One hospitalized after crash on Mercury Drive

(UPDATED: 6:30 p.m. Sunday) An ambulance took one woman to the hospital after a two-vehicle crash early this afternoon on Mercury Drive near 148th Avenue.
Becky Vargo
Sep 15, 2013


Meagan Morehouse, 18, of Grand Haven, suffered a broken arm and leg in 12:15 p.m. crash, said Sgt. Kevin Allman of the Ottawa County Sheriff's Department.

Morehouse was westbound on Mercury Drive and straightened out a curve after passing the Wesco gas station, Allman said.

Her Kia Sportage crossed the center line and struck a Ford F250 pickup truck almost head-on.

The passenger in the truck, Dustin Young, 24, of Grand Haven, suffered a minor hand injury, police said. He sought his own treatment.

The driver of the truck, Donald Ashley, 25, of Grand Haven, was not injured.

All three people in the two vehicles wore seatbelts, police said.

Morehouse was pinned in her vehicle and had to be extricated by firefighters.

Firefighters washed a large oil spill off the road once the damaged vehicles were cleared from the scene.

Police blocked traffic on that section of Mercury Drive for more than an hour.

The crash is still under investigation.



isn't funny that every time there is an accident, they clearly state that they where wearing seat belts or helmets or not, must be for insurance purposes


Mercury Drive will most likely be to blame for this accident once again!! I often walk my dog on the bike path along Mercury Drive as many people do. I notice all the distracted drivers while walking. I see lots of texting, GPS, reading, eating, attending to children and other things. Don't even think about blaming the road!!!!! Also drivers "THE CENTER TURN LANE IS FOR TURNING NOT PASSING"!!!! Many drivers use the center turn lane "Yellow no passing lines" as a passing lane when a car is making a right turn and there are "STOP SIGNS", NOT YIELD SIGNS at Comstock/Mercury and Robbins/Mercury. The speed limit is 45 MPH, try driving 48 MPH and you may get a NASCAR bump from behind!!! Pay attention, put down the phone and be safe!!!!!


You make good and logical points, but still - Mercury Dr. has more than it's fair share of auto accidents. There has to be something, other than distractions and speed, that makes this stretch of roadway an accident magnet.


Jeez Louise girl, you just can't stay out of trouble can you? What exactly would a "fair" share of accidents be for that stretch of road.

Along with all the reasons already cited I'd just add that it is a main artery in and out of town for people heading East/West and therefore it sees a large amount of traffic on a daily basis. The road surface itself is in pretty good shape, particulary when compared to most other roads in the area, so you really can't blame it on potholes and cracks.

Just's been proven time and again that 9 out of 10 accidents occur due to the loose nut behind the wheel.

50 bucks says she had her phone in her hand when she crossed into enemy territory.


Right back at ya with your first question.

It's certainly a scenic drive, one I don't drive very often; I'm not attempting to diss residents of Mercury Dr. I have no statistics at hand, but would be interested in knowing just how many accidents take place there in relation to other similarly traveled roads. My recollection is that there are a great many reports in this paper of accidents on Mercury Dr. I drive on busy roads all around the area and see distracted people driving all the time, some pretty rough, but it doesn't translate into lots of reported accidents on just one particular road.

My comment is based on concern for the many people injured or otherwise involved in these accidents, including the people who live along the road.


I 100% agree with u less


Please factual instead 'It's fair share of auto accidents'. Last two Mercury accidents read here was due to overly correcting on a straight stretch by driver into the path of oncoming car and final police report of driver excessively speeding, pot, drunk, no license, 5Am, taken vehicle.


More and more young adults are NOT PAYING ATTENTION while driving. They are too busy texting, talking on the phone, messing with the stereo. A lot of young adults think that they are invincible, and nothing bad can happen to them. We ALL need to make driving our first priority. Do not blame the road.


You could remove the word young and probably be more accurate. Saw a lady last week try to do a Michigan turn on 31 with a cell phone in one hand and a cigarette in the other, she may as well have picked any other spot in the median to cross because all four tires went over the curb at some point. It's an all ages issue.


Really??? Mercury Drive is the problem??? I grew up on Mercury Drive. How many accidents were there before cell phones? How many accidents are due to alcohol? You can't blame the road for stupid people mistakes!!!!!


I agree with dks523 100% and any way the speed limit isn't 45 around that curve its 35


Bk1961; the speed limit is 45. The recommended speed givin by the yellow warning sign is 35. Also alcohol and cell phones werent a factor here. I'm a teenage driver and I don't think cell phones directly relate to accents, however I don't believe it is safe to use them while driving. I knew Meagan Morehouse personally and I would baffle me if she actuly had her phone in her hand.


Don't believe statistics? You are on the internet, learn how to use it, or are you from SL where they apparently don't have the facilities to teach that stuff?


The under-20 age group had the highest percentage of distracted drivers; 16% of drivers under 20 years old involved in fatal crashes were distracted while driving.
The 30- to 39-year-old age group had the highest percentage of cell phone use in fatal crashes.


New law in NJ, if you are THE PERSON TEXTING someone that is driving, and they get into an accident- YOU (THE PERSON SENDING THE TEXT) can be sued and held liable for the accident!


how are you to know that someone was driving when you texted them?


because you tweeted it first.


a maybe they shouldn't have there phone on then in the car


The drivers taking the curves on Mercury Drive in that area need to slow down, eyes on the road and hands on the wheel! I take my life into my hands just crossing the street to get the mail. I worry about making a left turn into my "hidden" driveway on one of those curves; I see many drivers crossing the lines and most are speeding too.


Ottawa County Deputies need to spend more time in this area and not down the road at the boat launch. The passing in the left turn lane and speed at the Wesco curve is getting worse. USE CAUTION!!!!!!!!


Question wasn't this Red KIA in an accident on Mercury in Feb or March??? Ive seen this red KIA use the TURNING lane as a PASSING A few times. ALWAYS right there by that turn by wesco.


looks like she violated that then 1 to many times




the bottom line is she screwed up don't try to blame others or the fricken roads I have been driving these roads for 35 years give me a break the roads lmao

I usually don't post on things like this, but I know a very reputable physician who was killed at this site quite a few years back and he was in his 60's, before cell phones. If the driver was a 40-60 year old would the issue be the age. Is she being unfairly discriminated against because of her age?


I commuted Mercury for over 25 years during the course of my business 365 days a year, from the conception of the Kitchel sub division and forest park. Even lived off Mercury for a number of years. Yes Mercury has had some major improvements its still not the roads fault, the only bad spot way back when was the curve by Wesco.

Step up the patrols and pay attention to your driving, pretty simple.


"straightened out a curve" - nice explanation. Regardless of age or sex, how many times do we see this happen anywhere when we are on two lane roads? Too often! Some driving habits are just poor.

Most times it passes without incident (or accident). Not this time though. Hope all the injured recover OK.


I drive Mercury every day on a motorcycle or car as does my wife twice a day, the road as an inanimate object is no more dangerous than any other road in the area. Take the safest road in Michigan and populate it with idiots and distracted drivers and you will get the same result.


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