Ice fisherman suffers from possible CO poisoning

Emergency crews responded to a Grand River bayou Sunday morning when a man was discovered unresponsive inside his fishing shanty.
Becky Vargo
Feb 16, 2014


The initial call was that he was suffering from Carbon Monoxide poisoning, said Lt. Matt Schweitzer of Grand Haven Township Fire/Rescue.

Grand Haven Township firefighters and Ottawa County Sheriff's deputies staged at the Millhouse Bayou access on Bignell Drive after the 10:21 a.m. call.

Firefighters donned safety gear, including life jackets, when they went out on the ice, Schweitzer said.

First responders placed the man in a basket-type stretcher/sled and pulled him back to shore where they were met by North Ottawa Community Hospital paramedics.

"Depending on if his levels of Carbon Monoxide are critical, he could be transferred to Grand Rapids for further treatment," Schweitzer said.

Responders reported they found a small propane heater inside an ice shanty. Inadequate ventilation is believed to be the cause of the medical emergency, Schweitzer said.

Emergency personnel cleared the scene by 11 a.m.


Former Grandhavenite

Clearly this is liberal propaganda. I learned from an editorial in the Wall Street Journal that carbon monoxide is good for you. The real threat is the dihydrogen monoxide and all of its treehugging supporters.


Actually, you have a good point

Former Grandhavenite

I've been a DHMO junkie for quite a few years unfortunately, and it's hard to kick as the withdrawal symptoms are brutal. This stuff is bad news since a baby can drown in as little as 500ml of DHMO, and DHMO junkies going through withdrawal tend to engage in drug seeking behavior to the point that they'd rather have another hit of DHMO than food or sex.

Even though I'm a graduate of the DARE program I fell in with a bad crowd in a misguided effort to be cool. We'd hang out behind the gym dosing each other up on DHMO. One time I got pulled over by the cops with an entire jug of DHMO so it was pretty nerve wracking, but fortunately I was able to pass it off as vodka since they didn't have a dog with them. FYI you can usually score some pharmaceutical grade DHMO at a lot of gas stations and convenience stores in the area if you stay low key and manage to convince them that you're not a cop.


Worse yet, fish fornicate in it. On the other hand, many don't believe that the high class DHMO AKA Aquafina is really just clear Pepsi. . . .

Mystic Michael

Darned promiscuous fish! The least they could do is submit to properly-chaperoned dating, then promptly marry their first significant others right after high school - like everyone else!

People are funny

Way to take a potential tragedy and make it political. Typical liberal. I hope he is alright. Often thought of this myself and unzipped the top of my doors just in case.

Former Grandhavenite

Too soon? Don't forget there is a strictly enforced two drink minimum and please remember to tip your waitress. I wouldn't want to poison the atmosphere in this thread, but I think this is really just a fishing expedition on the part of this guy. Folks have such an icy attitude toward issues like this and the legislative process appears to be frozen solid. In all fairness I should probably be taken out to the shanty for carping on and trying to lure folks in with my chilly remarks. Who trusts a bayou named after Richard Milhouse Nixon anyway? The water serves as a gate to limit traffic out there, but there a lot of bugs in the area unfortunately.

People are funny

Oh Trolling liberal!! Now I understand. Probably a metaphor for globing warming. Ice, carbon monoxide, and Nixon the republican. It was probably Al Gore in the shanty. Should have used a solar heater!!


FormerGrandHavenite... You are a jerk!! That was my son and he almost died. You ignorant jerk!!!! And to those who are concerned, he was transported to Spectrum and placed in a hyperbaric chamber for a few hours. He is home now and doing well. Thank God!!


Thank goodness your son is doing well; I sincerely apologize for responding to the original comment in a joking manner. I should have exercised better judgment, especially not knowing the condition of your son.


Typical Republican response. Tell 'em what they want to hear. You insensitive nitwit, you should be ashamed of yourself and your entire party. :-S





Tri-cities realist


Former Grandhavenite

Man, tough crowd tonight! In all seriousness though you're right and I'm glad to hear that he's doing well.

Most of my friends and family basically make fun of everyone and everything constantly (ourselves especially) and I'd consider my funeral an abject failure unless at least a few good lines were delivered at some point. If someone gets electrocuted it's a safe bet that I'll be there making bad puns about insulation and circuitous paths to fame before too long. If someone's parachute fails to open I'll be scolding anyone who tries to joke about it for not understanding the gravity of the situation. If my house burns down guaranteed one of my friends will comment on how I had a burning desire to move anyway and should stop looking so ashen.

When my mom had a pretty serious car accident a few years ago it only took about 5 minutes before we were all kidding her about, "lol women drivers am I right?" When my grandma was in the hospital and an additional problem was found we were joking with the doctor about how convenient it all is since we're already at the hospital, etc.

Of course not everyone shares that approach and I would probably do well to be more mindful of that as I genuinely have no desire to offend anyone. I write constantly and wanted to do that as a career at one point. Nowadays I write more for myself as opposed to any audience as it's far and away the best tool I've found for organizing my thoughts and is a huge help from a business standpoint in making decisions. If some piece of writing brightens somebody's day in a small way then so much the better, but I'm pretty much doing it for my own reasons and still would even if I knew it would never be seen by anyone. My comrades with the "make fun of everything" mindset (and by comrades, of course I mean my fellow members of the Soviet Communist Party) would generally see it as "hey relax I'm jus bweakin yah bahhs a lil bit" as the locals here would say. If something I've written makes somebody feel worse than chances are that I'm doing it wrong. It's a good idea to never attribute to malice that which can be attributed to stupidity. Anyway, sorry. Hope he's doing great.


I'd go easy on the apologies bud, humor, in the face of a stressful situation, is a proven, healthy way to deal with things. For people outside the circle of friends (forum commentors) it can be a way to deal with a situation that affects you, but with which you are unable to help or assist in a more substantial way.

Frankly I enjoy your humor, and I'd hope that you continue to lighten the place up a bit. It's a nice contrast to the never-ending, mind numbing, completely futile political drivel debates that don't solve a thing and end up further dividing area residents.

No one gets out of here alive, so one might as well get a laugh or two out of the stupid stuff while we're here.

I'll await the next chuckle I get from your perspective on the news of the day.

Former Grandhavenite

Thanks for the kind words! Whoever said that laughter is the best medicine clearly doesn't live in Colorado or Washington state, although laughter is probably a close second. One study in the Jounal of the American Medical Association found that shin splints are almost 17% funnier than carbon monoxide poisoning, but the Lancet seems to indicate that patient outcomes are better and costs much lower if you switch over to generic humor instead of dispensing the expensive name-brand prescriptions as written.

So, with that in mind- What's the deal with those airline peanuts? I mean, more like can't open nuts am I rite? You know what they call it when you have the same TV dinner several nights in a row? Reruns! Wow, wow, what a great audience tonight! Anyone here from....The Tri Cities? I flew down from Muskegon and man are my arms tired!


The person in the picture is not even him. They just put a random pic of someone else with the article. Actually, I know the person in the pic and he is a great guy.


I always find it amazing that someone who's just suffered a tragedy, or even a potential tragedy, can take the time, in the middle of said tragedy, to come here to a public forum, rife with a bunch of goofballs who don't know the people involved and B**** about the insensitively of strangers.

It's generally not so much done in maliciousness as it is a way to deal with something bad that they're not involved in personally.

If in fact this is your child who suffered this event than why in the H*** are you here, ragging at strangers, instead of taking care of your son's needs at this point in time?

That to me is even more a ridiculous waste of time than a handful of off-the-wall comments.

Go take care of your kid and think about buying yourself a clue the next time you've got time to kill.

Who goes ice fishing and needs a heater anyhow???? Buy the boy some thermal underwear and a decent set of mittens.

Good lord. [sigh]


Aw Geesh! More "..never-ending, mind numbing, completely futile drivel that doesn't solve a thing and ends up further dividing area residents". :-S

Just be glad this unfortunate young man has recovered and is back home safe and sound, and leave well enough alone. We've all learned something from this, let's say a quick prayer of gratitude that this ended as it did, and move on.


Cute, you're a regular female curmudgeon, using my own words against me. I knew that crack about political discussion would yank your chain.

Point taken though and I'll stop just as soon as you do. :-P




LessThanAmused, What a perfect user name. You also are an ignoragnt jerk! The "boy" is a young adult and I don't need to buy him anything. And as for your other idiotic comments, I didn't see this article until I had already dropped him off safe and sound at his own house after sitting in a hospital all day with him. So don't you DARE attempt to judge me or indicate that I would rather screw around on a public forum than take care of my son. Idiot!!!


Idiot? I'm not that one that almost expired due to Carbon Monoxide poisoning......

Have a nice day, glad your kid is OK.


Thank you LessThanAmused... I appreciate that. Even if it was sarcastic. People are not idiots if they just flat out don't know about those things. Everyone needs to be educated about the potential for danger. I know that my son learned a valuable lesson here. Me too for that matter.


I wasn't being sarcastic, I was being sincere, I don't wish any harm to come to anyone. I wish people, including myself at times, would pay more attention to what goes on around them.

If I was being sarcastic I would've used the Lanivan approved emoticon for sarcasm = :-S

I find it hard to believe you'd never heard of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning before now, but if that's in fact the case, I'd definitely suggest reading up on it. It's serious stuff, as you now know.

People are funny

Wow Less than amused!! Criticizing a man and his mother because he wants to be comfortable while ice fishing. As an avid fisherman myself I know the fish turn on and off throughout the day so I will spend hours waiting for that few minutes of hot bite time. If you are in a spearing pike you can spend hours waiting for the thrill of that big one to come in. You people would make the same stupid comments if he had hypothermia but as many comments you post here it appears you spend most of your time in your mothers basement on the computer and don't enjoy the outdoors. Former Grandhavenite I too enjoy a good tragedy joke but I am smart enough to know where and when to use them. LDouglas I'm glad your son is alright and as I said I've opened my doors for a little while to vent but I can see how it could be easy to get distracted and forget. This will definitely help me to remember.

Former Grandhavenite

Hey, whaddaya mean by "You people"? I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you're referring to economists.


"as many comments you post here it appears you spend most of your time in your mothers basement on the computer and don't enjoy the outdoors."

Wow, People Are Funny, that's a pretty mean thing to say to me when you're dissing me for being mean. Feel better now? Do you think I even have a living mother at my age?

Also, I'm am an avid outdoors person and I'd be willing to bet you that I've spent more time in the out-of-doors in my life than you have in yours....let me know if you'd like to compare histories.

Given that it's the dead of winter, yes I'm on here more than I normally would be if the weather was a tad bit nicer, but even then it only takes maybe 5 minutes to respond to a couple threads because I know how to type. I do a lot of my "work" on the computer these days so it doesn't take much effort to check it from time to time when I need a break from my more serious efforts.

I'm curious now that this has come up......Why don't you ice fishermen put your heat generator on the outside of your shanty and pipe the heat in? Wouldn't that be safer? I ask because I don't really know the answer. Seems to me like it might solve the problem.


I think people like "LessThanAmused" should find a different hobby and worry about their own buisness and swallow their own comments! Don't Quit You're Day Job Buddyyy...



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