Slamming on the brakes causes Domino-like reaction

Three cars slammed into each other after the first car in the line tried to stop quickly as a light turned red in Grand Haven.
Becky Vargo
Nov 21, 2013


The incident happened at the lunch hour Thursday on southbound Beacon, midway between Taylor and Robbins.

Two drivers said the light by McDonald's changed and a car slammed on the brakes rather than easing through the intersection. This started a chain reaction of people slamming on their brakes. The guy being towed didn't stop in time and was ticketed.




Barry Soetoro

Hopefully they confiscate his Man Card for driving that thing.


LOL!! I agree. That is one of the most butt ugly cars ever designed.


Didn't this same type of stupidity occur at or near the corner of Jackson and US31 yesterday?


It's almost impossible to put anything past you no matter how hard they try, you spot everything. You know what they say, Moms know everything...

but father knows best, just ask Jane Wyatt.


I will say that the yellows south of Robbins down to Holland are far too short for the speed. If the light turns yellow south of Robbins, you practically have to slam on the breaks. It's an MDOT issue.

Through town I have never had an issue though.


While I'm fairly sure that the "Kleenex box on wheels" driver probably got a ticket for failure to stop in time....I'd like to see the idiot driver who jammed on the brakes and started this mess get a ticket also. You have to be pretty oblivious to your surroundings to slam on the brakes to stop for a light with cars right behind you. What would make any semi-intelligent/semi-skilled driver do that? Why was it necessary to slam on the brakes in the first place? Was the driver up front not paying attention, or did they just freak out? It's not like it doesn't turn yellow first to warn ya red is coming......I don't get it???

My money is either on an old lady that shouldn't be driving in the first place, or a young girl that just got her license and wasn't paying attention during driver training. Say what ya want, but when I'm on the road, 9 times out of 10 it's a nitwit from one of those two catagories that gets my attention for doing some foolish, idiot move within my frame of reference.


Most likely the driver who slammed on the brakes wasn't paying attention and had no idea how long the light had been yellow for. Stupid panic reaction to an otherwise insignificant event.

On the other hand, the driver may not be local and lives in a city with red light cameras (the crash repair industry's best friend).

Sucks to be the last guy in the chain reaction crash. Than again, if you are that far back and paying attention to the light should it have been an issue?

Granted, some of the yellows on 131 through GH are short. Am I the only one who believes that the yellow should be long enough to assure safe stopping from the speed limit under normal braking pressure?

I know there are so many variables in that equation, but what is the yellow time based/calculated on anyways?

The first in line driver that was hard on the brakes should have checked the mirrors first. Before stopping at a light, always check how close the vehicle behind is and where the driver is looking....


Traffic signals should not be blamed for a collision and there is absolutely no obligation for a driver to "check their mirrors" to monitor vehicles in back of them to see what distance they are from your vehicle and you won't find any such suggestion, rule, or law that states a driver must check traffic following them. The drivers main responsibility is to be aware and alert to traffic and conditions that are in front of their vehicle, because if they had to continually monitor traffic behind them that would be a distraction which could possibly cause a vehicle collision just like the one in this article. If a driver responds to a traffic signal or a squirrel in the road it's the "responsibility" of the driver(s) behind the braking vehicle to be traveling at a safe distance and speed so they can break safely so as to not hit the vehicle(s)in front of them. It is NOT the drivers fault who gets rear ended.


When I'm driving on the highway where the speed limit is 70 mph and in the left passing lane there's a line of cars traveling at 80+mph with no more than a couple of car lengths between each and if anyone in the front of that line hits the breaks all hell would break loose! I have seen the Cops around these speed trains and they have done nothing. I always see people roll through STOP signs never stopping and if I'm seeing all of these blatant traffic infractions then there must be a whole lot more going on I don't see. I feel like I'm in the minority when it comes to driving and following the law and safe driving practices. I don't see any great advantage in breaking any traffic laws.


The second and third driver should both have been ticketed! The first driver was smart to stop when he did, because the light had probably already been yellow when he got to it, and he realized that the light would be turning red if he went through, which means the other 2 vehicles would have both run a RED light! They were obviously tailgating to try and "make the light, no matter what"! Idiots. It has become and epidemic of drivers 2,3 or even 4 following the first driver through a yellow light, so that when they are going through, the light is definitely red! Yellow lights mean cautiously go through if it just turned yellow, not step on the gas if your 3 cars behind the one going through the yellow light so you can get through a red one! Stupid drivers need to pay attention to red lights & the NO TURN ON RED light at Jackson & Beacon corner!


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