WMU student from Allendale dies in dorm

A Western Michigan University student from Allendale died in her dorm room early Thursday after a medical emergency.
Mar 20, 2014

Emergency responders were not able to revive Alyssa Olafson, 19, after being called to her fifth-floor room at about 1:20 a.m.

WMU officials said there is no indication that drugs or alcohol were involved; they believe a pre-existing medical condition may have been a factor in her death.
The exact cause of death may not be known for several weeks.

Olafson was a freshman at WMU, and a pre-health and human services major who made the dean's list her first semester on campus this past fall, according to the school. She was a 2013 graduate of Allendale High School.

The school has counselors on site to work with students and hall personnel.



You guys are publishing news from the future now???

I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure it's not Friday morning yet in either Grand Haven, or Allendale.

Editing really is a lost art I guess.

Mark Brooky

Thanks for pointing that out, LTA. I corrected it.


Really, "Less Than"??? And THAT'S what upsets you about this upsetting story?



Yup, that's what upsets me....that and people who call themselves Smurf when they're more than likely NOT blue. That's misrepresentation and that upsets me too......



Again YAAUA (LTA) correcting, as you are sadly known, of others grammar, punctuation etc instead of a GHT story! Life lost a young woman, but you must 'Comment' upon what morning it is for the article. Shameful.


noun \ˈhi-pə-ˌkrit\

: a person who claims or pretends to have certain beliefs about what is right but who behaves in a way that disagrees with those beliefs

That's you dipstick. A Hypocrite. I realize you're dealing with only a remedial Mississippi education, but that's no reason not to try and better yourself as you get older.

Shameful indeed!


First and foremost, I send positive vibrations and good energy to the people who knew this young woman; I'm sure this time is hard for you all.

However, the main reason I choose to add my two-cents is because of LTA's comments. I have to admit I laughed when I first read your question. Initially because you address groups of people as "guys". There may have been someone who had a role in creating this article who happens to be a woman. Therefore not only is your point addressed to an incorrect group of people but it is at least very superficially, sexist.

Forget all of what I just said. The way you address people could just be a matter of circumstances. With that in mind what I think is especially ludicrous is that you must have incredibly outrageous standards. I'm trying really hard to think of a person who hasn't made a mistake in their job. I think that mistakes are so common in fact not only humans make them but also computers, machines, cell phones. Fortunately when I make a mistake in my work I am not called out in front of the masses. Perhaps this gives you some sort of gratification? If it doesn't, then perhaps you could send an e-mail to the paper if you're concerned about the public being misinformed I think you would still produce the same results.

I don't know, for me it's easy to be super critical but doesn't always seem necessary or appropriate. Be well.


Agreed. Months ago LTA (JT) was advised to get a Life. Sadly still true today. Pointing-out others mistakes and parading as the perfect English writer is his contribution to Comments.


You're like the mascot of nitwits everywhere aren't you? I guess I should at least give you a thumbs up for being consistent, if nothing else.

Poor soul.

I had a teacher that told me years ago that ignorance is a choice. You are the best example of that being true that I've run across in years.




"Therefore not only is your point addressed to an incorrect group of people but it is at least very superficially, sexist".

Really? Are you Gumby? That's quite a stretch to accuse me of sexism for using a generic term like "you guys" in conversation. In my life I've heard it used by both sexes, in many different sitations where both sexes were present. However, if you want to attack me for that and miss the real point then I'll just add you to the list of those who'd be fine jumping into a plane that had done it's pre-flight check and found a couple "little" details they were ok overlooking...

As for the rest of that drivel, obviously you have never been in the military where every error is brought to your attention because there is no room for error and high standards are a way of life.

Do you think we could have avoided the Challenger disaster if in fact one infinitesimally small mistake hadn't been made?

Do you think that those who shrug off "little" mistakes excel in life, or are promoted for their lack of due diligence?

How many mistakes are you ok with before you draw a line? If in fact this had been my daughter and I saw that the paper doing the reporting couldn't even be bothered to get the day correct, I'd be a bit peeved. How about you? If your kid just died would it be ok to report his/her death a day or two off? No biggie right?

People who excel in this life are the ones who pay attention to the DETAILS. If you're one of the great unwashed that are ok with being a mid-pack lacky (like SCH39339)for your whole life, then I can see why you'd think my request was harsh and misplaced. At the time I wrote it I was thinking of the family of the girl who died and how they'd feel if they saw their daughter's death attributed to the wrong day.

If you don't hold those supplying your information to a high(er) standard then you deserve all the lies, deceit and misinformation that gets shoveled to your door.

Peace out "dude".


and...."Less Than"....

I'm blue over the death of this beautiful young human being.

I'm blue for you for using her upsetting story to pick on The Trib for an obvious microscopic flaw.

I am very proud of the dignity and class with which reporter Mark Brooky took on the Less Than Amusing task of trying to make you happy.

And lastly, I'm a Smurf. We are all blue.



Yeah, ok. whatever......

If you're over 21 and still think you're a blue smurf than you have more issues than a whole team of shrinks could ever hope to address.

Good luck!


I really feel for the family and friends of this wonderful girl. Having two grandchildren at MSU I can't imagine the pain they are going through at this time. That being said, LTA "Lonelier Than Angry" needs to get a life!!!


I lost the woman of my life 3 weeks ago today in G.H. She died suddenly and before her time, so my heart goes out to her family and friends. I know what that kind of pain feels like.

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