Two men face charges for illegally killing cougar

Michigan Department of Natural Resources officials said two Bay County men face charges after a cougar was illegally killed in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.
AP Wire
Dec 21, 2013

Officials said Friday that conservation officers arrested the men after receiving a tip that the cat was killed at a hunting camp in northeast Schoolcraft County.

The case will be turned over to the county prosecutor.

Cougars are also known as mountain lions and are classified in Michigan as an endangered species. The penalty for illegally killing one is up to 90 days in jail and restitution up to $2,500.

Officials say since 2008 they have confirmed photos or tracks of cougars on 23 occasions in 10 Upper Peninsula counties. The last confirmed wild cougar in Michigan prior to 2008 was an animal killed in 1906.



Yay, more "sportsman" hunters. I suggest, along with the fines and penalties they will suffer, that they get someone to shoot each of them in the foot. That's all, just one shot to get their attention.
The educational process is well served with positive reinforcement.

I'd volunteer for the job, but I'm not that accurate a shot and I'd probably have to fire off several rounds to get one that makes contact. :-)


Agreed, but they need another Restaurant reviewer.


You lost me there RW.....who "they" and what's a restaurant reviewer got to do with this?

Actually, now that I think about this deal a bit....I think those cretins should have to eat that whole cougar, one bite at a time, that way they can retain their great white hunter / Sportsman status. "We only kill that which we eat". Uh huh, pass the A-1 buddy.


Nice Vlad, another possible dining diva lost.


Except these aren't hunters, they are poachers (i.e. criminals). Like seeing a story about domestic violence and going off to rail about "loving" husbands.


I get your point GHJ and you're right...don't use too wide a brush to paint the picture....BUT, my assumptions here and yes, they are assumptions, are that firstly, the article says this was a established hunting camp, not a couple guys slinking thru the woods.

Poaching would imply to me that these guys were planning on taking multiple animals for their pelts, or whatever, not just shooting this one because it was in the wrong place, at the wrong time. There may have been alcohol, or other bad decision making additives involved too....I would find it hard to believe that the animal was shot simply because they feared for their lives.

At any rate, they do nothing to advance the time honored tradition of hunting. I am not anti-hunting in any way, as long as the game is not wasted, but scum who kill just for the thrill of the kill, should lose all rights to a hunting license for the rest of their miserable lives. Instead of witnessing and paying homage to an amazing animal of the wilderness, that few will ever see, these jerks chose to kill it.
/off soapbox.


That sentiment I can agree with LTA.

Michael Johnson

Let the wolves eat them...they've already proven themselves far superior to human hunters this fall.

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