Haven fans don't know how good they have it

Bucs' fans urge their team to another state title
Matt DeYoung
Mar 18, 2013


It almost wasn’t fair, all the Grand Haven fans who turned out and had the times of their lives at Saturday’s Class A state championship game.

Not fair to Grosse Pointe South, which saw its following of fans outnumbered 3-to-1 by Buccaneers’ supporters.

Not fair to the Blue Devils’ fans, who had their feeble attempt at cheers drowned out by the mass of Grand Haven faithful.

Not fair to the Blue Devils’ players, who had to play in front of a hostile crowd despite the state finals being played on a neutral court.

But even more than that, not fair to me, who had to sit courtside and act professional and pretend not to care who wins while the fans jumped and clapped and shouted and danced and cheered.

Not fair because I can remember a time not all that long ago — probably a year or two before most of the current Buccaneers’ fans were born — when I was the one wearing shorts and a T-shirt and a navy blue bandana to basketball games, surrounded by my friends, with not a worry in the world other than what was happening after the game.

Not fair because they’re experiencing the most exciting, fun, care-free time of their lives — and they don’t realize it.

Not fair because they’ll likely be the last Buccaneers’ fans for years to have the privilege of cheering on their team at the Breslin Center, on the biggest stage, on a game televised live on TV, with a state championship on the line.

Not fair because they’re getting to do this for the second straight year, when most fans don’t get to do it even once.

Not fair because just about every adult out there would happily give up half their 401K to have the chance to step back in time and relive a few days of their high school experience.

Not fair because they got to do the Harlem Shake, and not get suspended for it.

Not fair because, from where I was sitting, they looked like they were having way too much fun.

It’s just not fair.


Grand Haven Happy

How could any Grand Haven student's parents or a GHHS fan not fully support and not go to the GHHS games as much as possible? These kids work their hearts out and even surpass their rated and forecasted abilities and what they have accompolished is a real lesson for life. Not just the girls basketball team but all of our HS teams academically and in sports. Science Olympiad is an academic venue and so are many other non-sports competitions. What the kids learn is an outline and approach of how to succeed later in their adult life's ventures and turmoils. I graduated from GHHS over 50 years ago and I can sure relate and appreciate the drive to succeed and never give up I had learned so many years ago in my school years. The parents of the student can and should be their childs biggest fan and show them so! GHHS is and always has been the best school I could have attended and I sure am very thankful and often humbled. Spring Lake High School fits that mold also now as it's really showing great results in adult life for it's graduates. Few local area residents seem the realize how good our local area has it for their children and parents alike! Second to NO ONE or NO OTHER AREA, period!


I am a little disappointed with the remark about the girls probably not going back to Breslin for years, if at all. Come on Matt, really? Can you predict the future of the team? People thought the Breslin wasn't possible this year because of all the talent we lost at graduation, but look what happened. We are State Champs again because of how hard these girls work each year. It's not fair to assume that about the upcoming seasons.


This is embarrassing to read and a pointless portrayal of "journalism"

Congrats to the gh girls!!


Thanks for the comment Debbie Downer, err i mean Ghgirl85! I loved the article, thank you Sir!!

Grand Haven Happy

Something all of you have to remember including Matt DeYoung is that the March madness has so litlle to do with who was rated the top dog during the season. Detroit King was the top dog all year and as you noticed they were over ranked and were handsomely beaten by Westland John Glenn. Yup, Westland John Glenn chopped them down to size and then Grand Haven eliminated them. Grosse Pointe South ended up rated ahead of Grand Haven but guess who is the Class A State Champions!

Right now until proven differently, Grand Haven has every chance to be back next year in the final game as it's up the the actual players on a team to step up and win or lose not the hypsters and rating sources.

Give me a team who works together smoothly and unselfishly with a good coach like Katie etc and plays every minute to their best potential or beyond and you usually will have the winner. The team members are the one playing the game and they will and always do determine the winner. Of course, bad calls made by the Zebras will sometimes alter the final outcome. Sure have seen lots of those ??? calls or blatantly wrong calls over the years!


Not fair because they’ll likely be the last Buccaneers’ fans for years to have the privilege of cheering on their team at the Breslin Center, on the biggest stage, on a game televised live on TV, with a state championship on the line.
I, too, was very surprised to see this comment. What a negative thing to say about future teams! I sure hope they prove you wrong.

explained by...

Wow . . . are you commenters really unable to discern the toungue-in-check tone in which this article was written.

Matt, at least one of your readers gets its.


Apparently it was poorly worded if so many of us read it the same way and you were the only one who gets it!

Cmon Man

There are more people who get this article just have chosen to not to comment until now. Matt even said in this article he wishes he could go back to his High School time and have his era's teams have the same success as what the last three seasons of GHHS girls’ basketball has. Yes he is correct as well that we have BIG shoes to fill when Abby Cole graduates. Look what happened when she was not in the game on Saturday against one of the best teams in the state. We were awful! At some point we need to strengthen our bench which was never clearer than on Saturday. We had no one to go to when Abby went out who could sustain our defensive presence as well as be a force down low on the offensive end. At some point it will catch up with us and it hasn't yet but keep in mind Grand Ledge has all five starters returning from this year’s team, East Lansing has four from this year’s team; Grosse Point South has three or four from a team that is State runners up the last two years. Maybe reread the article to make sure you got the context before you fire off a comment or better yet don't be a fair weather fan and start following when we make the quarterfinals. Kind of funny that we can pack the Breslin but we cannot pack GHHS field house for a Friday night game during the regular season. Support should be shown throughout the entire season not come state tournament time!


While I have to agree the article was poorly written, I also have to agree with Matt. Take Abby Cole out of the equation and it equals no championships. Grand Haven won't have the same success with out her and it was evident by the way they almost blew the game when she was in foul trouble.


Congrats to the Lady Bucs! I so hope this is the last article covering the Girls Basketball season for the GH Tribune. Your focus on one player all season sure overlooked the many contributions of her team mates and coaches. Yeah GH probably wouldnt have gone all the way without Abby Cole. However, Abby Cole wouldnt have won a game without her team mates.


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