Fatal car wash shooting described in 911 call

The wife of a man who was killed in a shootout with another motorist who also died at a West Michigan car wash said her husband's death followed a confrontation between both men.
AP Wire
Sep 21, 2013

A crying Teri Pullum can be heard during a call to 911 telling an unidentified person near the Wonder Wand Car Wash in Ionia that "road rage" led to Wednesday's shooting.

She told a dispatcher that 43-year-old James Pullum "got in a fight and the guy pulled a gun on him," according to the 911 recording.

Pullum and 56-year-old Robert Taylor were killed after exchanging gunfire at about 7 p.m. Wednesday at the car wash. The shooting stemmed from an earlier confrontation while they were driving in the area, police said.

James Pullum, his wife and another family member were in a Ford Taurus. Taylor was driving behind them.

Police have said that James Pullum and Taylor each had valid licenses to carry concealed weapons. It was not clear who fired first.

A woman inside a nearby laundry also called 911 after hearing the gunshots.

"There's somebody shooting a gun over at the car wash," she told a dispatcher. "Hurry up. Hurry up. Oh, my God, just hurry!"



OK corral-style for the concealed carry guys. They passed all the tests, but maybe they should get drug tested to get a permit? Just sayin' it might be a good idea there Mich Legislature, are you listening? Oh, right, we don't need more gun regulations, just more idiots like these two out there 'protecting us'...


Amen Brother.

...But, on the other hand, maybe if this happened more often and they could keep it amongst themselves, eventually the problem would solve itself without further government intervention. A win, win situation!


Looks like we're regressing back to the dueling days of olde, when men were men and fought over fair maidens and important principles. But isn't it awesome - these patriot heroes went down hard in a blaze of glory, with not so much as a tinge of violation of their 2nd Amendment rights, free to blast away and defend their principles and prove their point.

Now what was the point again? Oh yes - self-protection from irate gun owners.


Then this weekend I had to see that idiot LaPierre talking about how if there were more "good guys" with guns, the DC Navy Yard shooting could have been reduced!
Back to the Old West! Spill some beer on someone in the Kirby and get gunned down!


LOL! Isn't it strange that not a single one of our "protectors" has shown up to explain to us what went wrong here and what they'd done differently??

Where's Marshall Dillon when we really need him? :-)


I hope they were both NRA members. Two less supporters of an extremist group.


Ok, I'll be your target and demonstrate where the problem in society is.

Aggressive driving and road rage is on the rise and according to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety (AAA) it is one, if not the top concern for many drivers today. AAA reported that, "at least 1,500 people a year are seriously injured or killed in senseless traffic disputes." To put into context, there were 190,625,023 licensed drivers in the United States in 2000.

Is it any surprise in today's society that eventually someone with a gun will use it in self defense. Only one idiot here that aggressively tailgated someone and pulled a gun, the other guy responded in self defense.

You should all be happy that this does not end with the one idiot being lodged in a prison for years while we pay for it.

I also find it interesting that no one shows any compassion for what took place here. Typical of everyone of you hypocrites, happy in the deaths to justify your anti-gun positions. Wonderful examples you are.

Looks to me the bigger problem is death caused by the vehicles in road rage incidents in this country. Think we need a ban on all vehicles that can reach excessive speeds of 55 mph to keep all of us safe. By the way, in 2012 there were 25,580 auto deaths from accidents.

Fire away, pun intended. I just may choose to remain silent because response is most likely futile with the mob mentality that is on display here. Hold your head high as you rejoice in death today.


Speaking for myself, you couldn't make me rejoice over this horrible, senseless act of violence if you held a gun to my head. This is the mother of all nightmares - a beautiful autumn day, out driving about, minding your business, and then catapulted into a shoot-out that blots out your life.

It does reflect that which is reported to us over and over - we are a gun society, we have a gun mentality, the Stand Your Ground laws are tailor made for America - a country that has more gun ownership per capita than any other nation in the world. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Num...

In the case of these two victims, and in countless other cases of gun homicides, there is no mentality of a duty to retreat. Of trying to work it out verbally, or at least a fist fight. It is all about pulling guns to make a statement, to express rage, to protect.

The fact is that the U.S. gun murder rate is about 20 times the average for all other countries. That means that Americans are 20 times as likely to be killed by a gun than is someone from another developed country. http://www.washingtonpost.com/bl...

A bit of free, unsolicited advice - Before you accuse others of being a hypocrite, best to self-examine. I learned this the hard way a long time ago.


You GOTTA be kidding me....if you are serious about what you've written here than you are truly a Master Wingnut.

I don't know what else to say to this (hopefully) drug induced rant other than to shake my head, giggle and share a hope that you'll feel better when the meds kill the pain.

You are definitly a hoot. Your grammar is much improved, but you've missed the point to be taken from this incident by a mile. No surprise there though.....


It is very sad that two families have to deal with the loss of a loved one due to anger generated on the road. The fact that both of these individuals had guns, and used them, is far less unsettling to me than their mental state. In reality they could have beat each other to death, stabbed each other, or used any combination of tire iron and weapons in the vehicles they occupied.

I'm not speaking out of school here, my wife has experienced some of the most horrific things a person can endure and still have a smile for anyone and never a cross word. EXCEPT - when she is driving and someone cuts her off, the major offense is driving in front of her at less than the posted speed. Holy swearing like a truck driver Batman, she can let fly with a bombardment the likes that would make most stout men cringe. Oh, she does carry a licensed weapon but chooses to yell obscenities rather than take a life for such a simple reason.

I have mentioned in the past that I carry and have for over 40 years with very few people knowing about it; they still don’t as few people know who I am on this site. What I haven’t previously stated is that all the women I care about, my wife, daughter, daughters in law, etc. all carry in their respective states. They don’t expect someone else to insure their safety and have studied and trained for the worst scenarios.

I just returned from a business trip to Chicago and I can tell you that the average person there is talking about all the murders in that city and are genuinely afraid. They wish they didn’t have the gun controls they have, they are scared to death. Be careful what you wish for as you just might get it…


Having lived and worked in Chicago, with my job taking me all over downtown and surrounding Western suburbs, days and evenings, I never once had reason to contemplate the use of a gun. But that notwithstanding, I am confused about your recent experience in Chicago. Are you saying the average Chicago resident is unable to walk into a gun dealership and purchase a firearm for protection? What gun controls do they have that they wish they didn't? And are they referring to the tight city gun controls, or the much more lax controls in the outlaying areas of the rest of the state? Do they think the rising gun crime rates are the result of existing gun controls?

As for your wife's road rage outburst, I can relate. Maybe she will experience the same epiphany I did when I hit a certain age - my Type A personality mellowed, I gained some perspective in terms of the scope of the universe, road rage, and having to have the last word on the interstate, and decided - Meh!


Illinois remains the only state in the country where nobody can legally carry a concealed weapon, and lawmakers recently introduced measures to restrict legal gun ownership even more.


She is not young in age, only at heart, and it is more tongue in cheek than anything. I think she does the verbal assault just to crack me up; she would never ever do it with windows down and allow the object of her scorn to hear a word; she's a lady...with a gun.


Really Lanny "But isn't it awesome - these patriot heroes went down hard in a blaze of glory..."

We can play the link paste game all day, the problem is the melt down of the culture in the USA that begins with the breakdown of the family. You lightly touched on that with your "trying to work it out verbally" statement as that is what parents normally teach children.

By the way I'm not accusing you of being a hypocite, you are demonstrating it in the many post you make. Sorry I just am not afraid to point it out or remind you of it. Apparently your lesson was not learned well!


The rest of the sentence..." with not so much as a tinge of violation of their 2nd Amendment rights, free to blast away and defend their principles and prove their point." - Isn't this the argument used in this forum virtually every time the topic of gun control is debated to advocate for gun rights? There is no hypocrisy here - bitter sarcasm, yes - but it is the synthesis of the argument against any movement toward public gun safety.

Is it hypocritical or reasonable to think of these two men as probably being the "good guys with guns" that Wayne LaPierre speaks of?


The Wild West days were wild in part due to bad water being replaced by bad whiskey which was poisoning the brains of many with lead and other heavy minerals. Naturally the way to fend off a bad guy and his gun is with a good guy and his gun.
Many found security against the outlaws packing a sidearm or shotgun by packing their own weapon to protect themselves, what's different today that makes the non-law abiding people less dangerous? Since then there are many more criminals with a handgun and no regard for human life whether it's helping to create a new life or end one...no concern or feelings of responsibility because through their greed, apathy, laziness or addictions (Shhhh…we call those diseases now) or any of the multitude of excuses from responsible behavior ultimately caused by George Bush or Dick Cheney in the first place.

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