Mich. man's classic car stolen during Indiana trip

A Michigan man says a big part of him has been ripped away with the theft of his restored 1970s Chevrolet Chevelle during a trip to Indianapolis for a classic car show.
AP Wire
Sep 26, 2013

Keith Parmer of Holt said he was in disbelief when found his box trailer empty outside a motel Sunday morning. The locks had been cut, its ramp lowered and the car gone, according to a police report.

"If I don't find this car and I lose this car, I don't think I can do it again," he said. "Somebody's taking a big part of who I am that I'll never get back."

Parmer, 48, said he fell in love with muscle cars while growing up in the 1970s. He and his wife bought the Chevelle for less than $20,000 in 2008. He estimates he spent $300,000 on parts and labor to restore and upgrade it — including a new engine, a custom-made polished intake manifold made of aluminum and a custom-made trunk and interior.

"That's one of the things that's driven me all these years to work so hard," he said. "My love for cars."

Parmer, who works as a car dealer, brought the car from his home near Lansing for last weekend's Goodguys 3rd Speedway Nationals car show at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

At least one other classic car, a 1949 Chevrolet, and two trucks were stolen from hotel parking lots overnight Saturday.

Jonathan Klinger, a spokesman for Traverse City-based classic auto insurer Hagerty, said it's common for such cars to reach a price tag of $300,000, mostly because of the restoration process.

"While that's certainly a lot of money, it's not unlikely for someone to have that kind of money wrapped around a project like that," he said.

Parmer is offering a $10,000 reward.

"You can't process it. You're just numb," he said. "Driving home, I couldn't think straight. It's like a bad dream. It's comparable to someone close to me dying."




So the dude spent $300,000 to make a car worth about $100,000. Smart.


So, not only do you not understand what a good sandwich is...you don't understand anything about the collector car hobby either. I'm hoping your still in school, but feeling I'm probably wrong.


Get that feeling often?....


Yes. Yes I do... Especially when I try to put faith in the good part of human nature.


Cynical, but profound.....


yup, that's me all over.


One thing I DO understand is that the guy could buy a brand new Chevy Malibu for less than $30,000. And then he would have a nice new car instead of an old one.


In spite of what you understand, you still DO NOT understand.


I understand sarcasm and irony.


Show up at the car show next Saturday and I will help you understand the collector car hobby. While there, take the opportunity to understand what a good sandwich is, based on LTA’s recommendation of course. I will. Kill two birds with one stone, so to speak.


I'll be there with my car too, if you stop by I'll be glad to try and explain it to you, but I have a feeling that you'll fight the attempt to educate.
The world is full of Philistines.


OOh him write words good.


Ha, finally decided to check in and see what's happening in our local cutting edge news source and I see LTA is still busy making friends.

Careful ggravish you are dealing with a self centered old dude who thinks he is relevent posting and lashing out at people here. Enjoy your back and forth as predictable as it will become.


Yeppers ggravish, you can have a spirited conversation of back and forth sparing with me, as long as you don't take it toooo seriously, OR, you can listen to Mini me give his same ole Chicken Little speech about the sky falling...."The sky is falling, the sky is falling".

Of course, if your susceptible to paranoia and like to group every last soul in the country into either the elephant or jackass camp then you may be more comfortable in the Wingnut's bunker.

Your choice. I gotta go mow the lawn one last time right now, but I'll check back later :-)

BTW MasterWing....what exactly is relevent posting anyhow?


Ah, thanks for making my point and being less than amusing once again.

Hey maybe you should find and old goat to tie up in the yard to...oh wait nevermind;-/

Certainly back and forth with you soon becomes irrelevent and less entertaining with every post.

Probably will not check back into your crank later as I need to go out and check out the sky today. Meanwhile, focus a little attention on your cyber personality, you'll make a few more cyber friends besides Obama Pollyannas and chicken littles! You might even learn something in the process.


Buddy, as I've said before....you are a hoot.

I already checked into the goat idea, but the city has laws against that too. Imagine that!

You are definitely the M&W dictionary definition of humorless and clueless. I would think you've read enough of my posts by now to realize I don't give a rat's behind about politics. They're ALL liars and thieves, no matter which side they're on. That's why they call D.C. the District of Criminals. If you think rooting for one side to win is gonna make the world a better place than I can only shake my head in pity and add dillusional to the list of words that defines you.

For the record I have many cyber friends on many different forums and I learn something new from them everytime I talk with them, but none of them are pollyannas or chicken littles like yourself.

Keep that eye on the sky and try to have a nice day. The weather is just about perfect out there.


Your kinda thinking about politics is exactly why we have low rent politicians. Don't ever bitch about politics here because you are the problem because you don't care. Your apathy about the politics in the country insures we get more of the same.

Nothing fell from the sky the whole time I was out there and I noticed the sun came up this morning where I'm at.

Glad to see you found a solution to the goat idea. I hear old crabs are great at taking out the trash too.


"Your apathy about the politics in the country insures we get more of the same".

And how is your constant whining any different? Your unoriginal diatribe does nothing to change the course of things. Do you do anything that requres your time and involvement other than get on here and repeat what your hero says. I doubt you've had a thought on the subject in years that you didn't first hear on faux news.

The time for whining and crying is past. It's time to get more than vocal if you really want to change things. I'd be willing to bet you that back in my early adulthood I was more involved and probably more militant than you've got the nads to be nowadays. Unfortunately, most of the effort I put forth back then did next to nothing to change the course of events. Which is why we're here where we are nowadays. If you think you can do better, jump on in and give it a go.

Political protest is a younger person's game. I did what I could when my future lay before me and became disillusioned and bitter. People don't want change, no matter how much they say they do, they want to be fat and comfortable and as long as the government fills those desires, they can pretty much run roughshod over us. Nobody wants to give up their jelly donut for a dry saltine cracker. THAT'S A FACT. Look around you.

If you think all your wailing and knashing of teeth is gonna change the course of future events than you're simply a fool. Don't mean to be nasty, just realistic. I plan on using what time I have left to enjoy my life. According to which doctor you listen to that could be as little as 3 years, or as much as 10, but no matter what the number is, I'm done trying to roll the rock uphill. I'm gonna spend my time playing with my granddaughter and going camping, riding my bike....stuff that makes me happy. Listening to you nitwits cry and moan, while you hide in your bunkers does not make me happy, even though it does make me laugh. So, unless you're willing to get out there and fight for the change you want, shut the hell up. Nobody needs, or wants to hear the same tired old rant over and over and over again.

...And to all who got this far...sorry, this is an article about the car collecting hobby, A hobby I have first hand knowledge about and not about politics. My apologies for getting so far off track, but as I get older I suffer fools less and less. I'm gonna go get my car out right now and go for a ride. It's up for sale and I don't really want to sell it. Such is life these days.


I find it ironic that my partner in keeping my heart beating recently let me know that 3-10 is what I could reasonably expect for my tour of duty. I'm guessing we aren't the only two souls that have heard this figure; I don't think they are telling us the truth, but rather what we would like to hear.

Covering one's butt with 3 but giving me hope for 10 is a false sense of security. Maybe I'll even try taking better care of myself to get closer to that 10. The reality is that the 3 is probably and exaggeration, truth be known, if we were horses they would have already shot us.

Hang in there; we're all in this together.

Oh, and you and Wing play nice for awhile now please, I happen to enjoy both of your posts.


Yeah, well, that's probably not gonna happen, but thanks for the feedback.

I think the best way thru this mess is to just ignore the doctors and their alarmist attitudes for the most part. Nobody gets out of here alive anyhow so I'm gonna whoop it up and have a ball as much as possible while I have some time left. I'll never get the Bucket list wiped out, but I can give it a go. Rock n Roll if you wanna dance with me.......(not that I'm asking YOU to dance ya understand?). :-O

Back to the Wall

I despise thieves, but this comment...

"It's comparable to someone close to me dying"

... shows some seriously warped priorities.


You don't know the guys relatives, maybe the car...just saying

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