Brazil or bust

Local soccer fans gather for World Cup opener
Matt DeYoung
Jun 13, 2014


Hugo Laranga is a long way from home.

But on Thursday, the native Brazilian, now living in Grand Haven, felt like he was back in his homeland as he watched the Brazilian national soccer team kick off the 2014 FIFA World Cup with 3-1 a victory over Croatia.

Brazil is the host nation for this year’s World Cup, and the Laranjas, along with several other local families, are heading to Brazil later this month for a two-week siesta of soccer and sun.

On Thursday, the atmosphere was certainly festive as Laranja hosted a viewing party for the game at his outdoor tiki bar. Kids swam in the pool and played soccer on a small goal in the side yard, while the adults sat glued to the TV to soak up the action.

Futball in Brazil is like nothing an American sports fan can imagine. Kids play soccer in the streets, at parks, on the playgrounds. They watch it on TV. They idolize the players — from Pele to Ronaldo to Ronaldinho.  There is no NBA, NFL, MLB or NHL. There is soccer.

On Thursday, it was the latest Brazilian star, Neymar, who showed off his talents, scoring twice to thrill the hometown fans packing Arena Corinthians in Sao Paulo.

U.S. soccer fans — the American Outlaws — will get a chance to cheer on their team on Monday, when Jurgen Klinsmann’s squad takes on Ghana in Group G action. Ghana has eliminated the United States from the World Cup the last two years, and with matches against European powers Portugal and Germany coming up, this is a must-win for the Americans.

Soccer in the United States takes a back seat to the Big 3 — baseball, football and basketball. But for these next few weeks, ABC, ESPN and ESPN2 will air every game, giving soccer fanatics a chance to enjoy their favorite sport on the world’s biggest stage.



Citizens of Grand Haven,
There is nothing wrong with showing pride for the country you come from or a sport you love, & we are happy to hear we have such proud local immigrants. However it fails to be mentioned that Brazil isn't all it's cracked up to be. "Prostitution is legal in Brazil... in March 2013 [they] ruled adults having sex with a child is NOT necessarily [illegal]... Since 2009 the age of consent has been 14 years old." (Truthloader) But hey, at least the World Cup has given the Brazilian prostitutes the chance to learn English. And what about the 8-9 people who lost their lives building the stadium? Are they really worth the .02% economic growth (which is spent on security, not helping locals). Oh, & speaking of security... didn't some of the Police already join with the Protesters? The subway has shut down due to strikes... People have been forced from their homes to make room for the new stadium... There is so much more to be said about the conditions Brazilians are forced in to, but you won't hear it from someone who was so proud of their homeland that they left it to come here (where it is NOT legal to exploit children). We ponder, if we were poor parents in a Brazilian favela (slum), how many American tourists would our daughter(s) have to sleep with to earn passage to America?

As stated above we do not have issue with immigrants, their pride, or even soccer ("futball"). Our issue is the corrupt institution known as FIFA, the politicians/businesses it has further corrupted, & the people who choose to support such behavior. We understand some Brazilians have taken things too far to prove their point, & we do NOT condone violence of any kind. Yet their plight is not one to be ignored. We do not forgive corruption & we do not forget the people of Brazil. Freedom Forever!

To watch the report quoted above (& others) click here:
For more information on this topic please visit our YouTube channel:


Wow, changing the topic from soccer to prostitution...Hmmm, let me see, I would like to change it now to school shootings in America; wait, no let’s talk about Clergy having sex with boys and girls in the U.S. and internationally as well. No, let’s talk about the illegal aliens in the U.S. Broccoli, baseball bats, trigonometry, walla walla walla...
Sounds like you have your own agenda and will try and fit it in as the opportunity arises. If the article was about nations, including our own, that need to work on issues involving the care and protection of their youth then your comment would be germane; however, that is not the case now is it?


We clearly stated our "agenda" & our concerns are blatantly relevant to this article. Further more you were provided with links to expand your knowledge & support our claims. We are not out to impress you nor anyone else. We only offer truth which others shy away from. We can only offer it though, not force you to believe. If you knew what you said to be the truth you wouldn't use words such as "sounds like". You are only trying to distract & deter other citizens from a truth which "sounds like" it offends you. Why would the truth offend you?

You obviously know what we are about & don't like us. That's OK. We respect your freedom of speech. Yet, we encourage you in the future to be more articulate, honest, & sincere. To fail in having empathy towards the issues of others can be a sign of pshyco/sociopathic behavior. The corrupt fear us (& lie about us), the honest support us. The courageous join us.

"The price of apathy towards public affairs is to be ruled by evil men." -Plato

You forgot the people who died & have lost their homes due to the construction of the FIFAs World Cup, we did NOT forget. Some of these child prostitutes (picked up by tourists) are supporting families affected by this global event. A country which can't take care of it's people should not even be in the bidding for World Cup or any other such event. If you have a problem with that then we propose for you that we have the next World Cup in North Korea... does that suit you fancy? We love feeding trolls. Lulz!


You are the troll here


Brazil is a great place, sure there are problems like anywhere else. I suggest you travel there, have fun meet the people and enjoy the food. You can pick what part you want to focus on, the good or the bad, it's your choice. I preferred visiting with people eating and sharing their culture and it was very rewarding place to visit.


If the Brazilians lay an egg like the Russians did in the Olympics, I certainly would not want to be visiting with people soaking up their culture on that day.


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