call Silent Observer at 231-722-7463 or the Norton Shores Police Department at 231-733-2691.



Investigate their fricken parents and charge them with turning a menace loose in society!


It's amazing really, in our youth we would never have thought of embarrassing our parents, actual people who cared about raising children, by doing something like this. Wing, in your own very jaded way, which I understand and appreciate, you always bring it down to the simplest form, the least common denominator; the parents of these kids have done a terrible job. I for one am tired of putting up with the inability of parents to properly raise and instruct their offspring. There should be more stringent standards set as the minimum for child rearing, and there should be increasingly severe and enforceable consequences for those that fail to meet the minimums.


Most of what we comment about on here can be traced back to bad parenting.

You are so right about how different times are today. We grew up in a time when embarrassing our parents was thought to be worse then the actual thing we did. It is what kept us in check most of the time. I began noticing as I became a teen and young adult that there was a shift going on with younger kids than me. There was a lot more disrespect going on and it was accepted. Parents were taught to never lay a hand to a child and to only positive reinforce behavior. I raised my kids without laying a hand to them but they were taught consequences from a very young age.

While I raise my kids I noticed even more how kids are braisingly disrespectful, and were even taunting to parents that dare try to lay down rules. When my kid came home from school with and said I couldn't discipline them I said oh really and firmly sat them down and explained how things work in our household. Again, this from a child that never had a paddle taken to their backside.

Well I never fell victim as a parent to the psycho babble on raising kids and brought my kids up firmly, lovingly and caring. Where there tough times, oh yeah, but watching my kids turn into productive young adults is worth it.

Parenting is not something that is done from a distance or turn over to schools, grandparent, nannies or babysitters.

You create a life and its your job to raise that child to be happy and productive or you failed as a human being. You need to take responsibilty for what you created. Oh course I temper that if there are mental issues for the child that all the best parenting in the world could not change.

I'm far from parent of the year but my kids are not taking things from you or a crime statistic either.


Every once in a while, you are so relevant with your comment, write so clearly and concisely, address the issue so succinctly, that it is an awesome thing to behold.

Sharing both your philosophy of child-rearing, and having been raised in the same manner, I ask: why do you think this culture shift took place? Please don't reply if you are compelled to blame it on Obama.


You won't like my answer even though it doesn't pin Obama for it. ...I'll try to make nice for today.

Mark it down on a calendar cause I hate grinding my teeth.


Just upgrading their Bridge Cards and Obamaphones - it's for Trayvon Ya Know. . . .


Now that's humor right there! At the minimum, the consequences for the parents should include being removed from the government teat.


Although both so clever, it is sad (and prejudicial) that you automatically assume these Muskegon Heights juveniles come from homes on welfare. Is there no possibility these kids come from working families, but are under intense pressure from their peers, gangs, economics, society to fall into a life of crime?

Vlad - I know you would say it's a liberal/statist/socialist-driven culture shift that wasn't a problem back in the pre-liberal/statist/socialist days, but is that really an honest assessment? My father's business was broken into, and the safe robbed of cash three times in five years back in the early to mid 60's, by white boys (caught in 2 out of the 3 times), each from middle class working families. What was their excuse?


Bad parenting


Who is looking for excuses - I am an equal opportunity kind of guy. Burglars, black, white, youts or experienced felons should go to jail and spend sufficient time turning big rocks into little rocks into pebbles into gravel until they decide they really don't like jail and don't want to have a return engagement.


Better lock your doors...they are working their way south. Obama's children are working OT!


What? Their coming here from Spring Lake! That does it, no more frosty's from Stan's I'm boycotting.


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