State trooper fatally shoots man, 68

Michigan State Police said a trooper fatally shot a 68-year-old former teacher as the trooper responded to a possible call to 911 where someone hung up.
AP Wire
Jan 15, 2014


The shooting happened at about 11 p.m. Tuesday in Mason County's Amber Township, near Ludington, after the man pointed a gun at the trooper. Police identified the man as William Jackson Marble.

Police said Marble had a handgun and fired one shot. He died at a hospital.

Marble was a former Mason County Eastern teacher who taught 33 years at the school.

The trooper reportedly had been waiting for backup at the time of the shooting. The Mason County Sheriff's Department and Ludington police also responded.



retired DOC

Another example of why our police are not paid enough.


Really? The cop was in extreme life threatening danger from a 68 year old man with issues?

Why is it necessary and obviously acceptable to shoot to kill in all these cases lately? How about being a good enough shot if you're a cop to just wing the guy? Maybe shoot him in the arm or leg.....something to distract him and defuse the situation? then maybe we could find out what his problem is/was....

I find it real hard to applaud for the cop's decision making skill in cases like this when it's closer to sanctioned murder than self-defense.

If a cop thinks that every time he gets a call that it's a life or death situation for him and it's kill or be killed, then maybe it's time to find a different line of work.

This was probably another suicide by cop, but it didn't have to be....


"Just wing the guy?" The ignorance keeps on coming. Know any law enforcement personnel? Ever ask them about that strategy?


"Wing the guy"??? Murder????? Are you kidding me? LEOs are not taught to wound people, they are taught, shoot to kill.

Need "to find a different line of work"??? Again, are you kidding me???? Yes LEOs are put in danger everyday. What would you do if you pulled up to a house and there was someone standing there pointing a gun at you? I would think my life is in danger at that point too. Then to have a shot fired at you, that escalates the situation real quick.

Not to mention if the article has all the facts. It states the man had a gun and fired one shot. The trooper was in danger if that is true, and was defending his life, from a criminal.

Finally....I didn't know there was an age limit for people not to be dangerous. Anyone, no matter what age, with a gun pointing at you is considered dangerous.


This is the most naive, ignorant, selfish and stupid-again comments and advice, in particular of our law enforcement who are too husbands, dads, people like many of us except YAAUA/Tighe.


^ Can the Tribune please ban this joker for life? Block his web address. He consistently prints people's private information. Boot this moron off, PLEASE! His comments are always inappropriate.


The police have notified about his death threats and are keeping an eye on him's amazing the things cops can do with the technology we have nowadays......Also, the tribune has been asked to deal with him and for some reason have chosen not guess is it's one of the dining diva's trying to get back at me for the chubby cougars comment


Someone ignorant enough to even make such a statement is beyond reasoning with from the get go.


Wing the guy? Monday-morning policing at its worse.


I would love for the critic to respond to that type of call !! Most likely with your thought process that would be your one and only call. Your ignorance overwhelms me. You should be banned from any comments ever again !!!


Good Shepard??? LOL! KILL THE GUY, HE HAD IT COMING.....whew, hope you don't go to church with that attitude.

You should try and grasp the concept of critical thought instead of being a good sheep.

Self Righteous much?

good lord

Just say 5 hail Mary's and everything will be good again, right?


If you pull a gun on a police officer I believe that officer has every right to shoot that person dead! A police officer standing in front of you is no joke. Drop it or be shot usually means you are going to die. Most people know that at 68. I sympathize for all involved.


Aha, I see I'm gone for a day and the natives have brought out their pitchforks and rope for a good ole 60's era Southern style lynching.

I've spent most of the day at the hospital so I'm beat, but let me ask you poor folks, that have had to suffer the indignity of hearing the opinion of someone who you don't agree with....and on a public comment forum no less, a couple serious questions.

I'll make this short because I'm pretty sure no one's going to take the time to think things thru and answer my questions.

Remember a time not too long ago, (probably before 2001 when the general populace turned into a fearful group of sheep who were happy to give up their constitutional freedoms for the promise of protection from all the boogymen in the world) When situations like this one with the teacher would've been dealt with differently? Remember hostage situations and trying to bring the situation to a positive end with no bloodshed? Didn't that used to be the goal?

We used to try and deal with folks like this guy, who obviously was having some issues, by establishing a line of communication and attempting to talk him into giving up. In this hostage situation (his wife was in the house and a 911 call had been made at one point) why did this cop choose to be confrontational and push the issue instead of trying to diffuse the situation? Why did he not wait for his backup to get there and then try to establish communication with this distraught person? What was the big hurry for resolution that this needed to be dealt with in such a murderous manner?

If in fact this cop was in danger, then he put himself there. He could easily have stepped away from the danger, retreat to a safe distance and waited until his back-up arrived and they then could've formulated a plan, if in fact there weren't already protocols in place to handle these types of confrontations.

For you irate, self-righteous christian types here that are upset by my do you think your God feels about that man's murder? Do you think your god is going to give that cop a free pass for taking that man's life? It's been awhile since I was brainwashed by the Catholics, but I'm pretty sure there's a commandment that says "Thou shalt not kill" That folks is a statement, black and white. It doesn't come with qualifiers. Think carefully before answering that because most of your type are already hypocrites, don't make matters worse by picking and choosing who gets to live and who dies, that's not up to you!

Do you wonder how that cop feels about killing someone? Does he know in his heart that what he did was unnecessary and wrong? Is he going to hell for killing someone, or does that only apply if you're a "believer" Do you think you really get to pick and choose what commandments you want to obey?

To Vlad, the man who yells at answer your ignorant questions.....yes I do know a cop, two actually and one is a good friend. We've had this discussion several times in the recent past and as much as you won't want to believe it, he agrees in large part with my point of view. He, like me, sees this, what he calls the "lets wrap this up quick so I can be home in time for supper" approach to these situations as unwise and unnecessary. He is a big advocate of trying to talk to and reason the man into putting the gun down and getting him help. Remember when we used to help people in need? He's been a cop for 25 years and can't wait to retire because of the changes in the way things are handled these days. Don't worry, you don't know him, he's not from around here.

This is already too long, but I type fast so here's a couple more things to chew on.

This guy wasn't a criminal, or even a bad neighbor. He was a teacher for god's sake and from interviews I heard, lived a good life up until the point where he was having some issues, maybe health related, maybe something else, who knows....WE don't, but to just murder the guy because why? You're too stupid to back up out of harms way for 10 minutes until assistance arrives? Just because you have a tin star doesn't mean you get to choose who lives and who dies, or it shouldn't, maybe it does nowadays......sure been happening enough lately.

I'll grant you that using the phrase "wing him" was not the best way to explain it, so let me try again. Assuming this cop knew how to use his gun and had some basic shooting skills then there is no reason on earth why he couldn't have simply put a round in the guy's leg, which would've dropped him to the ground instantly and given Barney a chance to run up there and hit him with the tazer for good measure before putting the cuffs on him. Had that been done then maybe we'd be able to know what the problem was, maybe be able to help him this Robocop has left his wife a widow and for what reason? Anybody ask her how she feels about this turn of events??

I find it disappointing, but not entirely surprising that you ALL hypocrites have jumped into the mob mentality game and are vilifying me for wanting to save a life instead of killing a man needlessly, who didn't deserve to be murdered. If I were you, with your attitudes here I'd be real careful about stepping inside a church, you may just burst into flames for your disdain of the value of human life.

Shame on all of you for supporting this man's murder. Go ahead and diss me all you want, frankly I'd rather you did because I don't want to be a part of any group that sanctions murder just because it's convenient or easier than dealing with the situation in a intelligent manner.

Shame on you all. May Karma find you soon. discuss amongst yourselves now, I'm done responding to this topic. Thanks for taking my faith in human nature down a couple more notches.


Brilliant. If you weren't going to say something, I was. But it wouldn't have been so searing, concise, and effective. You are absolutely correct on every point. This story is one of many that I'm hearing about lately that borders on an abuse of power with our local police officers. You needed to spell this deal out, and you did, again, awesomely. Thanks, Less.

I've had a feeling something was not quite 100% - hope all is now copacetic. I know - MMOB - but.. hope you feel the positive energy, and pass it on to whomever.


Thanks for the positive energy.

I find it a bit sad that none of the mob has come back to try and justify their P.O.V. on the murder of this man. It was an excellent example of how a lynch mob gets generated though......

A quote for you that I always liked.....don't recall now who's responsible for it.

"people are like electricity, they always take the path of least resistance"

Have a good weekend.


I don't disagree with much of what you said in this latest comment; and had your first comment been similar I wouldn't have bothered to yell at the clouds. It was the "just wing em" that prompted a reply, and I'm pretty sure your cop friends wouldn't agree with that course of action either if facing a man with a weapon.

Hope all is well health wise.


My "cop friend" would've more than likely been smart enough to not place himself in that type of position in the first place. I know for a fact that although he's had to use his firearm on several occasions, he's never felt the need to murder anyone.

We're old, nothing health wise is ever "all well". It is what it is and we go forward from here to the final destination.


Do you remember State Trooper Butterfield who just a few months ago walked up to a car he pulled over for speeding and was shot and killed where he stood? That's murder!!!!! Get it right.

Now on a calmer level, I didn't come back to the silly tribune until today. I wasn't personally attacking you. I don't know you. I, me, my opinion, you have yours and I have mine, which is okay, is that no officer wants to kill anyone. For you to refer to this as murder is completely disrespectful to how many times our officers do take actions just like you describe that you never hear about. We weren't there. We have a tribune reporter who likes to create just this type of controversy creating it, which is great for the paper. How many officers would be killed if they hesitated to just try to stop a person instead of what they are trained to do? Then there is litigation. If the officers don't follow the rules and procedures to a tee, they lose their jobs. The days of discretion is gone. These people put their lives on the line ever day every shift. Disagree sure, call it murder, no.


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