GH man convicted in sex crime

The small girl dressed in a pink shirt with her hair pulled back into a ponytail scoots closer to the microphone at the witness stand.
Becky Vargo
Dec 28, 2013

The 9-year-old girl was in the courtroom on Dec. 12 to testify against a man she once considered her friend.

She hugged a large stuffed animal to her chest and slid to the far side of her seat, leaning away as the jury was seated. A comfort dog sat at her feet; an advocate sat close behind her.

When the one-day trial was all over, the jury took only 10 minutes to convict Theodore Charles Dyer of first-degree criminal sexual conduct. The 66-year-old Grand Haven man now faces up to life in prison when sentenced Jan. 20 by Ottawa County Circuit Judge Ed Post.

The fourth-grader said she and her siblings spent a lot of time with the neighborhood man, as he and his roommate had an open-door policy.

The girl’s sister testified that the victim was Dyer’s favorite, and Grand Haven public safety officers supported that by supplying photos of the man’s locked box that included only photographs of the young victim.

The girl said she often went to the man’s house.

“We played a lot of games, like Twister, Shoots and Ladders, Candy Land,” she said.

The neighbor often took her with him to drop off his roommate at work or to go to a fast-food restaurant.

The girl’s mom testified that she was not aware of any problems until going to collect her young daughter at about 9 p.m. July 23. Her other children were already home at the time.

“He was very nice," the mother said. "He helped out when I needed help with the kids. If we were all home, he’d prop his door open and I’d prop my door open, and the kids would run back and forth.”

So, on the night of July 23, the mother walked into the apartment and back toward the bedrooms, where she heard voices. The bedroom door was ajar, so she opened it farther. She said that's when she saw Dyer performing oral sex on the girl.

“I flung the door open and I yelled, ‘Hell no!’ I went in and grabbed her off the bed. He backed off before I got to where they were at,” the girl’s mother testified.

To read more of this story, see Saturday’s print or e-edition of the Grand Haven Tribune.



Yikes creepy looking guy. I feel literally sick to my stomach after reading what the mother had to witness. This man should be sentenced to life behind bars. Also castrated. After all he pretty much took this poor girls childhood.

Former Grandhavenite

One of the many terrible things about crimes like this is that it's a complete betrayal of the trust between neighbors and supposed friends. The more garbage like this that goes on, the less likely people are to view a genuinely friendly and helpful neighbor as just that, but instead to wonder whether they're a pedophile or have other bad motives. I hope this girl isn't going to go through her entire life never being able to trust anyone again.

papa bear

Castrate the sicko then tie him to a tree and beat the crap out of him


Feeding, housing and clothing this miscreant is a complete waste of tax dollars. Just give him the shot to put him to sleep and spend the money we'd save on road repairs, something we'd all benefit from.....feeding him? no benefit realized.


Well at 66 years old he is done anyway, when your that old the casket is just around the corner. Obviously this behavior is a trend. Most likely has huge medical issues brewing. Can't afford co-pays. Can't pay property tax anymore and is most likely delinquent. He will get much better medical/nursing home care in prison than on the outside. If he has cancer - how does he then get rides to the doctors? If he has that so called "double diabetes" how is going to afford insulin, needles and test strips? The insulin pen costs a whopping $135 a piece! In prison he will get what he needs. There are thousands and thousands of men across the country doing this crap and I believe it an attempt to secure life time medical treatment and nursing home treatment. Well he will get it now at our expense in the MDOC.


I don't believe he was thinking about medical supplies when he was doing this.


Wow, "the casket is around the corner at 66"?? My dad made it to 86, that's 20 years and hardly "around the corner". You can get a lot done in 20 years.
As long as some other inmate doesn't find out what he did and shaft him out in the yard, he may live another 30 years, particulary with the good medical care he'll get in prison that he probably can't afford on the outside.

Sounds to me like you're trying to attach all your issues to him.


this POS is a ex COP too...they are going to love him in prison!!!!


You're right on both counts. He worked for the Muskegon County Airport Police. I didn't even know there was such a thing. I hope he has as hard of time in prison as one would think a child raping ex cop would have.


Oh goodie! that factoid should move him directly to the express lane of prison justice and everlasting damnation. We might get those roads repaired yet!


After roughly 30 days in Jackson quarantine, he will be transferred to a prison with minimum Level IV security. Because of nature of his crime, the DOC will recommend he be placed in Protective Custody for his own safety. However, he will be able to choose whether he wants to be in PC. If he chooses not to go into PC, his life expectancy will be gambling odds among the other inmates. Somehow, certain inmates always know who is arriving at that particular prison, sometimes before staff knows. If he survives in PC (without taking his own life), at some point he will choose to go into general population for that little extra freedom. So no matter what, it is likey "Game Over" for him.


16damons is pretty much on target, but most likely, at Jackson they will determine his health care needs, and he will probably go either into the sub acute hospital, or the C-unit there, along with many other prisoners in for sexual crimes, where many live out their sentences, away from the general population. He has been convicted by our courts, and someday will stand before God for his actions, the same God we all stand before for our own. I have worked in the prisons, it is not a nice place, and the prisoners are not treated well, despite what people say. You would not want your worst enemy to go there. What this man did was evil and wrong. I hope the little girl and any other children he may have harmed get the help they need to have a normal life. We live in a sinful, fallen world. Some sins are more repulsive to us than others, but we live in a sin-sick society. The same Jesus that died on the cross for your and my sins, died for this man's sins too. God help that little girl.

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