SL sued for crash

A Spring Lake woman has filed a lawsuit for the injuries she says she suffered in a crash with a police car at a village intersection last year.
Becky Vargo
Mar 5, 2014


The lawsuit filed on behalf of Kara Hamm targets the driver of the police cruiser, Sgt. Curt Theune of the Spring Lake/Ferrysburg Police Department, and the Village of Spring Lake. It asks for more than $25,000 in damages.

Read the lawsuit document: Download the "Related File" PDF below this story.

Theune declined to comment Tuesday, and referred all questions to Village Manager Chris Burns.

“The village has submitted the documents to our insurance carrier and adjuster, who will assign an attorney to defend Sgt. Theune and the village against the lawsuit,” Burns said.

Although Hamm sought her own treatment after the crash and was not taken to the hospital by ambulance, the lawsuit claims she suffered “severe and debilitating injuries.” The lawsuit claims her injuries included a “traumatic brain injury/post-concussion syndrome/closed head injury,” as well as “other injuries to her head, torso and extremities.”

Hamm’s attorney, Randy Allaben, said his client continues to seek treatment “primarily for memory and concentration.” The attorney said that, in cases like his client’s, an injury might not show up on a scan, but symptoms become apparent when someone tries to go back to work and family members notice a change in their behavior or temperament.

Allaben said the children in the van that Hamm was driving did not suffer injuries with any long-term effects, but the boy received burns from battery acid from the police car.

The incident occurred when Theune was responding to another crash shortly after 4 p.m. May 7 and his police cruiser struck Hamm’s van.

Theune was driving west on Savidge Street in Spring Lake with the vehicle’s lights and siren activated. Witnesses said he slowed when approaching the Lake Avenue intersection, but was unable to avoid Hamm’s minivan, which was northbound on Lake Avenue with a green light.

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Barry Soetoro

I hate those injuries that don't show up on a scan but become apparent after a lawyer contacts you.


Wait a minute? Isn't she the one who failed to yield because she didn't hear the siren?


She claims "severe and debilitating injuries", yet she wasn't taken to the hospital by ambulance and she was able to seek treatment on her own??? Doesn't compute, except in greedy lawyer language.


Agreed, coonan222. I am really sure that someone with "traumatic brain injury" could have driven themselves to get medical help! Not!


Here you go Dr.Quin...It appears you know nothing about head injury’s case in point... Natasha Richardson ultimately-deadly fall at a Canadian ski resort – and critical lapses in her care that may have contributed to her death.
Richardson, 45, was on vacation with one of her young sons at Quebec's Mont Tremblant resort March 16 when she fell on a beginner's slope known as Nansen, a run popular for its gentle slopes and forgiving turns. Although her fall may have first appeared minor – she reportedly refused to be taken to hospital at least twice – the head injury she suffered is a type that, if tended to quickly at a qualified trauma center, can often treated successfully – and can just as easily turn fatal if not treated in time. Not all brain injuries appear at first.


Here is the link to the original article, for those interested.

Greed (Latin, avaritia), also known as avarice, cupidity or covetousness, is the inordinate desire to possess wealth, goods, or objects of abstract value with the intention to keep it for one's self, far beyond the dictates of basic survival and comfort. It is applied to a markedly high desire for and pursuit of wealth, status, and power.


The smile says it all !


Here is another great example of our growing self entltlement society, why work for a living when you can get it free. Just cannot understand why we just can't accept being responsible for our own actions today. Are we that so lost as a country, but I guess, so go our leader, so go the nation...down the drain.


The Michigan Vehicle Code states that emergency vehicles must yield to vehicles at an intersection even if their siren is activated. The van had the green light, and right of way. Emergency vehicles MUST STILL YIELD even if they have their siren activated. Clearly Theune violated this law and was careless in this crash. That is why he was found at fault on the accident report.


The Tribune should find out what disciplinary action was taken against Theune for violating state law and department policy. Why hasn't the Tribune asked these important questions?


Ridiculous....shame on her and her lawyer....treatment for memory and concentration? What a joke! Where does one receive such treatment and how much does it cost? $25,000? Sheeeeeeeeit!!!


Isn't that what Michigan's ridiculous auto insurance rates are for - to cover unlimited medical expenses?

Harry Kovaire

Doesn't she have auto insurance with the ridiculously generous medical provisions required here in Michigan?

Golddigger and an ambulance chaser.


Anyone who makes comments about the victim's medical condition obviously does not know the facts. If you were injured you would want to seek justice also. Ignorance of the facts and assuming you know everything about her injuries committed by a careless act is just wrong. That's why we have courts.


She's fine!!! Oh wait, maybe you're onto something...when I was a kid I fell off my bike a couple times. And now I get headaches every now and then. I'm sure those headaches have nothing to do with loud noises, stress or anything like that, it's from falling off my bike when I was a kid. I should sue my bike helmet manufacturer!!!! After decades my bike accidents have finally caught up to me.


Let's see Theune's personnel record file published in the Tribune just like the police chief's. At least the Chief never injured anyone. Time for the Tribune to file a Freedom of Information Request for Theune's file.


Do you think it is riddled with emails from the Village Manager telling him how to do his job, pay taxes even the IRS doesn't require it, etc. I hope he didn't have any personal court documents for her to look up and I pray he never used a personal check for anything or he might find himself in the same boat as the former chief. Why not FOIA the former Clerks file too? Village Manager asked for her "retirement" didn't she? A lot of former here. Anyone else? Set right up and be counted!

River Man

Do you think saying bad things about her in on a post will increase or decrease here settlement?

While I try hard to respect Police, Fire and EMT heading to help someone it is easy to imaging this happening to anyone.

I hope that Kara heals quickly and fully.


If I were her lawyer, I would be careful about opening the issue of concentration. SHE was the one that did not hear or properly respond to the police siren. Her concentration problems may predate this accident that SHE caused.


Obviously you are not informed properly as to who was at fault in this crash. The police - THEUNE was AT FAULT. Not the woman.
Sirens do not give emergency vehicles the right of way at an intersection when the other person has the green light, whether she heard it or not.
That is why THEUNE was at fault on the Crash Report.


Except SHE hit Theune and failed to yield to an emergency vehicle.


Is that true? Looking at the pics it looks like the side of the van is damaged and the front of the cruiser is damaged. To me that indicates he hit her.


My tax dollars going to waste again! With that amount of head injuries I'm surprised she was able to remember the event so clearly. How about I'll buy you a pair of glasses and a hearing aid so you can spot a police cruiser coming your way.


Wake up!! She had the GREEN LIGHT !!! Theune was at fault!


She is just out for money!!! She is greedy and saw a 1800-CALLSAM commercial on TV and decided this could be her moment to cash in. I'm kind of shocked she isn't going for $1million!!! How do you miss a police car with all it's lights on and sirens going?! Those lights are bright and the sirens are loud...maybe turn the music down and put her phone down. She is an absolute danger to all others on the road and should probably have her license taken away. Obviously all the other drivers saw the police car coming and heard it, why didn't she??? This sickens me!!!


Easy to miss with a big square building blocking your view. You have about 6 feet to see traffic once you clear the building blocking your view. When you get close to the intersection and see oncoming traffic stopped both ways, you are no longer worried about somebody running the light. Pretty easy to not see a police car with sirens. This person could probably be asking for more money. The officer was certainly at fault and her suit is more than reasonable. No one is or should be more aware of that meat shop blocking the the view of traffic than the police department and officers.


"MYOB", you got it right! Others making comments on here, don't know the area apparently. Officer THEUNE had no right to bomb through that intersection on a red light expecting traffic to yield to him.

He must have never learned in the academy that driving just a little slower and safer only makes your arrival time about 15 seconds less in a tiny village.

He put citizens at risk. It's lucky she is alive. Why isn't the TRIBUNE finding out what his discipline was and why he wasn't ticketed when he was the one listed AT FAULT???


How did he "bomb through" the intersection? Witnesses reported that he slowed down. You apparently have some sort of emotional investment in this case as you seem rabid in your distaste of Sgt. Theune. Remember, she hit him, which means he, with his lights and SIREN on, was there first.


WoW people! Admin14,MYOB & CVOCVO @ least you seem to get it...and working in the medical field yes it is possible for her to be able to drive away and end up with serious head injuries, not saying that was the best choice but since I was not there and I don't walk in her shoes I will not judge her, I am just really sorry any of this happened and hope all works out for every one involved...some people really talk out there butts!


I don't fault this young lady for not hearing the sirens or seeing Officer Thuene. I think it was up to him to exercise extra caution and maybe he did. I know a lot of accidents happen at Taylor and us 31 with ambulances for the same reason. Also a lot of times head injuries are delayed. Actually delayed quite a bit to the point where physical therapy is required. I'm surprised this lawsuit has been filed so quickly. I would think it would take longer to see how she is going to do from a medical standpoint. The $25,000 amount is nothing more than to get it into the correct court. Looking at the document itself though, I would want an attorney that knows his own P. Number and can file a complaint without typographical errors.



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