Farley resigns as Buccaneers' football coach

(UPDATE: Friday, 11:45 p.m.) He will continue his coaching career at South Effingham High School in Georgia.
Matt DeYoung
May 23, 2014


Mike Farley, who led the Buccaneers’ varsity football team to a 44-32 record over his eight years as head coach, has resigned.

Farley — who guided the Bucs to three consecutive state playoff berths from 2009-11, but was just 5-13 the past two falls — has accepted the offensive coordinator position at South Effingham High School in Guyton, Ga.

Farley was lured away from Grand Haven by Donnie Revell, the head coach at South Effingham who is Farley’s mentor and former college coach.

“His offensive coordinator resigned right before spring practice, so he called me up and wanted to know if I’d be interested in being his offensive coordinator,” Farley said. “I flew down there last weekend, met with the principal, met with the athletic director, flew back on Sunday night and talked about it with my wife. We decided this is the best thing for our family.

“Plus, it gives me an opportunity to be reunited with my mentor. I’m teaching and coaching today because of him.”

Farley’s wife, Lori, hails from Kentucky, and hoped to eventually move back south.

“Especially after the last few brutal winters we’ve had,” Farley quipped.

Leaving Grand Haven is bittersweet for Farley, who guided the Bucs to an O-K Red Conference championship and three state playoff appearances. He met with his team Friday morning.

“I just appreciate all the things the kids have done,” he said. “They’ve worked extremely hard this offseason. I explained to them that it’s not a situation where I’ve ever looked for another job. I haven’t. I explained that this is what’s best or me, my wife and our family. It’s a really good opportunity to get down south.”

Farley met with Grand Haven High School Principal Tracy Wilson on Friday and told her of his decision to resign. 

“It was a difficult conversation,” Wilson said. “Obviously, I was shocked.”

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Is this a good or bad thing for the program?


Maybe we can find a new coach like Gene Rothi who didn't use anger and four-letter words to fire up his players!!


Robin Bye will be terribly missed and difficult to replace. I wish Coach Farley well. I hope this move really is about coaching under and possibly taking over for Coach Revell in Georgia and not about not being offered the AD position here. I've long thought the current GHHS principal ineffective and this could just be another bad decision by her administratively. After this winter though, we all are ready to head south!


Based on the article, this is solely Farley's decision. Your comment about Principal Wilson having a part in this doesn't apply. BTW, she's doing a fine job.


Looks like he could benefit from some physical education his own self.


That picture is NOT coach Farley!

Cheryl Welch

It is indeed a picture of Coach Farley. We are, however, looking for a better picture of him to go along with our print story in the Tribune. Thank you.


Are there two coach Farleys at Grand Haven High School? This is not the coach Farley that coached rugby this year with my son...I am confused!


Ok, I am SO VERY SORRY. To the Tribune...I apparently need to get my hearing tested, it was coach FOLEY...NOT FARLEY.... Oh my gosh, I have been calling him Coach Farley all season...could have sworn that was how he introduced himself, but I'm sure he knows his own name...again, I am so very sorry for the confusion!


Not actually the head coach in Georgia...he accepted the offensive coordinator position. Check the facts


Maybe it's Chris Farley?

I'm Nobody From...

The way Grand Haven's football team played I didn't think they had a coach.


Just like YouTube, there is always someone there making rude comments


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Libel and defamation and Profane, obscene, sexual or derogatory language.


Let's watch the language Yup! Keep those kinds of opinions to yourself.


Goes to show ya where Farley's loyalties lie, notice he didn't go somwere cold.I really enjoyed going to the games every Friday but I really think it was time for a chang the last two seasons were bad. They realy must find a really good new Coach.


The right decision for the GH program and not a second to soon. Next hire is absolutely critical. An A+ opportunity. I suggest looking into one of the same size programs that consistently kicked GH donkey over the years (pick one)and find a proven assistant coach that can motivate, lead and gain a mutual respect with the young men he teaches.


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Too late to hire a new head coach for 2014. Interim coach will take charge for one year. If GH is committed to winning, school board will hire A.D. to do same. Unfortunately new A.D. will be a hand picked union teacher and will appoint another union brother gym teacher to lead the Bucs to another mediocre season. Well at least the people from Chicago driving up north on the weekends know we have an awesome chamber choir.


Well you have the words guy. Why don't you volunteer your services for free and be the new head coach? You apparently know everything we need to be winners. Save us all some payroll-tax money and show us how to win. Let the school know you are available to be hand picked.


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal attacks and Libel and defamation.


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Libel and defamation and Profane, obscene, sexual or derogatory language.


Please explain... also I've heard many complaints about Farley but who are the 2 other coaches? Inquiring minds want to know.


There is a button on your keyboard that says something to the effect of "caps lock." It usually has a little light as an indicator that it is engaged. What you'll want to do is push on that key, the little light will turn off, and then you may type like a normal human being.


Fredgramar, you're an idiot! All of your comments are stupid and ignorant! You think I don't know what caps lock is. Look at my comment, I used both capital and lower case letters. Oh, and FYI.... Now a days people use different things not just computers. In this case I used my iPad, which has no buttons and nothing that says 'Caps Lock'. Also, different is the new normal. So shove it where the sun don't shine!


Our area loses alot of talent to out of state jobs. Head hunting firms are very active the call you for your resume if your any good at something they want. There is also a skilled trades & tool and die maker exodus right now. $30 an hour with excellent work/life balances with no required overtime for CNC programmers, toolmakers etc in Texas, Dakotas and Montana. Our area won't be able to find skilled trades people shortly if their lives depended on it.


They should hire Nate Smith! They are sitting on a gold mine!


I agree with Blueandgold! Coach Smith would be the perfect choice. I know first hand the players and parents are hoping Mrs. Wilson asks him to take over. My boys talk all the time about all he does for the team hands down their favorite coach. He just won coach of the year from the Football Association Of Michigan, can't get a better endorsement that that from his peers.

And...Thanks Coach Farley. Best of luck in Georgia.


I agree! Coach Smith is the best coach my son ever had! He was not only the smartest football coach I have met, but the way he deals with the players is like no other coach my son has ever had! If they let him slip through their hands they will be so sorry! I don't know if they realize what kind of coach and guy they have there! And bucfootball is right that award speaks volumes!


But really this is Grand Haven. Heaven forbid they do the smart thing that would be best for the program! I'm sure politics will take over and they will loose out on the best thing going for this program! Mediocrity will continue.



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