Possible medical problem leads to crash

A local man suffered minor injuries in a two-vehicle crash early Sunday evening on Taylor Avenue east of DeSpelder Street.
Becky Vargo
Oct 13, 2013


Emergency personnel responded at 6:31 p.m. when witnesses reported a Dodge Durango had crashed into a parked vehicle.

Witnesses said the man was not conscious when they ran out to the vehicles, but he did come to before police arrived.

Grand Haven Department of Public Safety Officer Chris Armstrong said the man had a possible medical episode. His car went toward the side of the road and crashed into an older model Ford Bronco, pushing it several feet down the street.

There was nobody inside the parked vehicle.

The man’s name was not available at the scene.



Obama did it!


Really, Obama did it, that's what you came up with; although that is a possibility.

Ever stop to think that the guy doesn't like Fords? Maybe he just hates all things Denver? There are a lot of possible alternatives to an Obama wreck, although that does have a good ring to it and is most assuredly an accurate statement.

Come on Lani, I left it open for you!


LOL...must be the change in the weather comin'. Are your knees bothering you? Lumbago acting up? You're a regular comedian this morning. :-)

I'm not real sure what Denver has to do with anything though.....


Something is lost in the translation when you have to explain it, but ok.

He hit a Ford "Bronco"; Denver Broncos? It's a football team in Denver, the quarterback is Peyton Manning, and they are undefeated and look for the entire world to have a clear path to the Super Bowl. Any of this ringing a bell for you or should I go on?

My knees are bothering me, although they do that each and every single day; not weather related.

I am a comedian, not always regular though, depends on if I remember my fiber or not. hardee har har


Man, ain't you had a day today!

Your explanation clears up my mystery...not being much of a football fan (MLB for me)I never would've gotten the joke no matter how funny it was. I was thinking "maybe he meant Colorado, instead of Denver as the Dodge was called a Durango", but then I thought...."is Durango in Colorado"??? I couldn't recall and was just too d*** lazy to look it up this morning.

I certainly hope you're more regular tomorrow. Don't think I could take two days in a row like today. :-)

P.S. I'm sure you've heard George Carlin's bit on the differences between Baseball and football? I love it, makes me laugh every time.


How's this? Obama won a $700.00 bet with John Boehner that the Denver Broncos would defeat world champion Baltimore Ravens in the season opener, and they did - 49-27!


Uhh sweetie, your Vlad gene is showing.


Good G-d!! Whatever does that mean?


Sorry, gotta go, time for bed. I'll answer tomorrow.


This is a local event, about an auto accident, involving local citizens and the local police department. This news item doesn't even leave the city limits, let alone the county.

And now, boom, you've drug in a whole pot full of seedy characters and rephensible individuals that add nothing to the storyline, or anything else for that matter.

Doing that my dear lady, indicates to me that you've somehow contracted the dreaded VLAD gene that forces one to drool and babble about politics in a attempt to attached an agenda to a non-agenda topic.

I won't hold it against you yet, but this is the second time you've done it recently and if it continues an intervention will be considered depending on the vote by the council against political babbling in public. Their motto in case you don't know is "Just don't do it"

Anything else I can clear up for you?


And here I thought I was being droll (NOT drool) and clever by taking the bait and replying to rukidding's comment, and I quote,

"Really, OBAMA did it, that's what you came up with; although that is a possibility.

Ever stop to think that the guy doesn't like Fords? Maybe he just hates all things DENVER? There are a lot of possible alternatives to an OBAMA wreck, although that does have a good ring to it and is most assuredly an accurate statement.

Come on LANI, I left it open for you!"

So I proceeded to reply with something I had read about an OBAMA bet regarding the DENVER BRONCOS - haha - get it?

Apparently not. Oh, and another thing - While Vlad will win every "drool and babble" contest with me hands down, I'm afraid I don't quite possess the same degree of the 'clever/intelligent' gene as Vlad, so again, a faulty comparison. My guess is that if you think I am attaching an agenda to a non-agenda topic, you are either a.) Not reading the thread or article properly, or b.) Too absorbed in your own thoughts to pick up on the nuance. The last thing I want to do is waste people's time reading some off-topic comment - there are plenty of opportunities for me to spout off on topical articles, of which I admit to availing myself Oh - and another thing - there is nothing else you could possibly clear up for me.

You owe me an apology.


Boy oh boy. Both you and RU are suffering from a severe lack of humor the last couple days. I was certain that my comment about an intervetion would be met with some of your own wit, but I seem to have overestimated you this time.

Along with about 27 other things this forum could use to make it more user friendly, a group of emoticons to add to posts would be a good idea. Then, possibly, things would be misconstued less often. It's a thought anyhow.

I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings, the whole post, after keeping you in waiting, was meant to be in jest. I try not to get involved in your and Vlad's political handball so I gotta get you when you enter more generic territory. I'm returning to my corner now, with tail between my legs. The wife says..."bad dog", but she's giggling so I'm not sure how serious she is.....

Oh and for the record, from what I have read, you do ok holding your own against the masterbabbler. I'm not sure if that's good or not, though it was offered as a compliment.


RUKIDDING AND I are suffering from a severe lack of humor??? Gasp, sputter, spit.....

Apology and compliment accepted. And give your wife a little hug for me - she's a doll.


He was having a bad day yesterday. After making a valid observation about a lack of grammar, he got attacked by multiple entities who didn't appreciate his rapier wit, or point of view. Haven't seen him show up today at all.

Maybe his wife is making him take a "time out" :-D


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