Fruitport coach disputes dismissal

Brandon Pastor helped guide the Fruitport varsity wrestling team to new heights this winter as the Trojans won their first district title since 2003. His team's success on the mat, however, wasn't enough for Pastor to keep his job.
Matt DeYoung
Apr 1, 2012


Pastor’s contract was not renewed by Fruitport Community Schools Athletic Director Ken Erny, leading to Pastor’s dismissal from his position two weeks ago. The decision stunned Pastor and outraged many of his current and former wrestlers.

Erny said that Pastor had not done anything illegal, and declined to go into specific details about why Pastor was let go.

“He was not able to meet the requirements and expectations of a varsity coach over a long period of time,” Erny said. “There’s nothing crazy, nothing illegal, any of that stuff. There are just certain expectations, requirements for a coach, and a lot of that has to do with management. ... When it’s not done continually, it becomes an issue.”

Pastor said he feels Erny has had an agenda against him for years.

“He’s never given me a good review in the six years I’ve been here,” Pastor said. “He told me I had poor management skills, poor organizational skills, and that was the crux of it.”

Pastor, who is not a teacher and does not work at the school, admitted that his desk in his office isn’t always the most tidy, and said the amount of paperwork required of a wrestling coach is at times “overwhelming,” but feels that his lack of organization was blown out of proportion.

Pastor maintains that his No. 1 priority in going to the 7 p.m. April 23 school board meeting is not to get his job back. He simply wants what’s best for the program, he said, and hopes his being let go won’t scare away other prospective coaches.

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Sounds like there are some personal issues that Erny has with Pastor that lead to his ridiculous decision. Sad...If you ask me it is a Union Teacher/AD who is getting rid of a coach who is a non teacher non union member....Parents should be outraged by this decision. How many coaches can say they are State Champs and have done wonderful things with those kids and program and be let go b/c of an AD who has personal issues with that Coach....Congats Coach Pastor and Fruitport wrestlers for your OUTSTANDING accomplishments

GH wrestler 160

Though he has had some success he has been unprofessional, he has broken the rules and it is widely known that he has cheated on weigh ins and has lied, therefore becoming a liability to the program. So maybe that does make it personal but either way Karma is coming back at him, he has given Fruitport wrestling a bad reputation and it is a shame. They use to be highly respected and it is sad how they are viewed because of the dishonesty that has gone on in the program.

GH wrestler 160

Yea but no one knows about the untold stories of what he has done, from cheating on weigh ins to having wrestlers ride bikes in what they referred to as the sauna in the back room where they would go in and sweat out their weight. I have talked to ex wrestlers other coaches and people associated with the team and it is a shame the reputation he has given the team, granted yes he had some success but at what cost.


Ken Erny is a great man who has served our community well for many years. He has a very long track record of solid decision making and personell management.

GH wrestler 160

Nice to see someone is finally sticking up for Ken Erny, he has a great reputation and that is why he has been around for so long. It's sad people can't look past their personal opinion for Brandon, he has been very unprofessional and has ruined the reputation for Fruitport Wrestling. Everyone is crying out that he won a district championship so he should stay, it is great that they did win but at what cost. The teams they wrestled started down by 12 points because the other coaches and wrestlers refused to wrestle some of the kids because Pastor was wrestling kids with rashes and skin conditions and didn't want their wrestlers exposed to it, glad some coaches still care about their wrestlers well being. Is that the example he should be setting for this kids.


this is true except for when it comes to wrestling, because for some reason he hates us and Coach

GH wrestler 160

Pretty sure he doesn't hate wrestling or the wrestlers or even the coach lol. It's that the coach handles things poorly and is sloppy with management and over how ever many years he has been there he has shown little to now improvement.


Look Coach Pastor is the best coach of any sport that Fuitport has ever had, he has never broken the rules which for some reason people believe, he had never brought "shame" to our program because the last time i check we are District Champs and 28-3. People fear us when they wrestle us. The whitehall even told us he did not know if they could beat us, Ken Enry is the unprofessional man in this situation because he is the one who let a personal issue get in the way of making the right decision. Anyone except that GH wrestler 160 would tell you he is a great coach and an even better man. if he was not there would not be over 1400 people in the Support Coach Brandon Group on Facebook. I just hope the school board realizes this before the fire the best man for the job

GH wrestler 160

He won one district championship in how many years that he was there, and now he is the greatest coach ever of any sport in the history of Fruitport, that statement is a joke. A little biased huh, too many people are too close to look at the big picture. He did well as a coach but as a professional he didn't do so hot, he isn't getting fired for doing poorly as a coach he is getting fired for being a sloppy professional. Read the articles and get a hold of his records and you will see how poorly he handles everything...


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