Hazardous road conditions, crashes

The Arctic blast has arrived!
Becky Vargo
Jan 6, 2014

The Tri-Cities area has single-digit temperatures with wind chills plummet to negative 25 or 30. The snow is blowing, making visibility on the roads abysmal.

Slide offs and people getting stuck on the road or in the ditch are plentiful. Officials warn folks to stay home and inside today, if they are able.

Check out area closings by clicking HERE.

Check out the full story on the Arctic blast by clicking HERE.

Check out the winter storm warnings and official forecast by clicking HERE.



Thank you Captain Obvious..


It's honestly not that bad out there if people would actually drive appropriate for conditions (including those with SUV's).

That being said, I find it odd that I have been out non-stop the past couple days and have not seen a single road commission or MDOT plow in over 48-hours. The off-ramps at 3rd street in Ferrysburg are absolute death traps. Many inches of snow (which hasn't been plowed in days) over a solid sheet of ice on 31 and 96. Maybe the road commission could hire me on? I'd plow for less than the union guys do.

Additionally, on the 1st I drove home from visiting the fiancé's family in Chicago during the snow storm. Despite the very heavy snow, the roads in Illinois and Indiana were absolutely SPOTLESS and traffic was able to travel at 70mph safely. The instant we hit the Michigan border, things turned to the condition they are today. Just horrid. If you check out MDOT's Facebook page and comments, it is one lame excuse after another.


Available plow trucks were probably designated to emergency use. Often during storms, they are required to wait with police/fire vehicles to lead the way safely for emergencies. It's not just MDOT refusing to care about the roads.


Also, nothing can be done about "solid sheets of ice" when it's so cold. I believe the cut-off for salt working is about 17 degrees. Sand can only do so much for traction until it blows away, it's not going to melt it.


I've only been out twice today and both times have seen plow trucks... that being said, I completely agree with you that people drive like idiots!


What I would like is the City of GH to stop issuing parking permits to those residences who have way to many vehicles for the homes parking spots availability. Most residents get the vehicles off the streets so the plows can remove the snow. I have observed many neighborhoods in the city that have vehicles parked on the streets and all plowed in. Was told these vehicles had parking permits and did not have to move for snow removal. I understand that apartments and some rentals do not have proper parking for the tenants. This is totally unexceptional and should be reviewed by the City Council. Their should be a one vehicle permit limit issued to a household and not multiple to one residence. How do you expect the plows to clear the streets especially during these type of storms.


I drive an SUV and got passed by a Prius on I96 this afternoon like it was nothing. Don't judge those with SUV's! The idiots are the ones who drive the cars not the cars themselves.

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