Gas utility warns of scammers operating in area

Michigan Gas Utilities says some of its customers have been contacted by “door-to-door” sales people representing themselves as MGU employees.
Tribune Staff
Dec 13, 2013

“Nothing could be further from the truth,” said Paul Livernois, community relations manager for the gas company. “MGU does not make phone calls and we do not go door to door, unless in the case of a gas emergency."

Livernois said they've received reports of the scam in the Grand Haven and Spring Lake areas.

"Usually, we hear of these reports regarding marketer efforts to convince customers of lower gas costs," he said. "In this case, we’re not sure what they’re up to.”

Reports indicate that a door-to-door sales person asked a customer for their Medicare card to help with a senior rate. A Medicare card has the customer's Social Security number on it, and that is the last thing you want to provide to a stranger.

Livernois said customers should never provide a copy of their MGU gas bill unless they are seriously interested in switching to a marketer.

“Once they have your MGU account number, they can sign you up without any further permission, such as a signature or a contract,” he said.

Livernois said residents should be leery of companies that say they’re a partner with Michigan Gas Utilities. And should someone ask you for a Medicare card, he urges you to call the police.




I Cannot believe people still give out information to complete strangers. DON'T BE SO FREE WITH YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION.
If your not sure call the company, bank, etc. to verify this person.
If they can't wait for you to do that. Then you do not want to give out your information.


These characters stopped by my house a couple weeks ago and knocked on the door. I generally don't answer the door when it's somebody that looks like they're selling something, but they didn't take the hint that nobody was home so they knocked a second and then a third time. So, I went to the door, found out what they were about and immediately called B.S. and told 'em to get the H*** out of my yard and the neighborhood.
I pulled out my phone and told them if they went and knocked on anybody else's door where I could see 'em I was calling 911. They didn't say a word and went back to their car and took off. I then called down to City Hall to tell them and just got a "thanks for your call, we'll look into it".
Wonder how many other houses they hit inbetween my call and now?


Am I the only one to find hilarious the fact that these poor saps happened to knock on the door of, of all the doors in the world on which to knock, Ye Olde Curmudgeon? I'll bet they high-tailed it outta there in the time it takes to say LessThanAmused!

Tri-cities realist

Yeah, I doubt they were amused. Nice work LTA!


Yeah, for whatever reason, this seems to happen frequently in this area of town.

For awhile the wonderful folks of Hanson's Home Improvements were stopping by the house about once every 4 weeks to tell me how badly my roof needed their attention. I kid you not. I was pleasant the first couple times (yes, I can do pleasant when I'm inclined to), but about the 4th time of having someone that I didn't call and ask to come over, give me a dissertation on why my roof needed to be redone, I snapped and told 'em to add my name to their "don't ever come back here again" list and told 'em I was going to call headquarters and file a complaint about their repeated harrassment.

Funny enough, I haven't seen a Hanson's putz in the neighborhood since. The funny thing is I'm planning on doing the roof come spring and guess who I DIDN'T call for an estimate? I almost feel like calling them and telling them I'm getting my roof done and explain why they're not going to be doing the work. God I hate pushy marketers....I'll call YOU when I'm ready to buy, not when you're ready to sell.

I used to have a lot of fun with the JW's too. My tolerance for missionaries is less than zero, but word must've gotten out there too, about the nut on ******* street. I haven't seen one of those gruesome twosomes in several years now. Success!

It's gotten to be a joke around here. The wife will just say "honey, there's someone at the door who wants to know if you can come out and play" and then she giggles and goes back to whatever she was doing.

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