Ferry PTA embezzlers get sentence delay

A former Grand Haven couple charged with taking money from a local school's Parent Teacher Association fund will get eight more months to make things right.
Becky Vargo
Nov 5, 2013


Melissa Moore, 30, and her husband, Adam Youngs, 32, received a delayed sentence Monday when they appeared before Ottawa County Circuit Judge Ed Post.

Their performance over the next few months will have a big impact on their sentence at that time, Post said.

Moore and Youngs face up to 10 years in prison and/or a $10,000 fine when they are sentenced on the embezzlement charges.

At a court hearing on Sept. 24, they each pleaded guilty to embezzling more than $20,000 from the Ferry Elementary School PTA. They did that as part of a plea agreement that would give them more time to pay the money back to the organization.

The agreement called for an immediate payment of $8,700 and $500 payments each month until a total of $20,035.37 was paid back to the PTA.

Ferry PTA President Melissa Poll said Monday that they anticipated the delayed sentence and that they have received “one small payment” since the initial payment.

“It was less than $500,” she said.

PTA Vice President Andrea Dress, who was in the courtroom with Poll, said the returned money “is taking a little burden off our chest.”

“We’re paying off bills that have been put on hold,” Poll said.

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This is how you dress to go to court?


If they'd had the money in the first place would they have stolen the money? Were they a hardship case and stoled due to financial pressures, or just simple greed. Good luck on getting the cash back PTA.


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Maybe I should. Maybe I should direct it to you as well, or I should look in the mirror as I certainly have my moments. It would be nice if we would express our opinions without the petty name calling, references to education, class, etc. It's very difficult at times to discern the mindset of a commenter, no facial expressions, sly grins, tongue in cheek, eye rolls, to work with. Many times the posts are meant in humor and not taken that way, happens to me all the time. My thought is we at least respect the right for someone to have an opinion different than our own, even if we don't agree with it.

As to grammatical errors and spelling – When on my laptop or at my desktop I always copy and paste to a word document and hit spell check, and I wish others did as well. However, I have sent numerous posts from my “intelligent phone” and it isn’t smart enough to check everything for me. I have read, and so has everybody else that sends texts, my text after I have sent it and been appalled at the errors in it.

Oh well, I don’t know how I got involved with this back and forth anyway, just rubs me the wrong way I guess, when an individual says someone else shouldn’t participate.


i hear ya.


I agree with the court on this one, at least they have a small chance in paying it back and avoiding prison. Because no one will win, if they are sent up, including the taxpayers and the PTA. But I would not hold my breath...Good luck.


It's hard to afford court clothes when you're paying back the 20 grand you embezzled. Guess a new wardrobe wasn't on the list of things purchased with our children's money.


This is sarcasm right?


A lot of it.


thought so :-)


Anyone want to hold a Pity Party fund raiser to help these two out? I'll guess they have tapped out friends and family. I feel a new FB fund raiser page coming.


What we need is a non-profit organization that will take donations on behalf of them. They could organize bake sales, garage sales, and other activities to help promote their cause. If only there were such an Association that we could follow the example of. Wait....


Completely ridiculous. I'm pretty certain they've had enough chances.


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