Local teens hurt when car hits tree Sunday afternoon

(UPDATE: Monday 12:10 p.m. ) The wet road possibly caused a car vs. tree crash Sunday afternoon in Ottawa County.
Becky Vargo
Oct 6, 2013


An ambulance took two Grand Haven teenagers to North Ottawa Community Hospital following the 2:55 p.m. crash on Green Street at 128th Avenue.

The 17-year-old driver of the Mercedes E Class station wagon said the vehicle started hydroplaning as she traveled around the curve, according to a deputy from the Ottawa County Shriff's Department.

The eastbound vehicle straightened out the curve and ran into a large tree on the southeast side of the road.

Injuries were not serious and both occupants of the car wore seatbelts, police said.

UPDATE: Both the driver, Taylor Travis, and her passenger, Brett Sholk, were treated at the hospital and released Sunday afternoon, a hospital spokesperson said on Monday.


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Slow down people! You can't drive the speed limit on a slick surface, they were very lucky not to be injured. Thankfully they didn't run into another vehicle.


These were just kids, newbie drivers, with little experience driving in the real world, out with mommy and daddy's Mercedes grocery getter. That's not to be an excuse either, but rather a possible explanation.
Driver education is a joke these days. I don't know what the legal requirements are for a instruction program, but whatever they are it's not enough. they need to learn more than where park is and how to turn the radio on and off.
I'll spare ya the stories of my first driving experiences and how my kids learned to drive.


Did it involve reins?


HAHAHAHAHA burned that Grampa.


LOL!!!! Now that was funny, I've got tears in my eyes. The wife says "point goes to RU" :-)

...and that brings to mind another story I'll spare ya...unless you ask, then it's on you.


Ya know your almost getting likeable. Must be that saint of a wife's influence;-)

No, I'm not asking for the other story.


"Ya know your almost getting likeable"

Well, we can't have that.....your your should be you're. There! Not so likeable now eh?


Lol, I'll keep working with this damn smart phone spell checker and my grammar, you keep working on 'your' attitude!


"Driver education is a joke these days. Really?

Oh wait here is your explaination.

"I don't know what the legal requirements are for a instruction program, but whatever they are it's not enough."

So you don't know, but you think you do?

they need to learn more than where park is and how to turn the radio on and off.

Really? I thought you didn't know the requirements?

I'll spare ya the stories of my first driving experiences and how my kids learned to drive.

But wait... Perhaps nothing really has changed? Or maybe its different now that you can sit back and provide us with your 20/20 hindsight.


I'm guessing here that you run the local driver instruction program eh? Or maybe you're the parent of one of these kids. Sorry to hit a nerve, glad nobody got hurt badly, but I see waaay too many kids driving around town, doing stupid stuff that indicates mimimum skill levels or some type of impairment. You chose.

Thanks for the feedback and just for the record I'm thinking about opening up my own driving instruction business. Can you handle the competition? Obviously there's a real need for it.


You should open a school, you've been driving people crazy for years.


Lmao RU. He is making some good points, but that is the funniest zinger in a long time on here.

Hoping you can appreciate the humor LTA even if its at your expense.


HA!! boy yer on a roll today...and obviously been talking to my wife!

As frightening as it might sound, I'm seriously considering the school, but it won't be remedial stuff, it'll be advanced, like what to do during a slide in snow, hydroplaning on wet pavement, 3 point turns etc....all these parents who can't or won't teach their kids how to save themselves need instruction from somewhere....leaving it up to the school of hard knocks can kill ya!


"....you're on a...." Thank you


Put your money where your mouth is. Maybe you can coach the football team, string the lights up for the holiday display and run the musical fountain too. Nah you will just sit back and be the almighty judge of everyone else who makes a mistake and gets in the paper.


Are you wingmaster's mom??

I have zero interest in football so coaching is out. I've never seen the holiday lights display, sad to say and I probably never will now. I just thought it was a serious case of stupid to not support it. You're entitled to your own opinion on that one. You're opinion doesn't change my opinion one twit.
I'm also sure running the musical fountain is out of my league too, but playing with the software and trying to create lights to go with a favorite tune sounds like fun.

Sorry you're so bitter about life and the things that make it interesting. Maybe try a class in positive reinforcement?


Bee, I know this is an out on a limb statement but, you really do seem a little mad about stuff; anything we can do for you? Balloon, Jell-O, cold shower...a couple fingers of good scotch?


Anyone notice the front tires are almost bald?


...tires were bald and they went flat, so did our love and that was that.

Or, My wife has lips like a blow fish; catchy tunes!


"...tires were bald and they went flat, so did our love and that was that".

Hey, I know that tune...that's from Travolta's movie "Michael". One of my favorite flicks.

Wow....it's like you're almost human! and a cop too! What a day it's been, even if I didn't get the shrubs trimmed...


Someone had to get it...


Thank you all for bringing me to a Laugh Out Loud state!


No prob....we'll be here all week!


Not bitter. I do agree that a defensive driving course is a great idea. A guy in G.R. Started something like that a few years back. I am sure the kids read about losing control in drivers Ed but actually experiencing it is not done till your aiming for an oak tree.

BTW I prefer Bourbon.


:) I like a good Kentucky Bourbon myself occasionally.

All that being said, glad nobody was seriously hurt and hopeful for lessons learned.


I think it's funny how their actions are being judged, when none of you actually probably know Taylor, like I do. If any of you have anything to say about this, don't. You don't know the driver.


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