Break-in suspect arraigned

A 40-year-old Muskegon man faces up to 10 years in prison if he is convicted of breaking into a Grand Haven Township business Sunday night.
Becky Vargo
Dec 24, 2013

Prosecutors have charged Michael Harold Wilson, 398 Amity, with breaking and entering a building with intent, and possession of burglary tools. He sat quietly Monday afternoon in 58th District Court and responded to Magistrate Vernon Helder’s questions during a video arraignment.

Ottawa County Jail records show that Wilson is also being held for being a flight risk and for nonpayment of child support.

Helder set bond at $7,500/10 percent, meaning Wilson can be freed from jail if a bond of $750 is paid. Helder set the following conditions for bond: Wilson must not use alcohol, must not possess a firearm or dangerous weapon, not participate in abusive behavior, and must continue with his present employment if allowed. He will also be placed on an alcohol monitoring system.

Police said K-9 units tracked Wilson for a mile Sunday night after an alarm went off at Downtown Auto Service, 13782 172nd Ave.

The first officer on the scene of the 7:40 p.m. call said a suspect was visible inside the office area. The suspect fled out a back door before police could set up a perimeter in the area, said Sgt. Chris Koster of the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Department.

Police from three departments swarmed the area and K-9 units from the Sheriff’s Department and Holland Department of Public Safety tracked the man for nearly an hour before cornering him in some shrubbery in front of a business at 14324 172nd Ave., which is across the street from the Grand Haven Nine movie theater.

Wilson was arrested without incident, Koster said. He was not armed.

Wilson has a previous breaking-and-entering conviction from 2005 in Spring Lake Township. He received a prison sentence of 2-10 years and was ordered to pay $600 in restitution.

This isn’t the first time Downtown Auto Service has been broken into this year.

“We had three others besides this one in the past year — mainly in the last 6-8 months,” said owner Jerry Schultz.

To read more of this story, see today’s print or e-edition of the Grand Haven Tribune.



Smokey...The Tracks of My Tears...


I was so captivated by the Cruise Like a Norwegian ads, I lost interest in the article, but whatever - I'm sure it is Obama's fault for creating this crummy economy and job market which gave this man carte blanche to break into businesses.

Walk This Way - Aerosmith


Fats Waller - Thief in the Night! or Fats' Seek and Ye Shall Find!


He looks like he could be Peter Gabriel's brother so I'm going with Sledgehammer. (cause he's gonna be breaking rocks...)

I had a link to a visual comparison, but the stupid spam filter wouldn't let me share!


"Public Safety tracked the man for nearly an hour before cornering him in some shrubbery in front of a business at 14324 172nd Ave.",

This tactic may have worked a bit better in the summer months as there's not a heckuva lot of cover on most bushes this time of year, unless these bushes were of the evergreen variety. I know I'd feel pretty silly trying to hide behind a deciduous bush this time of smacks of desperation and I just hate that.....

Why wasn't the type of bush included in this article fercryinoutloud...what ever happened to the who,what, where, when and why reporting I was taught in school, back when dinosaurs roamed the earth?


Did you know that dogs loose the scent at water's edge?.....


Did you know that most of the water in the area where this occurred is the form of ICE? And, a small amount of ice is nice with good scotch! And...MORE BACON!


Yes!! I can see the holidays have arrived full force in the rukidding household......have a shot on me, and one for Santa, in the hopes he hasn't picked up on your naughtiness - er, I mean poet's soul.

SKOAL, hope the bacon's crisp and low sodium, and Merry Christmas, fellow beach bum and writer of great sarcasm!!


hiccup. and no, it's not the scotch.


Stop with the bacon will ya? I tried to talk the little lady into going to Jeannie's for breakfast this morning and she vetoed the idea. :-(




Well duh...........have you ever watched an old cops and robber, or breaking out of prison movie? They always head for the river.

Which reminds me, did you see the Bonnie and Clyde movie that was on the other night? That Bonnie was a fun gal! I don't think they ever headed for the river though....probably why they ended up like they did!


Thank goodness you didn't ask me how I knew this.

I missed the movie, but nothing can compare to the Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty edition. Water hides many sins....but I digress. Now let's see, what were we talking about again?


"Thank goodness you didn't ask me how I knew this".

I just assumed it was from first hand experience and I didn't want to pry. :-D

I enjoyed the new version, thought it was well done, but then I love that whole '30's era, such cool cars and a decidedly less governmentally intrusive time...... :-)

Back to the Wall

Says here he's 40, that's impossible
Looks like he could be 65.

Cocaine Blues, Rev Gary Davis.


That is so funny and ironic, my wife just said he looks older than me and I could easily be his father, in years only, I didn't know his mother...honest I didn't.

There is No Hope For Me - by lesliefoundhergrail

deuce liti

Of course he doesn't pay child support. A well-rounded loser.

Bulls on Parade - Rage Against The Machine


Date With the Night - Yeah Yeah Yeahs


Maybe we should take all these suggestions and put them on a mix tape and send it to him in jail? After all it is the Christmas season.....


I think they will be giving him something at the jail, bend over...


Oh don't have your pants on do ya? :-O

Barry Soetoro

I'm curious about the "must continue with his present employment if allowed".

Cool Change - Little River Band

Barry Soetoro

Or maybe

Punk Prayer - PussyRiot.


Success is yours!

Barry Soetoro

It is indeed!

"Improvise! Adapt! Overcome!"
Gunnery Sergeant Tom Highway - Heartbreak Ridge


Yeah, little River Band! Saw them years ago as backup for an Ambrosia show.

This is the song for this dude.....

Lonesome Loser.


and that's how you get past the stupid spam filter that doesn't work with a d***. Just copy the stuff in between the brackets and paste in UTUBE.

EDIT: Well I'll don't even have to cut and paste, just click!! LOL! Da**, my old business prof told me I should go into programming and drop the accounting classes and I was too smart to listen.

Ok, well this should work until the spam folks kill this path too...spam away boys and girls!

"Improvise! Adapt! Overcome!" Indeed!

And Merry Christmas to all. Now I got cookies to eat before I can go to bed.

deuce liti

"What kind of sick country would kick someone with a giant boot?"

-homer simpson in reference to Australia

...And Justice For All - Metallica


When the cops found him,
45 - Shinedown

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