Some hydrants still covered in snow

Apparently access to area fire hydrants remains a problem for firefighters to reach in the event of an emergency.
Becky Vargo
Mar 26, 2014

The Ferrysburg Fire Department responded to a call at 17030 Grandview late Wednesday afternoon.

Although it is the end of March, firefighters still had to dig out snow to reach a hydrant in case it was needed.

Fortunately, the hydrant was not needed. The issue was a clogged dryer vent in the Ferrysburg home, and cleaning out the vents alleviated the danger.



Should ticket the property owner.


Is that yellow snow in the picture?

Barry Soetoro

Haha. You got me to look closer. Maybe that's the hydrant outside the Beltline Bar.


yeah, ticket the septuagenarians in FL for not keeping the hydrant clear in front of their house, right nextdoor? Lovely neighbor there, would not want you living next to me ty. How about getting the lazy firefighters off their butts to shovel them out instead of working out all day in their exclusive gym and eating donuts?


Big deal, you are the kind of person who's big ego gets in the way of realizing these guys in the spring lake and ferrysburg area are all volunteer. They have other jobs they leave or leave there homes when an emergency arrives. These guys don't have exclusive gyms and donuts like your condo association has. They drop everything and go when someone calls 911. If people are out of town for the winter that's fine. These things happen and people like you who probably have this taken care of through your association don't have to worry about it because someone who actually works of a living does it for you. Maybe you can filter out thoughts in your big head before you trash these guys more. Enjoy your latte


I agree with NextDoor, ticketing might help people use common sense...if you want the fire department to be able to help get a fire out quicker, they need access the fire hydrant quickly without having to waste time digging it out.

Considering every firefighter on Ferrysburg's fire department have full time jobs (and no, not one of them is sitting on their butts in a gym with a donut), and families of their own to look after, yet still drop EVERYTHING to run to the aid of a neighbor when their pagers go off, I don't think it would be too much to ask of the rest of us to take the few extra minutes out of our day in the winter to clear a path from the road to the fire hydrant.


Well I will agree that SL and Ferrysburg does not have a Fulltime fire service.. But I will say that in SL they do have a FT Public Safety Sheriff Deputy who responses to calls in both the Twp and village. He certainly could dig a couple out a day. I also think the the fire departments do have work sessions they could do a much better job instead of blaming it on the a property owner who has NO control over this property because of some BS rule. Lets try this in the courts and see what happens with it.. Like a lot of ordinances that could be unenforceable.


FYI, the "Work Sessions" the fire department has are for maintaining their fire trucks and equipment to ensure everything is in the proper working order so when they receive a call, they have the confidence they have the correct equipment and that it functions properly as well as training for themselves to ensure they ready for anything that may be thrown their way during any situation...if you would prefer to have them using that time to dig out the fire hydrants that the citizens are capable of, then please, don't complain when they can't get to a fire because they are out digging in the snow or a piece of equipment isn't usable because of lack of maintenance, etc.

Your property, your responisbility.


Well in Grand Haven TWP where they have two guys on and a chief during the day they certainly could dig out some hydrants. I laughed driving by a TWP officials house and noticed the TWP water crew was moving snow with a loader.

Barry Soetoro

Plus GHTFD has an exclusive gym onsite.


So GHTFD is the only fire department in the area? Wow, news flash to me. Last time I knew there were more than just just them. The says nothing about GHTFD and yet that's all people can talk about. Yes they do have people full time. Do they constantly dig out hydrants like everyone thinks they should be? Area public safety officials have asked citizens to help keep hydrants clear but no one seems to have time to help, and yet all try can do is complain and point fingers at the firefighters when they need to dig out a hydrant to use it. Looks like people are just looking to put the blame on other people because they are too lazy to get off there butts and do it themselves.

Barry Soetoro

Calm down 265 and use your inhaler. Perhaps you or LOCAL MOM could post a pic of the hydrant(s) you keep clear in the winter. That way when we all go out today to clear the hydrants on our street we'll have a comparison to ensure we've done a proper job and make you two proud.

Thanks, Barry S.


Sorry Barry, inhaler didn't work. Ingues I'm just fed up with area citizens putting down are local first responders. It makes so much sense to talk trash about the individuals who forget whatever it is they're doing and come to our aid when we call 911 instead of doing the little things as simple as shoveling out around a fire hydrant in our front yard. If the snow wasnt melted from around the one in my front yard (from being shoveled out) I would give you a picture. These men and women are there to help us in our time of need and nobody can throw them a positive comment once in a while. I'm sick of the trash talk, its time for someone to step up and support these individuals. Someone needs to


We get it, you don't support GHT, or any public safety organization in the area. You focus on finding anything to point out to make these guys look bad. Time to put on your big boy pants and get over it

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